Have a present

Again, not Krytyk. This is Aorii~

I have a few updates:

Will probably start working on Daybreak volume 4 next. Though I have a few other tasks on the agenda that need dealing with first.

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21 thoughts on “Have a present

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  1. Ebisu

    So that's what would have happened had the gender bender not been approved by the world. xD

    Daybreak out of hiatus then? :D
    I have yet pending giving a chance to the flowers. I'm slow at starting reading new histories... But better with 2 chapters out.

    1. AoriiAorii Post author

      Hopefully. I still have to try get into the swing of things.
      Flowers chapter 2 finishes its exposition so, good time as any

      1. Ebisu

        In the end I did read it. It was good, although I would have liked to get a better idea of why they kept losing. As far as I've seen, it seems like the polynisian have been losing because of having a crappy intelligence service and crappy scouting spells. Basically, losing because of not having enough information. It is a little shocking that they did not change to cunning plans earlier, instead of trying to solve the problem with numbers. They really are blind about their enemy.

        1. AoriiAorii Post author

          Oh it'll certainly be discussed in greater detail later, but I think the gist is obvious. It's the mongols. Everybody kept losing to the mongols given their combination of superior tactics, discipline, speeds, organizational composition, and logistics.

  2. Kearnaun

    A big cheer for more Flowers! And for the cute Tofu as well, of course. *cheers*

  3. teo

    oh, did you separate the prologue?

    thanks for the new chapter :) i have now mixed feelings, becouse now i love both your stories...

    1. AoriiAorii Post author

      Yep~ there was much discussion and I decided it worked better this way.

  4. Jak

    I'm so glad you are still continuing to write daybreak. Its actually one of my favorite stories and its story stuck to me.

  5. Dragon_ANGL

    Even if you're not Krytyk, thank you for indulging our wants of information & new chapter(s)!

      1. Theghostwriter

        I think we all understand that you are in the obvious need to work for living, but we are all kinda creeping on bare bones, as you are the one who we expect to get the readable chapters from.
        I think most of us can't read Japanese, so we sort of have to rely on you.
        If you don't give any lifesigns, we naturally get nervous, as we don't know where to get the chapters else.
        We really appreciate your work and we are really thankful, but at the same time, we would be also happy to have you giving a bit insight on how you are doing things.

        On a more personal level, I don't care to wait for it, I tried translating it from English into German, I think it's even harder to translate it from Japanese to English, so take your time, but hell, if patience changes places with fear, then it's time to call out for some reasons and calming words.

        Just needed to let this out.


          1. Theghostwriter

            Yeah, that's what I thought too, I'll someday learn Japanese anyway, cause I want to work there, so if I'm able to understand Japanese, I'll join the translator squad. ;)

            I just have this feeling that krytyk is annoyed as hell from us, he sounds quite pissed off whenever I hear something from him(/her/what is IT anyway?), so I don't know what to say...

        1. Nyururin

          Meh~ I know Chinese and have learned it for 15 years cuz I was born in Hong Kong yet I am too lazy to learn a new language even if Chinese and Japanese are both extremely similar

          1. krytykkrytyk

            Are they? I know Japanese, but Chinese looks to me like black magic aside from same characters. In fact, seeing no Japanese characters among the "kanji" strikes unspeakable fear in me.

          2. AoriiAorii Post author

            They're similarly... in an odd way. I thought the same thing you did Krytyk until about 5 years ago, then it hit me.
            Japanese is very similar to ANCIENT Chinese.
            Chinese went through a lot more modernization cycles (for ease of literacy) than Japanese did.

          3. Hakurei06Hakurei06

            Aorii, when you say Ancient Chinese, do you mean Old Chinese, Classical (otherwise known as Literary) Chinese, or Middle Chinese?