Justice release, prologue, chap 1 and chap 2.

OSO_v03_047Now, after a while of break we're back to OSO.

Yup, Yun is back... and cute as ever. Links here: Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2.

Anyway, not much to say aside on commenting the translation status and the chapters itself. I feel like I could have made a mistake or two somewhere somehow, but I can't catch it anyhow... oh well, I'll re-read it after I take some rest and see if everything is as it should be.

The other thing, translation pace will be visibly slower, I'm kinda burned out and tired over the last few days and take much longer to translate the chapters, so don't expect every day or not even a release per two or three days - that goes mainly to refreshers.

Anyway, enjoy.

—— krytyk

53 thoughts on “Justice release, prologue, chap 1 and chap 2.

  1. AvatarXxDannyxX

    (^◇^) yaay .... Thanks for the translations master krytyk .... i've been following your posts ever since i found you were doing antimagic academy :) ... i tried out OSO out of curiosity and now im hooked XD ... now im impatiently waiting for the remaining parts to get translated (゚Д゚;≡;゚Д゚) ... thanks again ... now i gotta be patient huh ?

  2. Avatarkanel

    you mentioned six chapters are the epilogue and the prologue included in that?

    also random question to all here...anyone knows where i can download sword art online english translation in epub?

    1. Avatarl0gin4me

      They prologue and epilogue are not included in the 6 chapters. You do know you can figure this out yourself by going here http://krytykal.org/only-sense/. Krytyk has already written out the format for the uploads. When a chapter is completed, Krytyk just turns the appropriate text into a hyperlink.

      1. Avatarkanel

        i did but i onlt found machine translation and no one had the old ones from bakatsuki...so yeah...gonna search pirate bay for now

  3. Avatarrogersenna

    Does anyone know if Elysion ended with just the trilogy, or there will be more?

  4. Avatarslowmoe78

    Thanks for your hard work. This has been very enjoyable so far. Looking forward to the next chapters.

  5. AvatarPhillangees

    Thanks very much krytyk, this series has been fun to read so far. I just hope that one day there will be a game with some of the mechanics from this one.

  6. AvatarByaku

    Justice has been served~
    And it's so delicious, I don't feel like stopping!
    Thank you so very the very very very very berry much Kry!!!

  7. Avatarsandi

    in the past he win beautiful contest.
    volume 1 system think he is female.
    volume 2 friend with unicorn.
    what femininity show in volume 3. hmmmm.
    if there feminine sense his level will over 9999.

    1. Avatarbearzerger

      Truth, Syun is more girly than most actual girls. Sugar, spice and everything nice is certainly what he's made of. He's like a walking cliché for women.

  8. Avatarlesstea

    Right before I have a class.... uuu..... lllOrz

    Nvm. The justice has been served. I have no regret.
    Thank you, O' Krytyk-sama.

  9. AvatarLucied

    Argh!! Damn you Krytyk, why do you have to pop it up at this time? I need to sleep here!! Gah!!
    Thank you for your releases!!!

  10. AvatarAll Night

    3 chapters... Well anyway. I'll get to it later today or tomorrow afternoon. As always super busy Mondays and Tuesday. Staggered releases make you look faster :P

  11. AvatarLoco15

    Damn, I was too busy reading the thread of Overlord in animesuki and didn't catch this post within it's first 10s.

    Well, whatever: JUSTICE!!

  12. AvatarNikkocutes

    omg thank you very much been waiting for it and was practically visiting this place everyday haha :)


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