“By the way, do you still use the “Thunderscale Tiger"?”

Unable to bear any more complaints that popped up against her past self, Mira attempted to change the topic so she mentioned the name of the summoning spell that Cleos mastered the best of all.

“Can it be, that you heard of my Thunderscale Tiger from Danbulf-sama as well?”

“Ahh...mm-hm, indeed!”

After thinking for a second, Mira decided to make everything be heard from her master.

“Oh dear, it feels a little embarrassing. But I guess that’s just how much he spoke of me.”

While saying this, Cleos smiled happily. Although he kept grumbling complaints, it all came from his high respect and affection for Danbulf. Hearing that the Sage had spoken of him to the disciple made him happy from his heart.

“Right, right. I heard a lot.”

“As you said, my main summoning spell is the Thunderscale Tiger. But it has become much stronger than when Danbulf-sama last saw it.”

“Hooh, that sound reliable.”

The Thunderscale Tiger was one of the strongest middle-class summoning spells. If his had turned stronger than Mira remembered it, then it was a formidable fighting power.

“Contracting a Thunderscale Tiger was really difficult, but you know? Danbulf-sama said this.”

And so, Cleos started to passionately describe just how wonderful a person the Sage called Danbulf was. Even though Mira just brought him with her because he was useful, Cleos said stuff like “back then, he did it for me" or “by doing so, he taught me" and hearing her own evaluation from his perspective Mira felt a little ticklish and felt some remorse. Again, not changing her expression she was only able to pretend to be listening.


“And trained like that, I ended up managing the tower in Danbulf-sama’s stead.”

Cleos had finished his long story and made a satisfied expression upon its completion. From Mira’s perspective they were some nostalgic memories on the level of “oh, I remember something like that happening", but from Cleos perspective it was Danbulf’s epic tale.

Once she finished listening, Mira recalled something she was curious about when she entered the tower.

“By the way, when I was coming here I did stop by the tower, but it appeared quite deserted in comparison to other towers. Did something happen, mm?”

When Mira asked this, Cleos’ clear expression clouded at once, with signs of rain.

“You touch a sore spot… Certainly, there is extremely few summoners now.”

“Mmh, I see.”

Mira thought that the reason might be that she came at night, but based what Cleos said, she could assume that the tower was in severe shortage of human resources. Lowering her gaze, she recalled the times when it was lively and thought something had to be done.

“If you are Danbulf-sama’s disciple, then you must have used the same method for the same contract, right?”

Seeing Mira deliberate with her eyes cast down, Cleos had a feeling he caught a glimpse of Danbulf’s shadow in her, so he calmly continued.

The method for first contract. Danbulf had used a large amount of mixtures and bombs back in the day. However, Mira knew that Cleos was speaking of a different method.

“Energy-Refined equipment and Magic-Sealing Bomb Stones, right.”

That was the method Danbulf proposed as the Elder of the Tower of Summoning, for the sake of the next generations.

“Yes, that’s it. After Danbulf-sama disappeared, we continued without a problems for some time. But first, the supply of Magic-Sealing Bomb Stones ran out, and then the Energy-Refined equipment broke… Even the castle Energy-Refining technicians can’t make ones that have as good performance as Danbulf-sama’s, so eventually people appeared who were unable to make a contract.”

“Ahhh...mm-hm, I see.”

The method Mira proposed did use the same principles as using mixtures and bombs, but was made more efficient.

Rather than raise your stats with mixtures, they would raise their durability and endurance with Energy-Refined equipment and rather than throw bombs, they would use elemental Magic-Sealing Bomb Stones that matched enemy’s weakness. Thanks to that, the difficulty level of the initial contract truly decreased greatly. However, that method was something that was possible thanks to Danbulf backing it, so once he disappeared it must have been difficult to continue it.

There were few people capable of using Energy-Refining techniques, but it takes them a lot of time and effort so there was no avoiding of the increase in price of Energy-Refined equipment. Moreover, they had weaker performance than ones made by Danbulf, so there have been too many newcomer summoners who were unable to defeat an Armament Spirit and escaped.

In addition, the mentor with absolute charisma was gone. As a result, the tower had become deserted.

“All right, for now!”

After finishing her deliberations, Mira raised her head and opened the item box to take out all Magic-Sealing Bomb Stones she had, then gathering together the ones that fell on the ground, she passed them to Cleos.

“With this, about twenty people should be able to beat the enemy.”

“These are...Magic-Sealing Bomb Stones! And they’re holding such a strong power inside them…same as the ones from thirty years ago...no, even stronger. Can I really take these?”

His eyes wide open, Cleos stared at the stones in Mira’s hands which shone stronger than any gem.

“Mm-hm, right now I can only do this much.”

“But isn’t this something Danbulf-sama gave you to protect yourself?”

Magic-Sealing Bomb Stones were powerful items that could become a trump card when necessary. Thinking that Danbulf gave them to his disciple for such reason, Cleos confirmed with her while swallowing the feelings of wanting them no matter what.

“No problem. I have my Dark Knights I succeeded from master. Also, if he was here he wouldn’t be able to leave the tower be like this.”

Although indirectly and by proxy, Mira relayed her feelings.

“Certainly. It is Summoning maniac Danbulf-sama who we’re talking about, he wouldn’t let it off.”

Cleos muttered so and received the Magic-Sealing Bomb Stones that Mira extended to him.

“Thank you, Mira-chan. Once this is over, I will immediately contact the newcomers who gave up on Summoning. It’s all right now, that is.”

Smiling broadly, he lowered his head to Mira.

It appeared that Cleos himself was dissatisfied with the current state of the tower and tried various methods. But in the end, he only had moderate success and there were many problems, all methods he came up with lacked decisiveness.

As a result, the young people who hoped to become Summoners had their dreams shattered and left Arkite Kingdom. To Cleos, who watched their backs as they left, these Magic-Sealing Bomb Stones were worth more than hundred carat diamonds.

“Mm-hm, do so. Oh, take this, too.”

Seeing just how much Cleos rejoiced and understanding that he did his best to manage the tower when she was not around, Mira decided to make another gift. She took off a ring from her finger, a necklace from her neck and passed them to Cleos.

“T-...this is…"

“They are accessories increasing endurance and power. With these, one shouldn’t lose in contest of strength against an Armament Spirit.”

“Can I really... have something this precious?”

“Of course. Things master wants to protect, are things I want to protect. In exchange, do your best, Cleos.”

“On my name as the Elder’s substitute, I will make the tower flourish!”

Uplifted in spirits, Cleos stared straight at Mira with strong light dwelling in his eyes and nodded vigorously.


“Well then, we shall commence the second stage of the experiment in five days, on the same hour.”

Once Solomon had closed the meeting, the nobles and Elder substitutes started leaving the development room.

“Looks like it’s over. Well then, Mira-chan, I’m really grateful. I will be going to contact everyone right away. Looks like it will be getting busy.”

“Mm-hm, be careful on your way back.”

Cleos bowed deeply and following everyone, he quickly left the development room. His steps were very light and the lively expression on his face surprised other substitutes, who gently watched him leave.

Other substitutes knew that Cleos was having trouble as he thought of what to do about the tower, but they were already busy with their own towers and could not do anything for him. Up until now they saw him in low spirits very often, so it has been a while since he was in this good mood.

The reason he was in such a good mood, was because he saw a light of restoration for the Tower of Summoning. However, other substitutes who did not know the circumstances misunderstood it, they thought that Cleos, who loves children, became lively just by speaking with Mira.

The last four to remain in the development room were Mira, Solomon, Luminaria and Thoma.

Solomon pulled out a bundle of documents that looked as if they were hidden, then after taking a look at them with a serious expression, he grinned.

When Luminaria found Mira in the corner, making some rustling sounds she slowly approached Mira and stared what she had in her hands. Continuing from before, Mira was still tinkering with the robots.

“You’re still playing with those?”

Seeing the robots change from one outrageous form to another, Luminaria drew her head close to Mira from behind and spoke, bored.

“Amazing, right?! It’s almost complete!”

Smiling like a kid without worry or boredom, even looking like a kid, she declared like a young boy before further changing the robot’s form.

What is almost complete? The chief of development who overheard the two’s conversation got curious and when he approached, he saw what Mira was holding in her hands.

“Oh, if it isn’t the “Super Combining Lord Barkan". Where was it?”

Thoma knew the robots that Mira was holding.

“They were lying around in the back of that shelf.”

Saying so, she pointed at the upper shelf in front of her.

“So that’s where it was, I already thought I lost it.”

With nostalgia, Thoma looked at the disorderly objects in Mira’s hands.

“Hooh. So this is yours?”

“Yes, and rather than just being mine, it’s something that I made.”

“Ohhh, is that so. You have nice hobbies there, mm?”

“Goodness, let’s say that my hobbies are quite excessive. But even though I got all fired up and made that, in the end, it was a failure. Because of a miss in the design they won’t combine.”


With an expression that said she was unable to believe his words, she turned around awkwardly and stared at Thoma, who made a smile to hide his fluster.

“U-Umm…when I was implementing the combination mechanism I mistook width a little. In order to fix it I needed to take it apart once, so I decided to do it some other time and left it around to lose it.”

Seeing Mira stare at him with a ghastly expression he would never expect out of such a lovely girl, he started mumbling by the end of his answer, and pulled back.


The scream must have reached even outside of the development room.

After succeeding to pacify Mira with a promise that he would fix the robots and give them to her, relieved, Thoma received the Super Combining Lord Barkan and left the development room as if escaping.



A creepy laughing voice sounded eerily. When Mira inadvertently turned in the voice’s direction, she saw Solomon holding a bundle of documents.

“Finally. Finally we can begin full-scale development.”

While saying this, Solomon stared straight at Mira with a smile so broad it was scary.

“It started again, eh.”

Muttered Luminaria who knew Solomon for a long time and guessed what was happening after taking a look at him holding documents. Hearing that, Mira made a questioning expression, but before she realized, Solomon himself was already next to them.

“Up until now the crafting of materials didn’t keep up, so energy conservation was a prerequisite. But the fact that you’re here now, equals to us having the highest output Magic-Sealing Stones. Finally, we can drop all this cheapskate energy conservation nonsense and develop without worrying about fuel. With this we can take a big step towards Type-10!”

Solomon all got excited and started to talk on and on, explaining to Mira just how hard it was for them until now. According to him, to reach his ideal performance levels it was necessary to use Magic-Sealing Stones in hundreds and to gather that much, half a year was necessary. If it took half a year to prepare, then it was nowhere near ready for practical use. He explained this enthusiastically.

“Magic engineering is still in the middle of development. That is why we saw the possibilities. Especially by increasing the grade of Magic-Sealing Stones the amplification can be really amazing. You see, the better they are the more——"

“Whoops, that’s enough. Looks like we got a sleepyhead here.”

Luminaria reined in Solomon who grew more and more passionate. After listening all of that slightly bothersome talk, mostly dominated by Solomon’s hobby, Mira started to doze off and her head started to sway.

“I see, it can’t be helped.”

Solomon easily backed down, and once again returned the documents to the back of the shelf. But that did not mean that his enthusiasm has cooled off. He simply knew that from here on, he can have her join him any time. His close friend was right here. That was enough for Solomon now.

“C’mon, wake up.”

Luminaria called Mira while poking her cheek.

"’m not sleeping.”

Mira brushed away that hand and glared at Luminaria crisply, but the next moment her eyelids lowered as if melting, just to open wide again.

“But you wanna sleep, right?”


She instantly answered to Luminaria’s question.

“By the way, did you take a bath already?”

“It’s fine, I’ll pass for today.”

Luminaria asked again and her expression changed when she heard the answer.

“That’s not good at all. Now that you’re a woman, not taking a bath is out of question!”

Although it was just Luminaria’s own doctrine, Mira was unable to refute since she was busy fighting against the sandman.

“We’re off!”

With that said, Luminaria picked up Mira and ran away like a kidnapper.

(“There’s a mountain of problems, but it looks like things will get fun from here on.”)

Left behind, Solomon saw off the two close friends’ figures and smiled happily. Then, he started to slowly walk towards the mens’ baths.


“Why do we have to enter together?”

As the smell of baths entered her nose, the restraint of drowsiness had loosened and Mira decided she might as well take a bath. The fact that was that she was interested in the castle’s large bath was the main reason.

"It’s fine, the bath’s really wide. It’s been long since we’ve last met, let’s try some naked skinship.”

Brought here by Luminaria, Mira was currently in the changing room of the large public bath. While Luminaria took off her outfit with experienced movements and folded it on a shelf. At the same time, Mira was having a hard time with the ribbon-covered robe customized by the aides Litaria and Mariana.

“Good grief. Let me try.”

Luminaria stood in front of Mira and started untying the ribbons skillfully one after another. At the same time in front of Mira, were voluptuous, fine results of perverted fixation asserted itself. As expected, Mira was unable to look unable at them directly, and her gaze wandered.

Thanks to Luminaria’s strenuous efforts, a total of twenty ribbons were lined up on the shelf. The robe that which was rolled up had been returned to its original state, and with the removal of the ribbon-shaped hair-clip at the chest, the collar opened so much that Mira’s shoulders were visible and her moderately-swelled breasts peeked out, Luminaria smiled at this sight.

“The inside is just like you, too.”

“Don’t touch on that any more…"

Dragging the robe’s hem, Mira headed to the corner of the dressing room and took it off after a moment of squirming.

Below this strange mahou shoujo-arranged robe, there was Mira’s underwear appearance, the Raiment of Celestial Maiden and bloomers. It had become a the main cause of Luminaria’s additional attack.

“To have matched the see-through lingerie and old-fashioned bloomers… That’s a remarkable growth for just two days. At this rate you will reach my level soon.”

Seeing the combination of see-through raiment which showed off Mira’s young but bewitching body and traditional bloomers that at first look appeared unrelated to eroticism, Luminaria appeared to have thought discovered something. Mira threw the taken off robe at the pervert, took off the remaining clothes and ran inside the bath.

Left behind, Luminaria carefully folded the robe and placed it on the shelf before entering the bath as well.

The bath was luxurious and dazzling, fitting the location that was the castle the king lived in. The water tank was constantly filled and in the middle, there was something like a fountain spewing water towards the ceiling, which caught by gravity fell back down like sudden shower rain.

This bath was also used by the country’s guests. And therefore, it was also used as display for of this country, which appeared to have allowed Mira to enjoy this otherworldly feeling the bath gave off.

“This is silly! This is the work of silly!!”

The overly amazing sight blew away Mira’s sleepiness and cackling, she started to play right under the fountain which covered her with water like a waterfall. In no time, her hair sucked in moisture and stuck to her skin, droplets of water trickled down her soft, fair skin and fell into the bath.

Mira started to run from one corner of the bath to another, kicking water in the process as she enjoyed herself. This bath felt really overdone and even more amazing than a luxurious spa.

“Looking like this, the way she acts matches her appearance, well, I guess that's 'cause he was a childish guy in the first place. Still, you really fine with this? Danbulf.”

Luminaria muttered towards no one in particular and fondly chased Mira’s frolicking appearance with her eyes.


A familiar anime theme song sounded inside the bathroom. Luminaria hummed as she immersed plenty in the water, relaxing to the fullest.

Once Mira was healed enough by the bath, she glanced at Luminaria and refreshed, returned back to the dressing room. The clothes they left on the shelves have been taken for washing and instead, a change of clothes was prepared.

She spread that change of clothes in her hands and froze in place. No wonder, it was a sky blue one piece dress with frills. Something that the castle’s maid did her best to pick out, thinking it would fit Mira best.

However, this was not the problem. If anything, it was the item that was lying next to the dress, overshadowing it.

They were a pair of white panties decorated with ribbons. Although they were scarcely decorated, it was all the more reason that this article had a possibility of drawing even more of Mira’s complete charm than ever.

There is no need for any needless extras. A pair of panties is all you need. That is the path to supreme...no, fulfilling personal tastes. That is what the panties said to her.

In panic, Mira opened the item box and started to search for something she could use instead, but as she had already confirmed last night, it ended with her only realize anew that there was no escape.

To return to herself, she looked away from panties. That moment, ahead of her gaze she saw a beautiful girl who would look really good in those panties.

“Nnn...ahh, a mirror.”

The cute girl not wearing a single thread, was Mira’s own reflection.

After peering at it intensely,

“I’m a cute.”

she muttered. The first time she had seen her appearance after becoming Mira was in the Spell-Clad Knight’s mirror-like armor, then the next time was in a dark window. However, this mirror showed off every enchanting little detail, making Mira understand her own taste more than ever.

Looking at the mirror entire time, she wiped her body with a towel and for some reason, touched her face. Then she traced with her finger from the cheeks to her lips, then to the collarbone, finally, she let go and stroked her lustrously fluttering silver hair.

“Welcome, to world on this side. I welcome you.”

Mira, who had engrossed herself in her own world suddenly twitched, stretching her back she turned her face towards the meaningful female voice.

Standing there, was Luminaria with a triumphantly twisted smile on her face.

“Since when did you look?”

“I’m a cute.”

That instant Mira charged forward with 【Dao Way - Movement: Shukuchi】1https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shukuchi. However, Luminaria shook like an illusion and avoided it with ease.

“Hm? What was that? I haven’t seen a move like that before.”

Luminaria seemed to have suddenly disappeared, which made Mira interested in this unknown move. Among the abilities she knew, there was none that had an effect like this.

“It just means that magic engineering isn’t the only thing that has progressed while you were gone. There’s been thirty years, meaning that every branch of abilities progressed rapidly.”


There, Luminaria repeatedly appeared and disappeared making illusions. At this sight, Mira forgot all about shame from earlier and her head was completely filled with interest in this new ability.

“This one, is from about eight years ago, I think. It’s the avoidance skill called 【Mirage Step】 and the effect is as you see.”

While saying so, Luminaria repeat the movement while leaving mirages behind.

“The condition for learning it, is to have mana and to have received the blessing of light and water spirits.”

“Ohhh! Then I can learn right away. Teach me!”

Learning that she has fulfilled the conditions for acquiring the ability, Mira approached Luminaria excitedly.

“Ehh, what should I doo. Should I really teach you the fruit of this world’s long history for free, hmmm?”

But Luminaria was reluctant. He, or rather, she, had known since long ago that Mira had been obsessed with various abilities to no end.

“Mmh, fine. Solomon probably knows it too.”

Said Mira and threw her towel. The towel was caught by Luminaria who wrapped it around her hands as if to hide them.

“Look, what do you think it is?”

Then she threw the towel in the air, revealing a book that appeared in her hands as if by magic trick. Written on the cover was “Ability Encyclopedia: Year 2146".

“C-...can that be…?!”

Ability Encyclopedia was the super best seller that had gathered information on countless abilities that have been discovered. Of course, Mira, as an ability maniac did have a copy, but it was the “Ability Encyclopedia: Year 2116" a version from thirty years ago in this world.

Naturally, her line of sight was glued to the book. Within just four years since the game service started there have been various abilities discovered or developed. Considering this one had thirty years worth of history more behind it, the amount of knowledge in it was unfathomable.

“Right now there are various limits on these, and they turned into a very valuable book you can’t get no matter how you pay. What if I told you I’ll give it to you?”

"...What do you want?”

Mira went straight to the point. From Luminaria’s perspective, it was an instruction book she had already finished reading, but she must have been aware just how attractive the book was to Mira. If she had brought it out, there was no way she would give it for free, that was clear from the way she put on airs earlier.

“You catch on quickly. Weell, for you it’s nothing difficult. I heard from Solomon, you’re going to go look for those guys, right? I want you to get two items for me while you’re at it.”

“Hooh, so, what do you need?”

“First one is Crimson King’s Sword and the second, is World Tree’s Ash.”

“Hm-mm. They’re quite rare items, but well, not to the point I can’t find them. However, that should be the same for you. Why go out of your way to ask me?”

The two items Luminaria has designated were both first-class treasures. However, with Mira’s skills they were not impossible to acquire.

“As you already know, I can’t move from this country now. The development of Accord Cannon is one thing, but I also need to avoid crossing borders as not to stimulate other countries. I’m a celebrity, after all.”

Said Luminaria and emphasizing her voluptuous breasts, raised the corners of her mouth in a daring smile.

“I see, hmm. It was already a realistic game back then, but now it’s turned completely real it seems. Certainly, in such a case it would be easier for me to move.”

“Right? That’s why I ask you, do it and this is yours.”

While saying so, Luminaria stroked Mira’s head with the book as if to show it off.

“Well, all right. However, what do you intend to do with a sword? It’s faster to use Wizardry and stronger, too. What will you use the ash for? I remember it was an alchemical material, but I recall you mentioning that kind of little things don’t fit you.”

Luminaria was a Wizard and a top-class one at that. Even if the Crimson King’s Sword was a high-class item, it displayed its true worth when used by a swordsman. A Wizard won’t master it, and if she wanted a flame attack it was overwhelmingly more efficient to use 【Wizardry: Twin Blaze】. Also, Luminaria who was bad with detailed work completely ignored alchemy, so it was unknown why would she need the World Tree’s Ash which was a material for Secret Stone of Purification.

“Well, I’m not going not going to use either in normal way. They’re just catalysts.”

Luminaria poked Mira’s head with the book rhythmically as she said ca-tal-ysts. Mira glared up at her from below.

“Catalysts you say… Can it be, they’re new Wizardry spell catalysts?!”

“Correct. A long time ago, I found a pentagram I haven’t seen before. As a result of analyzing it, I found out that these two catalysts are required for it.”

While the two spoke, Mira looked for a chance and extended her hands towards the book. However, they passed through empty air.

“To think that even new spells are there, the thirty years of progress sure is amazing. However, you said analysis just now. As far as I remember, finding wizardry catalysts was all about burning anything in sight. So if you do that analysis, you find information on catalysts?”

“Indeed. It’s a new ability developed from identification, the 【Spell Analysis】. Of course, it’s also included in this book.”

Luminaria said and moved the book right in front of Mira’s eyes. That instant, Mira extended her arms and grasped the mirage.



“You who remains the same as thirty years ago are, well, thirty years early to steal a march on me. Now, what will you do? If you find them, I’ll give this to you.”

“I’ll undertake it.”

After turning around towards where Luminaria moved to with Mirage Step, Mira answered with a sparkle in her eyes.

“However, I have a condition.”

“Nn, what is it? Do you need travel expenses or some items? I think Solomon will get everything ready for you.”

“No, I just want you teach me that illusion ahead of time.”

Mira looked up at Luminaria with an expression full of hope. This made even the experienced Luminaria’s heart skip a beat.

“Looks like you’re starting to master this body of yours. Well, fine. I’ll teach you as advance payment.”

From there, a study meeting of two “maidens" began in the dressing room.


The initiation to the ability ended before long. As long as she knew the essentials, it was not difficult for Mira to learn it. However, most likely because of difference in experience, it was more crude than when Luminaria used it, but that was most likely a result of repeating the same training they did just now.

Once the studying was over, the naked two started to put on clothes.

“What, still resisting? Just give up, from here on it’s going to be like this all the time. You’ll just tire yourself out if you react every time.”

While putting on the clothes she was prepared, Luminaria looked at Mira who stood there with the one piece dress and panties in her hands, and spoke. She understood the situation in an instant.

“But, you know…"

Mira muttered and looked towards Luminaria, then opening her eyes wide she glared at Luminaria who wore a robe.

“Why are you wearing a robe…"

“I come here often, so there’s plenty of my change of clothes prepared.”

“Then lend me one pair of those. As expected, “this” is too much.”

“There’s no way it will fit, size-wise. Also, don’t worry, it will definitely look good on you. If you’d like, I can help you out?”

Smiling suspiciously, Luminaria drew closer to Mira.

“No thanks!”

With that said, Mira left a mirage right away and ran to the opposite side of the dressing room, then heaving a sigh she gathered resolve and passed her head through the one piece dress’ skirt.

Feeling the wet silver hair were cramped inside the dress, Mira used one hand to forcibly pull them out.

And what remained, was a pair of panties. Inside Mira’s head, began the war between no-panties faction and give-up-on-something-important faction. Due to how short the one piece’s skirt was, the give-up-on-something-important faction was on the offense. But the no-panties faction desperately protected the remnants of Danbulf, and his “manliness". However, this war between conflicting factions was put to an end all-too-soon by the hand of a certain person.

“You’re still on it?”

Luminaria said and took the panties from Mira’s hand, crouched and held it next to her legs.

“C’mon, raise your leg.”


“Cooome on, hurry.”

Luminaria poked Mira’s leg as if to say “hurry, hurry", so Mira reluctantly raised one leg up. After quickly passing the panties through one leg, Luminaria said “c’mon, the other one" and started to prompt again. Resigning herself, Mira raised her other leg and was dressed with the panties. It felt like a reenactment of bloomers incident.

Although Mira lost something in a grand manner, she left the dressing room as if she reached enlightenment.


Next to the maid compartment there were bedrooms for visitors. After being guided there, Mira immediately entered the bed.

(“Today sure was busy, mm.”)

Mira recalled what happened that day. She would have to live in this game-turned-real world, but she did not feel any anxiety. It was because she had reliable friends with her.

Even though she thought it was thanks to the two, she was too embarrassed to clearly acknowledge it. Thinking of such things, Mira fell asleep.

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  1. AvatarSeregosa

    Naturally, her line of sight was glued to the book. Within just four years since the game service started there have been various abilities discovered or developed. Considering this one had thirty years worth of history more behind it, the amount of knowledge in it was unfathomable.

    ...I feel like the author kind of made a mistake in logic here. The reason things advanced so quickly during the game time was because there were extreme amounts of players around who didn't fear death and could get their hands on materials easily and just recklessly do whatever they wanted to. They also had no real responsibilities and focused on developing themselves and having fun exploring. As if that wasn't enough, they were also all quite closely connected and could share information easily.

    However, now they're in a game world where just a few players actually entered and it's a real one with fear of death, so they can't do anything too crazy just to try out ideas. They also don't have the means to easily gather materials and surely they're all busy trying to survive or fulfill their "responsibilities". It's also quite difficult to communicate and find new players, most would likely not want to interact too much with other players as there's always the chance of being murdered by other players, especially if they treat it like a game or just went crazy. The likelihood of people sharing their newfound knowledge and trump cards in a real world is also much less likely than if it was a game, now it's a matter of their own survival and perhaps bargaining chips.

    While I don't deny that many new techniques should've been developed during 30 years and surely they have some sort of an organization for the gathering of skills for that book and can keep track of people through that, I just don't feel like it's likely that the skills developed and included in that book comes even close to the amount it was filled with during the 4 years in-game. Even a 100 years would be unlikely to make it develop as much as it did in those 4 years, not to mention actually developing even more. It's simply too complicated with various circumstances that never existed in-game. Well, it might also be easier to make new skills in a "real" world, but I stand by my opinion that 30 years of inventions would be inferior to the 4 years in-game.

    Still, that doesn't mean it doesn't have many new and awesome skills. It's just silly how the author compared the 30 years in this world to the 4 years in-game and made it seem as if the developed knowledge would be far superior. That's just not going to happen unless the author didn't think it through at all :D

    By the way, am I the only one who mentally exchanged the image of her bathing with that old guy? Imagine that old, bearded and long haired guy frolicking in the bath, jumping around, splashing water with his elephant swinging freely in the wind... I mean, he was always a childish guy, right? So that might actually be something he would do in that old man form if he had the chance.

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    Thanks for the chapter!


    she left the dressing room as if she reached enlightening. => she left the dressing room as if she reached enlightenment. (Or even "some sort of enlightenment" if you want to be droll.)


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