It's been a while!

A really long while. Yeah.

So, what to start with... I guess the overall situation? Basically I've been REALLY busy with work for entire months and had no time to translate at all, it's gotten better now - much better, but I still haven't been able to pick up my interest in translating stuff. Is it age getting to me, is it burnout, or is it other stuff that steals my attention (games)? Who knows.

Of course I don't intend to quit translating, I plan to continue translating novels until at least OSO is complete (including future releases), also AMA short stories - I didn't forget about that, folks.

In any case, translations are continuing. Knowing myself, sooner or later I'll get mysterious motivation and catch up in no time, especially that I've upped language skills by a lot in the meantime. Also, I've been thinking of doing something different to motivate myself, but it's still at concept stage.

Oh yes, what you're here for is a chapter, and a chapter you'll get. Here you can move onto cuddly Yun adventures chapter 2.


PS: Thanks Aorii for keeping this blog alive while I was hibernating.

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48 thoughts on “It's been a while!

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  1. swhp

    thanks for the hard-work especially how busy and that "burn-out" feeling yet keep continue to translating especially for AntiMagic :)

    1. Hakurei06Hakurei06

      Antimagic is done. All that's left are a few Side Stories.
      And well, his policy is that main volumes (like those of OSO) take precedence over SSes.

  2. DracoInduperator

    Glad to hear your alive and doing mostly(?) alright! Take all the time you want to do whatever and don't worry about us. We'll still be here when you decide to translate again.
    Thanks for the chapter of OSO!

  3. Commenter M

    I'm happy to see that you managed to get your things sorted up to the point of being able to translate another chapter! Keep doing well!

  4. Kiki

    Yay! Thank you for returning :D
    I'm glad things are starting to get sorted out with your work, good luck!

  5. GaGaGa

    Oooohh welcome back (even though this is your own site lol)! Remember we (at least me) will always hope for your own comfort first before any translations :) cheers for the hard work.

  6. Asae

    Ooooh OSO! Yaay~

    Also thank you for the update and hope you'll succeed in motivating yourself to do whatever you want to do!

  7. Sigel

    *crawling on the ground* Fluff...fluff fix...right heeere

    Seriously, thanks a ton!

  8. /a/

    You had us woried (about you) for a while there... Glad to see you back and thanks for all the fluff!

  9. Technomo12

    I know rhe feelings due to persona nier and horizon i dont even have time to sleep anymore

  10. God Ginrai

    Thanks for the update. Glad to hear that your work has eased up. I look forward to your future releases. :)

  11. Unknown

    Yes more fluffyness and we hope 2 see you back at it again real soon with more motivation and less work. Thanks for the chapter

  12. bean

    Thanks for the chapter

    Glad to see this chapter up in NU

    So, which games are you hooked on? Nier Automata? Persona 5? FF XV? RE7? They are really good :v

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      I've been playing visual novels. A lot of them. I think I finished about a hundred while working, either in background or - more recently, watching on separate monitor on the side.

  13. RennasS

    It's not a dream! I'm not dreaming! OSO is really released!
    I though my eyes tricked me and my vision became blur for the moment.
    The tear I believe long dried from the 7-days and 7-nights after you went missing is coming but this time due to joy.
    I'm so glad to see you return.

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      I've grown out of one-hand playing, but you have a point about motivation. Now, how do I stop playing games...

          1. krytykkrytyk Post author

            NTR isn't really speciality (I avoid NTR, in fact) as I prefer comedies, but you could go for Blue series. I happened to try a little of Dearest Blue. That is probably what you're looking for.

            *I'm not sure if it's translated, I play everything in Japanese.

          2. Owl

            He means ween off gaming by playing something you hate lol.


            Welcome back Commander.
            Kane Lives!


      1. Victor Rama

        Wb Kry-sama. Try playing different kind of VN then.... Like.. Saya no Uta...
        And take care of your health~

      2. Tarsier

        Welcome back! Thanks For the hard work.

        If it doesn't interfere with what you need to do why should you stop playing games? Right?

  14. Roaming Reader

    Yun is love~ Yun is life~

    On the subject of interest, I've found my interest in everything has faded as I've got older.
    I lost the childish sense of curiosity and wonder and never managed to replace it with the adult version.

    Good to hear you're still alive!

  15. Galeden

    Thanks for the Chapter.
    I know the feeling of wanting to do something, but having the allure of the Vidja gaems dragging you away from it.

  16. José

    I've rather have you take months to adjust your life (catching up with work and gaming to have fun) while still giving us the quality to the translation of this series that i've love to read, than just pump out translated work that can barely be called a translation.

    I'm truly happy that you posted a new chapter of OSO. Thanks again, and have fun with new games everyday! /o/