I'm still alive, and I've got an Ouka chapter!

TMG_AM_001-002I didn't write any posts nor made any releases for a while now, but that's because I'm simply busy. No time to do anything... but somehow was able to finish up the first chapter of AMA:AM. Still, I'm just as busy and I will probably return to disappearance for at least half a month more.

This time it's Ouka's chapter, in contrast to other volumes which I read before translating - in this one I purely read as I translate (not even a glance ahead), but I figure that every main platoon member will have a chapter for herself. This chapter is... amazing in a lot of ways, it's a completely different, slapstick side of AMA incarnate.

Next on the agenda, I didn't write it out in the post yet, but we're not only getting OSO: Silver Goddess in 2-3 days (expect illustrations in chapters 1-3 updated and colours/cover appear on the site), but next month there's OSO Volume 8! (fuck my life, I'm being left behind when I have just two series now).

Now, I'm not sure whether will I do more of Another Mission first or OSO:Silver Goddess, I have 1 chapter of AMA done out of 6 in the volume, but I have 3 chapters of Silver Goddess done already. No clue, I might prioritize finishing up a volume of OSO first, but I the decision isn't final.

Chapter link in here, enjoy.

PS: Ouka is so hot, and that scene...


16 thoughts on “I'm still alive, and I've got an Ouka chapter!

  1. andra5

    I am try to read anti magic vol 6 but chap 4 and the rest are bring me to another LN link
    is the post already deleted if that happen ?

  2. jayjayish

    Kadokawa has sent a DMCA for AntiMagic to Baka-Tsuki. I don't know if this applies to this website too. What will happen to the future of this translation?

      1. happinezz001

        well just wish the internet gets stupider so krytyk does not receive any notice

    1. Blahto

      I think it's because of Kadokawa Bookwalker Global which is VERY good.
      They might release LN digitally and maybe much faster than YP. just maybe

      1. Village Idiot

        They did said in an interview they're aiming for a simultanious North American release as Japan.

  3. Technomo12

    1st things 1st Krytyk
    Dont Rush
    take your time
    you dont owe anyone anything release it when your ready [though i would be lying that i dont want my OSO fix naoh >__<]

    and also late as it may be HAPPY holidays

  4. HunterX57

    It's always busy for everyone this time of year, don't push yourself too hard. Work on what you feel like working on, and if it comes down to it, flip a coin to decide what to continue first if you have too.

    Just remember to stay healthy through the winter season and not to work to hard. Even translating and typing can be very strenuous on your eyes and back if you push yourself too hard. As a worthless leecher, I will wait a full month without complaint if I had to, half a month is a drop in the bucket to my kind. What's important is the translators who work hard for their own motivations and goals, not the thirsty leechers. ^_^

  5. Evil Twin2146

    Are you ever jealous that your posts don't get 80+ replies or do you just find it less of a hassle?

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      I don't care about replies really, it's normal for them to be few. The way to make a post with large amount of replies is quite simple: start a discussion.

  6. happinezz001

    Thanks for the chapter

    And OSO vol 8 next month yesss now I can clearly state that my year is gonna start in a nice way

    P.S. May krytyk-sama's holidays be enjoyable

  7. Hakurei06Hakurei06

    I know I implied that you should give precedence to the unfinished volume (of OSO:SG) earlier, but now that it's here...


    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Probably I'll do OSO:SG, I mean, it's half-done after all, and AMA is practically a short story collection (unlike OSO:SG, which is a side, but full story in its own right).

      1. Hakurei06Hakurei06

        Yeah, but now you can release it in a way that embodies the serialized nature of the original publication. Sure, some of the chapters are new, but's not like they won't still be released in the magazine, unless it got axed.


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