It's been a while!

A really long while. Yeah.

So, what to start with... I guess the overall situation? Basically I've been REALLY busy with work for entire months and had no time to translate at all, it's gotten better now - much better, but I still haven't been able to pick up my interest in translating stuff. Is it age getting to me, is it burnout, or is it other stuff that steals my attention (games)? Who knows.

Of course I don't intend to quit translating, I plan to continue translating novels until at least OSO is complete (including future releases), also AMA short stories - I didn't forget about that, folks.

In any case, translations are continuing. Knowing myself, sooner or later I'll get mysterious motivation and catch up in no time, especially that I've upped language skills by a lot in the meantime. Also, I've been thinking of doing something different to motivate myself, but it's still at concept stage.

Oh yes, what you're here for is a chapter, and a chapter you'll get. Here you can move onto cuddly Yun adventures chapter 2.


PS: Thanks Aorii for keeping this blog alive while I was hibernating.

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79 thoughts on “It's been a while!

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  1. Evil Twin2146

    I have a question for everyone here, including you Master. If you have been watching Boku no Hero Academia, then many of you will understand that Uraraka is titled by many as "best girl". However, we of this site know that the best girl to previously be Haunted. And so now I ask all of you, are you believers in despair, or does cuteness actually win?

  2. Daniel Maik

    Obrigado por último Capítulo que você traduziu não sei se você ainda está vivo deu um oi para o pessoal por favor obrigado pelo capítulo que você traduz eu Mal posso esperar pelo próximo Só não sei se vou estar vivo daqui meio ano é tanto tempo seis meses 183 Dias Cara isso é muito tempo talvez talvez o tempo de vida que resta se esvai a para bem longe de mim

  3. Crusnic109

    Now, I understand that you might be busy with things in your personal life. but, if you are still alive, would it be too much trouble for you to take like 3 minutes and give us a few words to let us know you are still here?

    1. McNarrow

      Yes that would be nice, with such a long pause I'm more concerned by your well being than by the progress of the various translation, and I'm probably not the only one.

      1. krytykkrytyk Post author

        Well, basically: busy with work now. Although, I have restarted working on translations (did some Monster Girl Quest: Paradox part 2 translations), so as long as I have time I'll deliver on OSO as well.

        1. zomg

          That is good to know! Hope your work is fun. Hate having to rely on you but yeah totally am.