I Wish I Had More Talents at Dialects

This pretty much sums up the current chapter. I wish I had a talent for various dialects and I could make Shichifuku sound more like a sailor as he's stylized in Japanese, oh well, can't have everything.

Meanwhile, I'm back to work but trying to slowly progress at the same time, dunno what will happen of it.

Right, the link to the chapter here.

PS: I settled down on "Emperor Isopod" the most mundane translation for the next chapter's boss. 皇帝愚足虫 loses the wonky kanji meanings, but 愚足虫 is read グソクムシ which is literally bathynomus - an isopod. Well, can't eat cake and have a cake.


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11 thoughts on “I Wish I Had More Talents at Dialects

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  1. Christopher Brown

    Love the great work, glad that you are still working on it, however long it takes, this series has been one of my favorites to read, the combination of the fantasy setting around them and the quirky characters make it fun. Thanks for all your work.

  2. b4k4kun

    I truly thank you for the efforts devoted to this series! I haven't found any English releases for this series which is a true shame. I'd support them in a heartbeat. I would buy the jp ones but it'd just be collecting dust in the corner =_=

  3. swhp

    Uh wanted to comment for the new release of Antimagic but can't find comment section.
    Just wanted to say, I'm here patiently waiting the rest of Antimagic side story fully translated.

    Thank you for the hard-work

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Something bugged out and it released with comments disabled, thanks for notifying me!