Long, long, loong. LOoooong chapter.

OSO_v04_185It's been a while, took me a while to sort out various stuff, translate and edit the illustration. Meanwhile there was also a server migration of the blog... you probably barely even noticed have you. Hail the guy in charge of it, the host-god Simone.

Back to the release, this chapter is nearly as big as chapter 1 + chapter 2 at once, so there's a lot to enjoy.



16 thoughts on “Long, long, loong. LOoooong chapter.

  1. jacobpaige

    This post and the one before it keep disappearing and reappearing, the link to the chapter is dead and it doesn't appear in the drop down menu for OSO. Is there some sort of problem with the site? (It works in Chrome, so I think this might be a FF thing).

  2. sierrebwarts

    Woo! Thanks for the chapter!

    Question though, is 6 chapters (+pro/epi-logue) the standard length now? With only the first being longer?

    Or do you think they'll get longer when the story gets back to the WN stuff?

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      The story is back to wn stuff, but only partially. Volume 4 is a mix of wn occurences + new chapters (prologue and chapter are new), chapters from 2 to epilogue took various scenes from wn, expanded and changed them completely. If I were to pick one thing that changed the least, it would be chapter 5.

      Examples? In webnovel Yun saves twins alone, under disguise, they just escape from the treant. In webnovel, Yun meets emilio(emily) during the crafting event's pvp tournament. In webnovel those PK small fries never came and threatened Yun to join them.

      I could continue like this endlessly. While you can recognize some scenes from the webnovel, they've been mostly rewritten. It's not the same stuff, characters differ, lines differ, occurrences and circumstances differ... so yeah. The story is already back to wn... partially, as it no longer is the same stuff that can be read in wn.

      Back to the original question, chapter 6 is slightly above average, but only slightly. Epilogue and afterword are of standard length.

      1. sierrebwarts

        Sorry for the misunderstand, I was talking total book length, not chapters. I.E. Book 1&2 being 10 chapters long (Epi/pro+8 chaps) versus 3&4 being 8. (I'm just curious because I know very little about LN's in general. Probably wouldn't have found this if someone hadn't recommended SaO to me >_>; )

        So Emi is a new character? Or she didn't show up until later? Cool either way, I like crafty/ing fighters ;)

        1. krytykkrytyk Post author

          The sizes are like this, volume 1 has 303 pages, volume 2 302 pages, volume 3 262 pages, volume 4 also 262 pages. So volume 4 is on the short side.

  3. Anonymous

    Yay a release right before a huge test! I guess studying will have to wait untill I finish reading XD

  4. landzsa

    Is there a follow button somewhere that lets you get e-mails on all the latest chapters?

  5. Master_tonberry

    Thanks for the chapter, gives me something to look forward to when I finish work. If I ever do.


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