Merry Christmas, Sorry - No Christmas Release

Basically what it says upstairs.

I haven't had much time recently, especially with holidays coming, lots of work, lots of shopping, lots of cooking and such. As such, unfortunately I don't have and won't have any Christmas release this year.

Next release... I'll try to prepare one for the New Years, no promises there though.

Now, that aside... a new volume of OSO has been released! Yayy. You can see few of the illustrations on the illustrations page for OSO SM2. Yes, RL Toutobi is so damn hot.


 Edit: No New Year's release either. This chapter is just too damn big. About 50% into it so far. Look forward to the release.


19 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, Sorry - No Christmas Release

  1. God Ginrai

    Still waiting on my replacement ereader to come in, so I'm currently not worried about the delay. (Although I *am* worried about how long my ereader is taking to get here... -_-)

  2. Tarsier

    Given what the holiday season was like for me; I'd be impressed if you were 50% done with a short chapter much less a long one.
    (Mine wasn't bad. It just seems holidays suck up a lot of time without you noticing.)

    Thanks for the update, looking forward to the release as instructed. : )

  3. Jose

    Thanks for the images! really nice to look at!

    ...but aren't Hino's eyes with different colors?

  4. pokeperson1000

    So the next release for OSO is the second volume for the Silver Muse? I'm guessing volume 10 comes after that.

    Looking forward to the potential New Year's release!

  5. ModoTheGreat

    "Christmas chapters" are nice and all that, but it'd be ridiculous to take such a thing as a given. There's absolutely no reason for you to apologize! But thank you for all the updates you /do/ deliver all the same. Merry Christmas!

  6. Td

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Take it from an old fart of an otaku and make time for your health.

  7. Truffle

    We completely understand IRL time and life =) thanks for the status update, we'll be here when your able to get back to translating

    1. Evil Twin2146

      IRL, life? I live only in my apartment and fear the giant white ball of burning plasma, I do not understand the things you speak of.

  8. owl

    no worries kry, merry christmas and a happy new year to you too and i believe i speak for most of us when i say thank you for your work in translating a wonderful series.

    that and my shift key is kaput. lol

  9. Glacierfairy

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    By the way for all those interested, Book Walker is holding a massive discount sale (50% I think) on almost all Only Sense Online LNs (except volume 10 and this Silver Muse volume) that will last until 5 January 2017. Also, it is offering 60 times the usual reward points (called "coins") for the above-mentioned volumes, but this promotion will only last until 09:59 JST (UTC +9), 26 December this year.

  10. bladerain

    This year, we've all worked very hard. I sincerely believe that everyone, most especially you, need to rest and enjoy the holidays. Don't worry about us, at present, we're busy enjoying the holidays ourselves. Still, Toutobi looks really cool. I prefer coolness over cuteness.

  11. Arthur

    Releases are nice but not as important as taking care of real life. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  12. Frozen

    Wew, haven't been here in a while. Anyway, just dropping by to say Merry Christmas~


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