A diet called “The Special Training”.



One morning, at the time before the students of the academy had come to school, one person and one beast were running in the school’s sports grounds.

“Just...three laps...more. Let’s do our best!”


It was Hinata and her Salamander. After completing the dungeon, Hinata continued the practice routine she was taught by Mira and Cleos.

It was a standard practice for a Salamander who had low endurance, to cover it with mobility. However, Hinata’s Salamander had a strong and heavy physique which was like that of a tank, and was far from what could be called “mobile”.

Which is why Hinata decided to first acquire mobility for Salamander just as the two suggested, by training his legs and changing physique to lighter one. In other words, it meant that the great Salamander diet plan has begun.

Swaying its heavy body, Salamander breathed heavily, releasing flames with each breath as he ran doing his best. Running next to him with sweat flowing down her forehead was Hinata. Doing her best together with him, was Hinata’s way of training.

Like this, the training that began with early morning running, took place during the days Hinata did not have work. For better or worse, the number of students of Summoning curriculum was increased as they returned but there were still few of them and as a teacher of Summoning, Hinata only had few classes which resulted in her having lots of free time. The time she used to spend on her puzzle hobby, had only been completely turned into diet time.



After the running course, Hinata finished the few classes she had and visited the training grounds.

Thanks to Mira who took the top spot in the Spell and Ability Examination Assembly, summoners have become able to openly use countless available school facilities. And as such, Hinata had joined the Summoning curriculum students who were training in their own time. With a wooden sword in her hand she and Salamander battled against a training dummy. Naturally, Hinata with a wooden sword in her hand did not possess any fighting power, but she couldn’t stay calm without moving.

“Next, let’s try a jump attack!”


While being a teacher herself, she did not spare effort to improve. Seeing Hinata like that encouraged the students to do their best - all without the person herself realizing.



On a day when she had no work in school. Hinata together with Salamander entered a forest near the city to train jumps in vertical and horizontal directions just like Mira and Cleos’ Salamanders.

With that said, with Hinata’s Salamander not having the appropriate physique yet, he continued to crash into thinks and fall down. And at times he would flip on his back, becoming unable to get up; there were many times where Hinata had to use all her strength to return him to normal position. Although she could re-summon him, if she were to do that every time he flipped over she would quickly run out of mana. Which is why Hinata recently started to master using leverage.

“I will raise you up no matter how many times you fall, let’s try it one more time!”


Hinata started running together with Salamander and then leaped on a tree. At first it was a training which left her with countless scratches, but probably thanks to Hinata’s racial characteristics, she has become able to swiftly jump on trees.



On yet another day. In order to have novice summoners contract Armament Spirits, Hinata, together with the Sage Substitute Cleos, came to the ancient battlefield Yubeladius.

This time, three people would acquire their summons. Cleos explained the students on how to use Magic-Sealing Bomb Stones and the equipment they received, as well as explaining how great Mira was for supplying those. Meanwhile, Hinata patrolled the battlefield in order to reduce the number of enemies so that none intrudes on the students who are fighting.

“Okay! This time let’s go around them and attack!”


The special training bore fruit, and Salamander has acquired enough mobility to at least toy with Armament Spirits. And now, they were doing their best to master a combat style that used it.

“C’mon, here, over here. Hey, there’s two… wait, three?!

Here too, Hinata did her best together with Salamander. When she swung her favorite staff to draw the attention of Armament Spirits, another spirit appeared from elsewhere.

“This… is training that has multiple enemies at once in mind!!”

Making a poor excuse, Hinata started running around the battlefield. Probably thanks to training up until now she managed to run away from the spirits and Salamander finished off all of them.



One evening during days of such training. Like usual Hinata finished her personal training and left the school building.

“Hinata-sensei, how about a dinner together?”

Siegfried, a teacher of Wizardry called out to Hinata. He wasn’t wearing a sweatshirt, but a stylish robe for outings in this city. Apparently, he was waiting for Hinata to leave the school building.

Siegfried invited Hinata dozens, hundreds of times before for a meal in the same manner. However, every time she wouldn’t hear it because he timed it bad or the situation did not allow that.

However, today, on this day, Hinata stopped in her tracks and turned her face toward Siegfried.

She finally reacted. While rejoicing over that and feeling satisfaction, Siegfried retained his calm and spoke the next words.

“Looks like you are working hard recently, Hinata-sensei. Wanting to be of use to you, the other day I found a restaurant nearby that serves delicious fish. How about it? As a dependable man l will treat you!”

Siegfried decided that this was a one-in-a-thousand chance and spoke all at once. Using the weapon called “a man’s dependability” he solved the money issue that could arise. Furthermore, he had already acquired information that seafood was Hinata’s favorite and had put all his cards on the restaurant that was his trump card. His preparations were rock solid.

“I’m sorry, Siegfried-sensei!! I can’t be the only one to eat my fillll!!”

As she said so, Hinata’s eyes filled with tears. In order to shake away the sweet temptation she started running in the school’s courtyard.

Her favorite fish cuisine, and free to boot. To Hinata, it was a dream-like invitation. Normally, she would be grateful to Siegfried from the bottom of her heart.

But now it was different. She could not betray Salamander who was doing his best with the diet and eat her favorite food herself. Thinking so, before the training started Hinata had sworn an oath to heavens to stop eating fish. Therefore, she was absolutely unable to accept today’s invitation, to her, it might as well have been the whisper of the devil.

Kicking away the fish that appeared in her head, Hinata screamed “NYAAAA!!” and disappeared in the darkening city.



Siegfried stood in front of the school building quietly. After challenging countless times, the reaction he received was a refusal for a reason unknown.

So, where did I make a mistake? Since he did not know of Hinata’s oath, he continued to imagine things and blamed himself.

Like this, by mistaking the timing to act, Siegfried let go of the opportunity that had come upon him.

As the twilight had passed and the darkness had taken the sky over, Siegfried continued to stand in one spot and stared into the void.

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