It's Back, Serving Feels Right Away.

TMG_v11_003-004And so, slowly starting up on AntiMagic 11.

...well, nothing to say. So I'm gonna just post the link so you can read prologue right away.

Prepare yourself.

And make sure to support the author and the publisher.

PS: Nagare's name changed. In volume 4, 5 and 7 it was Nagare, but in volume 8, 9, 10 it was Nagaru. Since it's also Nagaru in volume 11, I'm changing it all to Nagaru.



4 thoughts on “It's Back, Serving Feels Right Away.

  1. AvatarFisher

    Just thought up something that fits your website, krytyk.

    Some fluffiness a day, keeps the darkness at bay
    but the darkness knows that our reserves are low, encroaching closer with each passing day
    fluffiness's strength is waning, the darkness is gaining
    the eve of darkness is nigh
    steel your heart, strengthen your resolve
    for without it, darkness may overcome
    but no matter what may happen, remember
    darkness is greatest, just before the dawn.


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