Kenja Licensed, Takedown Update.

We all knew it will come, since there was an anime announced to be in the works some time ago. And here it is. Kenja no Deshi wo Nanoru Kenja's both the Light Novel and the Comic have been licensed, according to a tweet from the Japanese publisher, Micro Magazine.

As such, I am fulfilling my word and as I was declaring on the "ABOUT" page1Content will be removed upon request from copyright holders, author, or when the official English version of the books is announced and without any delay., I am taking the content down.

Now, enough with the stiff mood. It's good news, since Kenja will be easily available for purchase and in English to boot. Let's just hope for quality translations and adaptation.

Make sure to support publishers, authors and everyone involved. Buy those books, it's not like they're especially expensive.

PS: Thanks to No Name for swift delivery of news.
PS2: I'll probably drop a news in some time with details on the website's direction from now on. Still need to work several things out.



4 thoughts on “Kenja Licensed, Takedown Update.

  1. Kodenir

    Have you thought about being a translator for some company like yen press or others? I am not English master but I think with your skills you have high chances for making money by translating books. Thank you for translating kenja and let's hope their translation would be good :)

  2. pokeperson1000

    Hopefully the localization doesn't change too much. Let's go support the official release.


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