It's been a while!

I've been busy with work, and with other stuff taking my attention away. Still busy, so here we go with a small but cute lewd? chapter. I so wanna take her place, Lily's, that is.






32 thoughts on “It's been a while!

  1. Kiritodrake

    I hope you can start translating OSO again, I really want to continue reading young's story, its laid back storyline is different from my recent reading preferences.
    I also thank you for all the amazing translations , you bought to all of us .

  2. Rozen

    Been a while Krytyk. I am one of those fans that follow you since your work on Baka-Tsuki. It's been one heck of a long journey right? I dunno if you are still online or AFK forever, but let me say this: Thanks for all your works. From the beginning to the end. I really thankful to you for translating many LN that make grow attached. Thanks and (hopefully) see you again.

  3. Fluffy

    Here I am, reading everything you've translated for the Nth time. I do it every few months and it's always great. Sorry we haven't seen you, hope everything is okay. Even if you don't continue translating, wanted you to know that whenever life/work gets me down I alwaysend up coming back here for a bit of fun. All the hard work you've put in, I'm really grateful.

    As for this specific chapter, it's great too XD

  4. Kavi

    So I totally get life happens but it has been like half a year with no updates or messages and I am wondering if everything is alright, does anyone know?

  5. Tarek

    Hello Krytyk! Are you still active or just busy? Anycase I really like your translations and wish to see more if you are going to keep going! If not then I wish you the best for the other projects!

  6. Burning reader

    Ah, you’re not dead? I’d say maybe see about getting someone to help with some of the series you’re more behind on at this point, but hey.

  7. Byakki

    Is it that if I don't write a reply, you won't believe I regularly check your website? ;P

    Will there be a Christmas present this year? Of course, my wish list is OSO, but I'll be happy with a personal reponse too. (tehe-pero)

  8. Victor Rama

    Hope life been good for ya Kry, take your time with the updates.
    Love you still~

  9. SeikenDrop

    Woah, you came back :'D
    As usual thanks for the recent release of translations :>
    been reading the OSO since v3 here at your site and it pleases me it is still active.
    I recently picked up anti-magic and kenja too.
    Hoping for more updates in the near future!

  10. Fluffy

    Thanks for putting out good translations for fun stories! I always come back around and read through all your work every few months

  11. Jack

    Is this series still being translated? The chapters have been taken down on Novelupdates. Be disappointed if it has been dropped as I really enjoy reading your translations

  12. Desman

    Thanks for the chapters! I really like your translations, keep up the good work on your own pace!

  13. Bob

    I love the fact that your banner is different whenever I check your site. Very nice work.
    I hope the world is treating you well.

  14. Kaminali

    Thanks for the translate, i only know this light novel since 2 week but i have already read all the chapter you have translate 3 time :D

  15. Jonny

    Hey, I haven't been on this site in a long time. This series looked interesting when I was peeking through some books I was considering.

    Once I saw the translator I had to check it out. I was really fond of AMA and OSO back when you were going at it. So, thank you for putting the effort in to do these translations.

  16. Ame

    I was pointed to your translations last year and have enjoyed them very much. Thank you for your work on OSO and now on this. I envy your level of skill. Good luck with all the other things you do!

  17. kda

    Its good to see you're still around. I hope you'll be able to continue OSO at some point, love that series. Also was wondering if there is an epub of pdf of Volumes 10-11 by chance?

  18. Not_an_FBI_agent

    Thanks for the chap! And by the way, you want to replace Lily right? Hmmmm...

  19. JS

    Glad to see you’re doing well. Thank you so much for continuing to translate. I had recently discovered the OSO and Antimagic series on your site. Thank you again for your hard work, and allowing those of us who can’t read another language to get to experience these awesome novel series. I hope you get to continue OSO in the near future. Thank you again!


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