I have conquered the land of imoutos. Project Complete. New series announcement.

OOSY_v03_CoverAnd so it goes, I bulldozed myself through the last chapters... so I'm kind of wasted now, but satisfied.

Finally finished this, hmm, side project so to speak. Low priority project. In the middle of it I was discouraged by slow pace and had a hard time translating, but it really is a great, non-standard light novel slice of life story. I'm satisfied I was able to complete it, no matter how much I complain about it being hard to translate (non technically, it was mentally hard).

Well then, feel free to comment and share impressions of it. Not every day you can see to a series' ending and comment on that. Some might like the ending, others might not.

Personally, I do like the ending a lot. I don't like forced drama and forced twists. This kind of thing puts me in a good mood.

Well then, after writing some (a requirement, for a series-completion post!) here I go with links. Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Epilogue, Afterword. Full Text.


As for the new series... there are clues on the new series page, the only things remaining there are clues, all my trolling was erased. Yes, piggy, nyancat, nyanpirate, banana, nyansheep, time travel, grandpa krytyk were trolling. And it felt good :3.

If you don't find out what's the series is, well, I'll announce it anyway, when I rest that is. As for when I'll start with it... idk, but I'll announce that too.

PS: It's a relatively new series, apparently I have a new series fetish. (I wonder if it's me wanting to popularize less-popular series or unknown series).

PS2: Yes, it's been found out (quite fast actually, right away after this post was made). It's Senketsu no Elf, or as the English title states, Elvenblood by Fujiwara Yu.


29 thoughts on “I have conquered the land of imoutos. Project Complete. New series announcement.

      1. krytykkrytyk Post author

        The story has to be good, that is all. Harems and such, it doesn't matter. Fan service is the last thing I judge the series by. Though, that doesn't mean I'm against them.

  1. Avatarkizrock94

    Hey Krytyk, I remember you said that you would fix the messed up translation of AA earlier volumes.....So like, are you still doing that?

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Yes. The plan is to finish vol 1 of elvenblood before AMA 11 and OSO 6, then re-edit volume 2 and forward, I guess. Or maybe do ama 2 re-edit simultaneously with elvenblood. Well, something like that.

  2. AvatarVedejo

    Men, Congrats on completing the mentally hard battle of translating omae wo!

    If loliquent finds out that your next project is about another oppai loli(Cough-Hestia-Cough), what the hec would happen?

    anyways, looking forward to Elvenblood

  3. AvatarRoaming Reader

    1. Noooo! It's finished! I have no more to look forward to!
    2. Selene is best. Hail Cicada!
    3. I think I liked volume 1 the most. I'll see once I've read it all again.
    4. I found it emotionally touching, which is good. Mostly the sad parts, but I don't mind that.
    5. I was somewhat surprised that Mariko got along with the Imouto Alliance. I didn't expect or see that as an option for her.
    5a. Until it was pointed out in another comment I hadn't consciously noticed that Mariko didn't directly speak. I guess it was to separate everyone by how they address him? Probably didn't help me see her as more than background noise... That sounds cruel~
    6. Thank you for your work! Wait, that should have come earlier...

  4. AvatarDesuworks

    Mariko... Did she actually exist? The main character talks about how he met her in school. But you never actually heard her speak. You only read what the main character says she speaks. If she does exist she has to be the least characterized love interest I've seen. Even in the paragraphs dedicated to their relationship I can't find anything telling me more about her character than the fact that she likes the main character and is a decent cook. ( not counting all the skills she mysteriously gains and masters in this last chapter.) What are her feelings? Or is she a robot with a cardboard cutout personality designed by the Dad to watch over his family and just happened to meet the MC first? That would be amusing.

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      That's a... very interesting point of view. Well, I knew it since I translated it, but hearing that from someone else is different. (not the part about her being a cardboard robot, of course).

      She's a very interesting... existence, non-character. As she does not appear in the main cast. Anyway, the way she's presented is extremely interesting and I'd like to hear more impressions on that, seriously.

    2. AvatarDesuworks

      Ooh or another thought I had. What if the MC has MPD and she is a personality he made to deal with the damage caused by suddenly gaining 5 sisters and becoming a billionaire for no apparent reason.

  5. AvatarTakatathien

    Didn't you say that you don't want to translate a series that will finish in 3 volumes? Look like you like to live dangerously, eh?

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      I don't want to translate an already-finished series (any more). I don't mind picking up a new series that (still) has a bright future ahead of it.

      1. AvatarVivec

        After reading volume 3 this would even be a nice end. Elysion just kind of feels like we were left hanging, but Omae Wo set things up to be wrapped up in another volume or two, or simply reporting the future planned actions and not necessarily needing to write them. It was certainly an ending beginning.

  6. AvatarEqua'

    Many thanks for completing this series. Oh and found the name of your new project in 10 minutes 8).

  7. Avatarkurokam8

    Btw, cheers for completed project
    I'll wait for more translation project to come :p

  8. AvatarIrina_Akashira

    Congrats to finish the project

    Have you decided for the next project? or accept suggestions?

          1. AvatarIce Phantom

            By the way krytyk, is it okay to publish/share your translation's PDF, ePUB files in other websites? For example: jcafe and the likes.

          2. krytykkrytyk Post author

            I guess, though the newest, updated PDFs (if they are updated) will always be available mainly here.

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