Lots of Cute is Coming.

OSO_v08_004All right, the book came a few days ago and here we go with the first translations.

Now, the comment... I read the entire book already and I can assure you that this volume (at least for me) is one of the best ones so far. Possibly because there's hardly any Taku shipping in there, instead, it's all cute girls, cute stuff and cute hijinks. Yay.

The next chapter will take a little longer because there's an illustration I definitely want coloured. Look forward to it.

Prologue, Chapter 1 links.

And as always, please purchase the book if it's possible for you. Support the author and support the publisher.

PS: That Myu in dress is so cute.


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48 thoughts on “Lots of Cute is Coming.

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  1. Technomo12

    dear me. hopefully krytyk still alive and well might be real life problems?? or PC/laptop crashed. because im seeing a trend right now since summer is around the corner.{AW YISS MONSTER HUNTER GENERATIONS!!!!}

    so where ever you are krytyk more love and power and do get well find eternal repose of your soul >_< [this is just a small joke pls try not to take that etrnal repose joke seriously but yeah seriously hope your OK]

          1. technomo12

            its not a death sentence its just called

            "New Game plus + Hard core mode"

  2. technomo12

    um....... krytyk.......... err.... um............... [fiddles with fingers]................any updates on OSO??........................[runs and hides in a bunker].................

    1. Rite

      Good question, are you alright over there?

      It is the first time we see a stagnant oso tl when usually you went on a tl berserk and finish tl-ing a book in 2/3 weeks...

  3. whitecloud

    krytyk-san...its already some month without any news about anti magic from kadokawa, do you think you can restart translation again? no need to post the previous one, im sure many of us already got it or know where to get it...please...

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Volume 12 comes out this month, but I don't intend on publicly translating it.

      1. Shuu

        Oh at long last, it'll be out in Japan.
        What do you mean by publicly? You'll translate it but won't post it here?
        While I'm on it, there's still no news on a English license for it (and all the other LNs that were taken down 'cause of DMCA).

        1. krytykkrytyk Post author

          What do I mean by "publicly", well, I might translate it for myself. For improving my translation skills and satisfaction. I might share it in friends&family format. And no, I don't take applications for new friends.

  4. Desuworks

    In re-reading OSO volume 1 here I noticed something. When Syun was naming his character. It says that he "carefully typed out all the letters and once he was done checked the name." (Not an exact quote, but close to his narration there.) So if he was that careful why was his name wrong. Either the game has some weird auto correct feature to make names sound more gender appropriate, the company is screwing with him, (surprisingly likely in my opinion.) Or he knew his name was different and is actually roleplaying it up like Magi suspected at the start. ( possibly including the wrong gender thing.) Any of them would be kinda interesting right? And it's not like we haven't seen narrators lie before in the light novel book grouping.

  5. errojust


    Just asking, if it is possible to purchase this book and have it shipped to non-jp countries via bookwalker?

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Bookwalker sells ebooks so you can't "get it shipped" as it doesn't sell physical books. But you can purchase Japanese books in ebook format, yes.

  6. Villager D

    God I've found this less than a week ago and have checked it 7 times today. Someone help me.

    1. Caudyr

      Heh, yeah...there's really no help. I check a couple of times a day myself. =x

      In a way, I wish that the chapter was TL'd and then updated once the image was colored, but I definitely understand why Krytyk would want to wait until the coloring is done. ^^

  7. Caudyr

    So...is this volume basically a collection of several of the short excursions/quests/arcs from the WN?

    Also, thanks for the hard work!

    EDIT: Nevermind on the question, I think. I think I see how the author is going to do this. ^^

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      No it's not a collection of anything. Some scenes and ideas are used, but it's mostly newly-written. At this point already there's no direct porting from the webnovel. Practically everything is changed. Even if some scene inserted remains largely-similar, it always has different circumstances around it.

  8. Dan

    Krytyk should have changed the blog theme to pink since there's no more darkness nor despair, only fluffiness.

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      I might have dropped it, but elvenblood vol 1 is still hosted here. Imagine reading it in on pink background :3.

  9. kzed

    Thanks for the chapter.

    Btw, can you tell me what the text said? Which on the illustration, I mean.

      1. kzed

        Is it "Although I am a Paladin, I am like a princess..." ?
        I haven't read the chapters, waiting until chapter 3 or more finished then read it in one go.

        Didn't see well when I opened the image from my phone.

  10. Kazekid

    "cute girls, cute stuff and cute hijinks. Yay."

    Yay, i'm here for the fluffiness!

  11. Fury

    Umm.... Krytyk will you be picking a new novel?
    Please dont be mad just asking....
    Well if you are pls do pick something dark......like despair dark....

  12. Kemm

    Thanks for the translations.

    "Possibly because there's hardly any Taku shipping in there, instead, it's all cute girls, cute stuff and cute hijinks. Yay.<- Yay!

  13. Roaming Reader

    That is a wonderful dress ^_^.
    Thanks for your work.
    I look forward to more cuteness.

  14. Aforia

    Yay!!! Finally more fluff to come! Thank you! But no Taku shipping makes me sad