Just a small notice, not a release.

IMG_0008Most of the basic edits on the volumes 1 and 2 of OSO, have been finished, so I'd happily put the PDF's EPUB's, MOBI's and whatever else there is on the project page, as long as they're freshly prepared.

I have went and looked through all the Sense build numbers mentioned ever since the beginning of the novel, and fixed a lot of mistakes I made, so for those interested how has Yun progressed... you might want to re-check your notes, everything should be up-to-date and correct now. That includes the illustrations as well which were edited to get rid of some mistakes and fix Sense levels.

Volume 3 comes out on 18th of October, and it's a great unknown how it will look like. I have the general idea from the description but... I expect huge changes as compared as to webnovel. (vol 2 already had huge changes and I bet vol 3 will be even further modified).

Vol 3 description:

In order to lead a comfortable life of crafting, let's create a "guild"?!

After the large-scale event, Yun's popularity has suddenly risen. His shop is being given a lot of requests and his every day life has gotten busy. During these busy days appeared a plan to form a crafting guild, and Yun is going to be "relied on" once again———!


Update on the current activities - I've gotten urgent stuff and pending edits out of the way, next action I will do is translating antimagic volume 5. Of course, I'm still half-resting and dealing with my RL work so don't expect too much, and too fast.


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60 thoughts on “Just a small notice, not a release.

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  1. Drowzycow

    V1 C8: Train Man’s method is to gather monsters by using his speed and then to push them onto others then ran away proud with what he did. >> change ran to run

  2. Drowzycow

    vol 1 chapter 2, control + f to find "potions potions" delete one potions
    vol 1 chapter 3, Mari >> Magi
    numbers in chapter 7 still need fixing. “””5″”” Needs to be 50kG or the some reference text added at "1" to indicate 1 is shorthand for 10kG. Maybe he raised a single finger or something.

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Original only has """5""" nothing else. I don't intend on redoing author's work.

      1. Drowzycow

        V1C4. "“Since you have 【Mixed】 and 【Synthesis】" >> 【Mixed】 to 【Mixing】

        V1C6 Vigour Tree >> Vitality Tree.

        V1C7. 『”Well, there’s no guilds yet either. I’ll start one soon, if I find people that is…”』 >> there are no
        V1C7 “Oh, once you go there once you can move between with portal right.” >> portals

      2. dan

        Perhaps a note (similar to the oreko notes) to explain that due to culture differences, they're talking in units of ten-thousands and not the english convention of one-thousands? I was also a bit confused when reading that part the first time. After re-reading that section, I figured out that it was likely ten-thousands.

        I didn't look at the viewer comments (where it's explained about 万) at all until I finished the translations, since I was excited to go onto the next chapter.

        This is quite a fun website, and the new links section is great. Stayed up WAY too late exploring those.

        1. krytykkrytyk Post author

          There's a good reason I didn't write "10k" and """50k""" instead of "1" and "5".

          While webnovel had "1万" and "5万", the light novel version had "万" portion erased. Thus, to honour that change and include it, I've also foregone that. Though, I might change "1" to "10" and """5""" to """50"""... hmm...

  3. sandi

    at volume 1 chapter 1

    “Umm, to be exact you can’t use 【Bow】 if you don’t have a set of arrows which are consumable items. 【Hawk Eyes】 isn’t useful aside from predicting incoming enemies. 【Magic Talent】, 【Taming】 and 【Alchemy】 can be picked up, but they’re inefficient. Something like that?”

    I don't know it is right, But I think It's not 【Magic Talent】 but 【Enhance】?
    Cause 【Magic Talent】 is useful .

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Actually what I mixed up in there was Taming and Enchant, fixed taming put in Enchant. It seems she means the combination of Magic talent, enchant, and alchemy as magic Senses.

  4. a84cus

    Wow thanks krytyk! It was a fast update.... and its true that there is so many scene thats different from web novel, and i recommended to everyone to
    Think its a different version with web novel..... i recommended the novel version to be read, i think the story itself will have a different outcome than the web version.

    And i really like the author! After i know oso from here and read at syosetsu the web ver, he(or she? Anyone know?) He have a good way to tell the story, and have a tendency to make a male become female....( at his first novel he make story that change the protagonist gender from male to female).....

    I hope his first web novel can be publish to as light novel after oso.......

    1. KadiKadi

      His first web novel... 理論屋転生記 / Theorist's Reincarnation Tale? Male -> Female, too...

      1. A84cus

        yeah...... and its description about the protagonist is..... a little accurate? for expressing a female, aside that I enjoy how he telling about agricultural technology, a noble system and politics at his story, and at the latest development (even its 2 years ago) a little of magic army.. hahahahahah........ its really tickling me when the protagonist meet her supposed to be fiance.... really hahahahhh..........

  5. Xenaca

    Also krytyk are the major revisions done with V2? Don't wanna crank out the pdf if they haven't been done or more awaiting.

        1. krytykkrytyk Post author

          Oh, then I'll put it up~. Also, vol 2 has been edited as well so you're free to make a pdf of it.

          Basically the reasons I'm insisting on having edits done before other formats come up is to have the minimum acceptable quality float around the net~, I can't update stuff once they are unleashed into internet in pdf epub or any other version, so I try to delay that until I think the bare minimum of quality on these translations is achieved :).

          1. Xenaca

            Yeah I make no changes to your work. Other than fixing for the difference in margins used, and also deleting these anomalies that show up from the copy and paste which basically show like these little grey boxes that show up

          2. krytykkrytyk Post author

            Sure, my specialisations lie in different categories than conversion of stuff~, I just want to have control over what's sent into the net and is labelled as "translated by krytyk" that's why I'm asking ^_^.

          3. Xenaca

            Aight well I will probably do V2 tomorrow then. Since it may take an hour or so to do the conversion. Though I would like to find out which people would prefer to have. If they want compressed or uncompressed

          4. krytykkrytyk Post author

            I can put links to mediafire folders which have both versions instead of putting up links one by one, if you want.

  6. Michelangel07

    So the tsundere Yun finally gives when it comes to party playing and is going to join/make a guild.
    Has anyone read the webnovel of OSO? It'd be nice to read a summary on things that have been changed, for reference. I heard somewhere that it has a bit more skill description but that's not so important as I'm only concerned if there are any plot- or event changes.

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      No summaries in here. There are things I don't approve and are banned on this blog. That would be: google translate, summaries, and spoilers.

      As for what I can tell you, no major plot changes up until now, however some scenes were re-made. Though, the main storyline is unchanged.

    2. KadiKadi

      Especially in volume 2, there were decisive changes. For the better. Pointless scenes were removed, senseless scenes were given sense, and the good parts from removed scenes were added elsewhere.

  7. yoda

    I stumbled accross your page while looking for random light novels, after reading spice and wolf , mushoku tensei and re:monster. Only sense online caught my attention and i started following it. During this time, i read your posts and chanced upon your replies to various comments. Following light novels here has become fun. Cheers for keeping things as interactive as you do and great job for every new chapter you put out.

  8. Owl

    Thanks krytyk! If it wasn't for your translations, this would have totally slipped under my radar, and that would have been a massive loss.

    I'm so shipping Yun x Magi. :) Cuteness overload!

    Though Yun as "Black War Maiden" is a bit off, she's too chibi for the War Maiden look, need to lose the chubby cheeks. Now "Chibi War Maiden" I can see.

  9. Byaku

    Yun's popularity has suddenly risen. His shop......
    HIS... HE... HIM...
    Isn't that a typo there? XDDDDDDD
    Just kidding! Don't kill me because of it! TTATT
    Anyways, looking forward to your future translations Kry.. :D

  10. Kikiri_liszt

    Can't wait!!! Tooo excited.......I will wait even if i die tommorow i will read it in my grave!!!! hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

  11. victorrama

    just a small notice huh....?
    a big news for me thought xD.
    waiting for the creeps on taimadou.

  12. Loco15

    You guys should read Knight's & Magic, it's like a combination of Mushoku Tensei and Only Sense Online, but with roborts :D http://skythewood.blogspot.sg/

    :LIGHT SPOILER: The protagonist is also a male but it's a female in every way you look at him, and also uses speed-based tactics

  13. kazeshindo

    Dang it.....just give him a sex change already!!!

    My mind is already being confused by that character!!!!

    How can I think of him as a guy when he obviously looks like a girl! He is also to feminine to be a guy! Might as well just turn this into a female main character!!!!
    Put my mind to rest for goodness sakes!!


    can't wait for the next volume

    long live Krytyk!

  14. Drowzycow

    Where's the updated text? I just checked volume 1 chapter 7 (since that was the only chapter I remember with glaring errors) and they are still there, the passage I remember being messed up was:

    “Then, let’s do our routine, time to determine the price. We’re going to market it with an average of the prices everyone says, and if it feels not good enough we’ll adjust it. How much for Enchant Stone?”

    As Magi-san said that, everyone said their price going clockwise as we sat around the table.

    “5000 from me.”


    “Then, I’ll say 10k. How about Yun-kun?”

    “Eh? I’d say… 5000G?”

    “Then, the Enchant Stone for about 7500? For a consumable used for boss battles that’s reasonable. If the effect’s duration lengthens, that amount can increase.”

    I don’t know much about prices, but is that’s how it is?

    “Then, how about Magic Gem?”


      1. Drowzycow

        Again where? Not seeing it even after a ctrl+F5 refresh. Just saying before tharael89 goes recreating the EPUB.

        1. forum

          It might be stuck in your cache. Try closing and reopening your browser to when checking for updates next time.

          1. Drowzycow

            A ctrl+F5 forces a cache refresh. I manually dumped my cache to check anyway, and also checked the pdf linked later by Xenaca.

            My point is still valid; the text on this blog doesn't look like it has been updated. I'm still using the bit of text I referenced in my first post ( the numbers in volume 1 chapter 7). I'm just trying to find out that you are saying the edits have made it to this blog, not some editor only google doc that hasn't been shared to pdf/epub makers yet.

          2. KadiKadi

            Editing is done on the blog itself. The editors do their work and suggest it as a "fork" that krytyk has to approve. The forks are gone, so those edits should be on applied. Then there should be what krytyk did himself... which should also be applied, naturally. If I went to work, I might still tear it half apart, but since I'm lazy... minimum standard applied. Start the pdf machines!

  15. Rilarion

    The last time you said don't expect too much or too fast, you finished a whole volume in a week, how can we not expect too much? Just kidding :) RL comes first, good luck with it

  16. kazeshindo

    where is a time travel machine when you need one!!

    Calm down calm down.......*deep breath*

    I can wait 3 weeks for the next update....no problem....I got a job now...yup....I can concentrate on the real world while patiently wait for the light novel..............*crying* I can do this!! I know I can!!!

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      I wish I had such luxurious problems, my schedule is packed to the brim for next 2 months.


    1. kanel

      never mind found that on fb

      -Our fortress-server lol-chan seemed to have fallen over. (so clumsy). Let's take today easy, while we wait for the big boss to check up on her.-

  17. TheAnonymousAnon

    Hmmm... Can I know the 'approximate' schedule for Omae wo Oniichan? Well, I just want to know whether it was dropped or not...

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      No schedule whatsoever, Omae wo is a low-priority project I took to fill my time. Antimagic is higher priority project which hasn't had any updates recently, as such Antimagic gets precedence.

  18. Hikari_

    Thanks as always, krytyk. Now going back re-checking my Yun's Sense Build Spreadsheet.

    Volume 3 looks interesting. Well, if it's a crafting guild, then we would see those top 3 crafter more. It means more Yun and Magi time. **grinning happily**

    uaah... can't wait for october to comes...

          1. xExorTx

            then we shall wait...ahahahaha
            so you're working with Taimadou Gakuen right now?