The battle maidens who scattered around the city had entered the frontlines in various locations, and demonstrated both their overwhelming fighting power as well as their dazzling beauty as they rushed past battlefields.

The defense lines that were pushed by large numbers have been both astonished and mesmerized by their appearance as they mowed down more than ten enemies with each strike, and naturally, it has increased everyone’s morale.

Physically decreasing enemy’s numbers and mentally supporting the city, Valkyrie sisters brought great results in battle. Gradually the defenders who were at disadvantage had turned advantageous and the number of beast zombies had visibly started to decrease.

“No matter how many of them are there, without leadership they’re just a disorderly rabble.”

The beast zombies who used to attack people from all directions, had to be searched to be found now. Even if Mira and others found some, they were mostly engaged in combat with a different team and dealt with.

“The weight of those words sure is different when they’re spoken by “the Army’s" disciple.”

Shouldering the large hammer, Asbar made a composed smile as he checked out their surroundings. Ahead of his gaze, there were beast zombies recklessly rushing at adventurers just to be cut down. What affected the success was also the fact that defenders developed methods for fighting against zombies, like inviting zombies into narrow passages or fighting with their backs against the wall.

It was a matter of time until everything was resolved. Everyone felt that to be the case at the time.

“Master, there is an emergency. Please look at the sky.”

Alfina had descended like wind, silently standing in front of Mira, then glared at the sky as she spoke.

Unnoticed by anyone, it had appeared and was floating in the night sky. Surrounded by black fog, it seemed to have been poisoning the starry sky itself as it shone faintly.

“What is that?”

Mira scowled and muttered upon seeing an unnatural human shape float in the sky.

“Based on the characteristics of its magic power, I assume it’s a Half-Demon.”

“A Half-Demon, you say?”

Hearing those words, Mira raised her voice in surprise.

Half-Demons. They were born between one of the Devils and a human, being taboo children. They had human hearts and as such they were unable to act completely like a Devil, and a Devil’s power which is why they were not compatible with humans. Half-Demons were a very lonely existence.

“Yes. However, it appears he is also dead.”

“Hooh, in other words, he’s something like all those zombies?”

“Indeed. The cause of everything is the unnatural magic power that the area is clad in. It is unknown where it comes from, but this power indiscriminately raised the corpses in the surrounding areas and caused them to rampage.”

Said Alfina and extended a hand with a ball of a similar size to that of the palm of her hand. It was incredibly black, as if it was a hole in space itself.

“Hm, so this is that magic power.”

Mira was convinced just by a look at it, she furrowed her eyebrows and peeked inside it.

Each of Valkyrie sisters had special abilities, and this ball was made with Alfina’s ability. She was capable of compressing magic power from any kind of source and gather it inside such a ball. The ball’s effect differed depending on the characteristic of magic power, but the thing that Alfina was holding had been so ominous, that it was easy to judge it had a dangerous effect.

“Depending on usage it could be useful, what should we do?”

Alfina inquired.

A power that raised the dead and caused them to go berserk. If they stocked up on it, they could use it for war that would eventually break out.

“No need. Crush it.”


However, Mira instantly ordered its disposal and Alfina had erased the ball. Just a look at the state of Karnack was enough to make the choice.

“With this, the only uncertain element remaining is that Half-Demon undead.”

Alfina said as she focused her gaze on the shadow floating in the sky. Mira also looked up at the sky in the same way and fixed her gaze on the wriggling darkness.

“If zombies’ true identity is corpses from surrounding areas, then that Half-Demon too, must have been buried in this area, hmm?”

“I believe so.”

Because of the magic power that was behind everything, the countless corpses sleeping in the land have been raised. The Half-Demon’s corpse must have been mixed among them, but, Mira was still puzzled.

First of all, Half-Demons were extremely rare existence and they often stood out.

Why would one of them be sleeping in this area? Mira thought, and recalled a certain happening from the past.

One day, a certain mysterious enemy NPC had become a rumor among players.

This NPC who appeared suddenly, had been overwhelmingly powerful back then and he was very active in his hostile actions, assaulting anyone he met.

When the number of casualties among players started to increase and the rumor had spread, suddenly an official event had been announced. The objective was to “Subjugate the Half-Demon rampaging around the continent".

Ultimately, a large number of players have participated in the event. After he had escaped multiple countries, the location he was subjugated in, was actually around the Soul-Calming City Karnack.

Of course, Mira did participate in this sudden event and understood well what power Half-Demons possessed.

“If it’s him, it might be troublesome, mm.”

Looking up at the human shape in the sky, Mira recalled that the black fog floating in the sky was quite familiar.

“As expected of you, my master. It appears like you have an idea who that is.”

“Mm-hm, when I first met him I was far more inexperienced, it was a difficult battle.”

Seeing the reverence in Alfina’s eyes as she looked at him, Mira smiled bitterly and recalled the fierce battle from back then.

“To think that master would have a hard time, it only shows how powerful he was. In such case, now is the best opportunity. Let us eradicate him before he revives completely.”

Squinting, Alfina smiled coolly and said so as she watched the sky.

“What, is he not complete yet?”

“Not yet. Therefore, there is no need for you to bother with it personally, master. Please leave this Half-Demon to us, sisters.”

Mira looked up half-relieved and half-disappointed at the Half-Demon. Alfina turned towards her and proposed.

“Hm, very well. Strike him down soundly.”

Looking back in Alfina’s confidence-filled eyes, Mira puffed her chest and nodded exaggeratedly. In response, Alfina said “With my pride on the line" and lowered her head, then continued.

“Concerning this issue, I have a request, master. I would like a permission to use Imitation Code G.”

Saying so, Alfina smiled faintly. It was a smile that mixed enjoyment and happiness, one that was familiar to Mira.

“It’s my first time hearing that name, hm. In other words, you want to try your new technique with that as the target, is that it?”

Whether it was warriors or spellcasters, it was a normal practice for them to try their new techniques, spells or abilities to check how they fare. And among those tests, if it is a high level and powerful spell or ability, using it for the first time could give a feeling of exaltation.

Of course, Mira herself understood this well, or rather, she was able to empathize with it.

“It is as you say, master.”

Alfina answered instantly and stared at Mira’s lips, waiting for the words of consent. She knew well that Mira had a weakness for new techniques and spells.

“Very well. Test all you want.”

Mira nodded and gave her complete permission.

When it came to Nine Sages, there were many people coming to watch them test new things, too. Those people would engrave the power of the Nine Sages in their eyes and leave with a strong impression. now that there were multiple strong people fighting all over the city, it was a chance to flashily show off Mira’s summoned Valkyries to appeal the power of Summoning to the world once again. Thinking so, Mira chuckled in her heart.

“I am grateful.”

Then the next moment after bowing deeply, Alfina leaped and ran down the main road as if sliding mid-air. Her speed was truly like that of the wind and the moment anyone had noticed her presence, she was already gone from their sight.

Immensely curious as to what Alfina is going to do, Mira had jumped on top of a nearby building that could serve as good viewing platform and sat down on the edge of the roof.

Ahead of where she looked, Alfina had arrived in front of the Half-Demon in no time. There, her sisters had already gathered and were waiting. After exchanging several words, they scattered in all directions.

Alfina and others landed themselves on top of buildings at equal distances from each other and raised weapons they were holding to the sky. That moment, a single ray of light had extended towards the night sky, then following that, more rays of light pierced right through the black fog and formed a circle of light in the sky.

“What do I say, that is large-scale.”

The circle of light was actually an enormous magic circle. Mira opened her eyes wide at how impressive it was, and muttered joyfully.

After that, the light had grown large and dense enough to envelop sisters, then started to shine so strongly that it attracted everyone’s attention and an even more detailed crest had been engraved on the magic circle.

The most powerful people from around the town had turned to look what is happening and saw seven pillars of light rising up to the sky. It was then. Alfina descended on the center of the floating magic circle.

(“That pattern, it’s similar to summoning-types.”)

After confirming the characteristics of the circle, Mira wondered how they would continue from there on, and with a face full of curiosity she concentrated her gaze on Alfina.

With the entire city watching, Alfina leaned forward and pierced the magic circle with her hand. Immediately after, the light converged in her hand and burst, disappearing with a flash.

While everyone wondered just what was that light, holding breath from the tension, Alfina had descended on the ground. In her right hand she was holding a golden spear, which after taking a deep breath, she swung powerfully with her gaze fixed on the Half-Demon that was her target.

“Shoot to death!”

The golden spear was released from Alfina’s hand. In no time it had turned into a single ray of light which pierced through the Half-Demon.

The first thing that appeared was a roar like that of a distant thunder. Next, an impact like that of a meteorite had shattered all windows in the area and blew away those stalls that weren’t built firmly enough. Then finally, a shine as bright as the sun was born to flash the area strongly enough to blind everyone.

Even though it was night, the scenery of Karnack was lit up as brightly as if it was midday and was burnt into everyone’s eyes.

“I have confirmed subjugation of the Half-Demon, as well as the erasure of magic power.”

Alfina had reported so.

On top of the roof that was a good viewing platform. Valkyrie sisters have returned to Mira’s side and knelt in a row.

“Mm-hm, good work everyone. That was a wonderful technique.”

Mira gave high praise to the sisters who showed off their overwhelming presence, smiling in satisfaction.

“We are honored to receive such praise.”

Acquiring sense of fulfillment by looking at Mira’s expression, Alfina bowed deeply, feeling happiness and euphoria with her entire body she broke into a smile. The other six appeared to feel similar, as they made proud expressions despite trying to act humble.

“Well then, make sure to rest well.”

Mira looked at the sisters as if to show her appreciation for their efforts, then started to dismiss them.

“As you command" Alfina had answered, behind her Christina could be seen trembling from joy. When Christina was being enveloped by the light, right before she returned, she made a praying gesture to quietly show her gratitude.

After seeing sisters off, Mira took a good look around the city which had fallen fairly silent with all the combat settled down.

“Mira-chan, it looked like Alfina-san threw a spear earlier! What was that spear?!!”

When she descended from the rooftop, everyone was waiting for her below and Emera was the one most excited of them all.

“She said it’s their new technique.”

“A new technique huh, that power was amazing.”

“Eh, so those pretty ladies from earlier already went back?”

Asbar appeared to have gotten used to surprise and only laughed in astonishment. Zeff on the other hand was more interested in Alfina and her sisters, and learning that they were already gone he was dispirited.

As for Emera, hearing Mira’s answer she muttered “New technique, a spear throw?”, and still remained puzzled as to what the spear was.

“Still, I didn’t think that seven of such powerful warriors would suddenly appear. Summoning sure is amazing.”

Recalling the scene from earlier once again, Asbar laughed impressed from the bottom of his heart this time. Hearing that, Mira made a broad smile and “indeed, it is, indeed!” in high mood she said haughtily.

While everyone made a fuss, Fricca standing nearby continued to stare at the sky with an ecstatic look on her face and glowed with satisfaction.

Thanks to not only Valkyrie sisters but also many other people who cooperated, soon after that the Patrol Knights and the union had together declared the emergency to have concluded.

With the safety confirmed, citizens who have evacuated into the union started to walk the city in the night. Patrol Knights and union staff looked at the people with envy as they started to run around the city to deal with the zombie corpses.

It was about seven in the evening. The city had gradually returned to its original state and various shops had resumed their business despite all that disturbance that happened.

Mira and Takuto, as well as Emera and Fricca mixed in among other onlookers in the middle of the main road, watching the zombie corpses pile up high, while the party’s men were in the middle of helping out.

“There must be plenty of mountains like this all over the town, huh. I wonder how many days will it take to clean it all up.”

Emera muttered dazedly, seeming a little spent.

“If it takes too long, we might get a new type of undead monsters maybe, hmm?”

“Eww, stop saying thaatt.”

She hid behind Fricca’s back at once and pursing her lips she glared at the mountain of zombies. The amount of bones piled up in the mountain was greater than that of buried in a large cemetery and Emera was unable to completely deny Mira’s ominous, impactful words.

While the two chatted like that, suddenly, the surroundings stirred. Immediately after, Mira looked at the mountain of zombies which collapsed like a landslide.

“Hey, it’s still moving!”

One of the onlookers raised his voice. Looking at it again, it appeared that one of the zombies from the mountain, a human-type had crawled out. However, the zombie’s movements were sluggish, which is why no one moved away from him despite remaining vigilant.

Eventually, the humanoid zombie slowly stood up and as if looking for something, he turned his blank-expression face made of soil and grass towards the onlookers faces.

Someone whose gaze met with the zombie had suddenly leaked out a screaming voice because of the creepiness. With that as the sign, the onlookers started to gradually move away from the zombie.

Then suddenly, the zombie focused his gaze at a single person from among the crowd of onlookers. His gaze was turned near Mira towards a plump, gentle-looking woman in her fifties.

Watching his movements, the onlookers suddenly started stir a commotion.

That must have fueled the woman’s anxiousness as she took a step back as if to escape from the creepy gaze. The human-type zombie broke into a run as if to chase right after her. However, even though he managed to break into a run, his body was already near its limit and he started to drag his legs before he could catch up, looking very tragical.

And yet, for the person standing in front of him that was still very terrifying and the woman had lost strength in her legs, crouched and screamed.

To everyone, it looked like the humanoid zombie assaulted someone.

Mira and Emera approached the woman and fixing their sights on the zombie, they poised faintly. Immediately after that, a Patrol Knight clad in white and blue armor jumped in and swung his sword sharply.

The sword received the light of the city lanterns and drew a shining trace before cutting the human zombie in two.

The pitiful corpse simply crumbled quietly on the ground and would not move a single finger.

A moment of silence had arrived, before everyone gave their applause. It was a praise for the Patrol Knight who swiftly took care of the zombie.

“What…? Didn’t he say something?”

When the humanoid zombie was crumbling, Mira thought she saw his lips move to say something. However, it was either too quiet or just her imagination, so she could not hear it.



“He said “mom".”

When Mira turned towards her, Emera was making a dumbfounded expression. It appeared that she heard the voice the zombie let out at the very end. However, Emera did not seem to believe that the zombie would really say such words.

“What is the meaning of this, I wonder…"

While Mira thought so, she saw the zombie’s figure. His face was expressionless like a broken doll made of soil, but it also looked lonesome as if he was about to start crying at any moment.

“What’s that?”

Something could be seen from behind the ragged overcoat and leather armor the zombie was wearing. Mira walked up to the zombie who was lying on the ground and picked up the thing he had by the side of his torso.

It was a slender object wrapped in what most likely used to be high-quality cloth. When Mira took off the cloth, what appeared was a slightly dirty dagger.

“Ah, I think it’s a dagger for self-defense.”

Peeking in over Mira’s shoulder, Emera responded after taking a look at the dagger in Mira’s hands.

“Hooh, is that so?”

“Most likely. There is the symbol of the Three Gods carved on the sheath, so that must be it.”

Told so, Mira once again lowered her line of sight. It must have been handmade, as the wooden sheath was quite unshapely, but certainly, there was a symbol of the Three Gods carved on it.

“It looks fairly warped, but it’s as you say. Can you tell anything else?”

After confirming a design she had recalled from the temples worshiping the Three Gods, Mira passed the self-defense dagger to Emera, who appeared to be very well informed.

“Show it to me, please!”

Then suddenly, the woman from earlier had suddenly barged in. Almost like a snatcher she took the dagger in her hand and stared intently at it, trembling.

Following that, with a fearful look on her face, she put a hand on the handle and pulled out the blade.

“Why… why is Dustin’s dagger…?”

The woman muttered so and collapsed, tears started to flow from her eyes.

“Dustin-san, you say? Could you please tell us about it in detail?”

Fricca who was listening from the side, had extended a handkerchief to the woman and gently spoke to her. The woman responded with a nod, received the handkerchief and wiped off her tears. Next, she close her eyes to calm herself and embraced the dagger to her chest.

“This is something I gave my son to carry.”

She slowly opened her eyes and pulling out the from the sheath just slightly she stared at the blade’s base, then lowered her gaze. Engraved on the blade, there was the name of Dustin’s mother, the woman here.

“And your son is now…?”

When Fricca asked, the woman made a sorrowful expression and responded that she was unable to come in contact with him for a year now.

With so much information gathered together, everyone was easily led to the answer. However, none of them said it and the temporary silence continued.

Among all that, Fricca, although looking pained, faced the woman from the front and relayed the sorrowful conclusion to her.

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