It's the seaaaaaaaaaa!

OSO_Art1Okay. A short story featured on Dragon Magazine's Heroine calendar. The way its written isn't like the usual story writing, but it's OSO nevertheless. Thanks again to user Galen Musbach for providing Dragon Magazine Heroine Calendars' scans, thanks to which we get this amazing swimsuit/beach illustration and I was able to access and translate the short story.

For the short story itself... it's a very short story, like a short story should be, I mean, it's short. But the important thing is... we now know why is Yun hiding in the back! Yes! Yay!

Here goes the link.


12 thoughts on “It's the seaaaaaaaaaa!

      1. krytykkrytyk Post author

        I'm disappoint' in you, son.

        Purple haired girl is Tobi-chan, the loveliest.


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