It's not my fault those chapters are so short.

TMG_v07_0080So, I sat down and translated another chapter over some 6-8 hours, yay.

Link in here.

Now, I'll rant a bit about the change in usage of furigana, I thought that usage of furigana in some limited cases is quite excessive, although I don't go back on my policy of including both names, as it is in the original in most cases, but for the most often appearing ones I'm going to cut down to one, two instances of double naming for the same name per chapter. I will also edit older volumes accordingly, but not right now. After I catch up to the newest volume I plan to make a thorough check-through on entire AntiMagic, while confirming it with raws at the same time - especially for volumes 1-4.


24 thoughts on “It's not my fault those chapters are so short.

  1. Nic

    Hi Krytyk.

    Firstly, I apologise for using your art without your permission.
    After seeing your Yun's colouring, I wanted to try my hand on colouring one as well.

    Went to read up online tutorials and taking reference from your colouring, I manage to colour a simple one of Yun as well.
    Though I have some questions I need help with...
    Such as her skin color and dress and the shadows.

    Feels like I can't get the proper skin color. All the colors i try makes me feel somewhat uneasy.
    The shadows looks a bit off so I would like advice on how to blend it in more naturally.
    And I have no idea on how to best color up the dress to show it (According to the novel, its white but I don't know how to best express it)

    Is it possible to help provide some helping tips?
    The picture is here.

    I'll continue trying to edit it while waiting for your advice. Thanks.

    1. Nic

      Sorry posted it in the wrong place.
      Was intending to post it at the 'About' section...

    2. krytykkrytyk Post author

      You should base your colours of an already-existing illustrations, that is the best way for novices to get colours right. Download one of OSO's illustrations with matching lightning (for open world or day use one that represents characters during the day, and night accordingly). Also, for the white you should use bluish colour like the one I used for the frills on yun's dress.

      As for shadows, I play a lot with layer configuration and blending, but I don't have a set method. I tinker until I get a satisfying result. However, mostly it consists of main colouring layer on the bottom with [Color] blend and 100% opacity, and one or two more layers with different blending and colour fill until I get the right effect. Sometimes the base image leveling might be necessary.

      Trivia: my Yun colouring has 41 layers in total. In other words, keep EVERYTHING you do on separate layers.

      There might be some details that you will have to redraw manually and no blending layers will help you, for that - you use brush. Yes simple brush.

      That aside, you didn't use my art. I'm not the artist who drew those -.-.

    3. AoriiAorii

      The coloring is still done quite nicely ^^ I'm usually pretty picky on color texturing too~

  2. Kemm


    BTW has something happened to Kadi? It's been about a month since the last time I had news of him...

    1. victorrama

      Hullo Kemm :D.
      Decided tot ake a stroll ou of BT...? If you're that kemm tho...?
      Kadi's alive.

      1. Kemm

        Same Kemm. Found no recent activity from Kadi there (last contribs: "Sun Aug 24, 2014 1:38 am" at the forum, "10:08, 29 August 2014 (diff | hist) . . (+227)‎ . . m Talk:Sekai no Owari no Encore:Volume 1 Record.3" at the wiki).
        Let's hope it's just him busy and not that something has happened (it should be flu season).

  3. Louis

    Thx a looot...

    Oh yeah...just askin, what level of jap do you need to properly read LN? And any tips for studying...?

  4. Haha

    Short chpter are the popular ones these days..
    It tend to have longer life without getting dropped or iddle for a year++...

    1. victorrama

      Melody. It happens. I think I have neglected my TL for a while...
      But that's good! And thank you Kry-sama!


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