I'm Alive! Kind of.

xxxzToctoc, Kadi here.

It's... been a while? I guess? Some people have noticed Chapter 28 which I uploaded in secret on... Easter? God, so long ago again already.

Anywho, I live. More or less. And I've done another chapter! And I guess it's only one more chapter before I tie off the current Part. Or maybe I move the cut forward once I've made more progress. Arc 2 is kinda bad to cut. We'll see how it ends up, because as slow as I've been, I intend to end it and do the give the best possible quality I can. Except for those pesky little "a"s and "not"s and the like that always slip through.

Anywho. I'm tired, you enjoy. Meowbe.


So far!



P.S.: Oh, right. Link.

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12 thoughts on “I'm Alive! Kind of.

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    1. KadiKadi Post author

      No. Originally, the story is only cut into the Arcs, not Parts. I decided on the Parts myself to not have endlessly long drop-down menus. But where I end one Part and begin another is entirely up to me. I try to make it work out story-wise, too, but... Arc 2 is difficult to cut into Parts that are neither too long nor too short.

      As I wrote in the post, I intend to finish at least Arc 2, and if it's the last thing I do.

      (And on the off chance that I won't, I'll make a post about it that leaves no question open. When I quit, you'll know it. And now is not the time.)

      1. Loco15

        Please don't leave us!

        If I, that (for some reason) have almost totally stopped commenting on Krytykal, rises from its grave and comments then that means it's serious business.

        And thanks for the chapter!