I want to be in the box instead of him. Alt. title: KRYTYKAL POINT.

TMG_v10_123Well, release. This chapter had ~12000 words, roughly 6-8 times more than average webnovel chapters (1500-1700 on average?) ... how much should I call for it...? 800$? Bonus for quality, since it's not shitty mtl, let's say 30%...

Okay absurdly dumb jokes aside, this time I won't do a rant, rants are only good when done once in a while. Done too often, rants would get boring.

Now, something for you to guess. Since it's the end of the month soon OSO's cover (250px one. but still) will be revealed. Which characters do you think will be featured on the cover? Name a set of two or three (Since Yun is always there, at least so far). I don't think I have anything to reward you with aside from a honourable mention, but it might be interesting so let's go on with it.

As for chapter link. Here.


18 thoughts on “I want to be in the box instead of him. Alt. title: KRYTYKAL POINT.

  1. Alex

    Whoa, that was a loooong chapter. Thank you for the hard work, good sir.
    For OSO, I'll put my bet at Yun, Cloude, and a new character (dunno tho')

  2. Liedral

    Name a pair of charas excluding Yun? Hmm... I halfway want to say the twins Alphard and Rainard but that's not really likely. Given the hints of pvp I'll guess Mikadzuchi and Flein.

  3. TheAnonymousAnon

    I'm shooting blindly. Yun and Taku, perhaps? Let's just guess something others wouldn't.

  4. victorrama

    There should be Yun, and the two new player she, he, it.... Yun met in the prev volume.

  5. Anonymous

    Judging by the characters involved in the cliffhangers, I'd say it's going to be Yun Emily and Miu

  6. tanks

    lucato hands down. or someone in the same disposition of yun? a female with a man avatar in OSO?

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      There won't be any new characters, most likely. I'll hint that much. (webnovel knowledge). Try to name a set of 3 or 2 (Cuz' Yun is always there).


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