GLORIOUS NEW COVER, WORSHIP IT. Also release schedule and stuff changes/explanation.

I'm close to being back to full health now, but I since I haven't progressed with translations due to being sick - I'm almost out of translated chapters stock. My motivation also plummeted.

As such, I'm going to do one release a week on Wednesday from here on. Hopefully I will be able to translate chapter a week with the current lack of motivation~. If not, I will just take breaks.

Anyway, new cover and new chapter. Enjoy.

Link to the chapter.

Make sure to support the author, the illustrator and the publisher. Buy the books if you can, visit the author's page or the work's page on Narou if you can't. You can find everything on the series' main page.


9 thoughts on “GLORIOUS NEW COVER, WORSHIP IT. Also release schedule and stuff changes/explanation.

  1. Incompetence Hunter

    Thanks for the translation. It would be really sad if there was no translations, since this is one of the best novels and is really worth translating.

  2. Iel

    Thank you for the chapter. Hopefully you will get back to full health soon.

    Too bad we didn't see the effect of the judge related skill on the last combat (if we can still talk about such a one-side encounter as combat)

  3. Pandora

    Thank you for your hard work! Please take all the time you need to get in better health!

  4. Canele

    Ahhh the new cover is soooooo goood ~

    Step on me, my Queen!

    So this is how her Aversa Princess change looks like? It's quite a stark difference on dirty white to nightsky black.

  5. Kensei Seraph

    Thanks in advance for the chapter.

    When ypu said ypu were running low of stocked translated chapters on the last release and were considering once a week releases I somehow expected you would move the release day to Wednesday.

  6. rooislangwtf

    Glad to hear you’re getting back on your feet.

    Vol 5 is up for pre-order on bookwalker, guessing also on the other usual places


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