So yeah, I decided to ignore chapter 16 for the time being. I might translate it someday, but for the time being "chapters from dev perspective" are punished with sealing. Their crime is - spoiling, being stupid and inconsistent with the novel style and setting, also being dumped from LN by the author.

And so, here is the chapter 17 link. Light Novel-wise chapter 17 is the one that ends the volume. So from chapter 18 we are entering Volume 2 content of the LN.


Make sure to support the author, the illustrator and publisher. Buy the books if you can, visit the author's page or the work's page on Narou if you can't. You can find everything on the series' main page.


11 thoughts on “Mondai.

  1. Luiz

    Your comentary on chapter 16 reminds me of the 'extra' chapters on Death March kara, in which MC is so over the top OP that's not even funy, he goes to outer space, he goes back to the real world, ... It was a real turn off. Also the side stories of Tsuki ga Michibiku, about the people he left behind on Earth is painfully boring and pointless. That's what happens when authors have no restrictions (like a good editor).

  2. pokeperson1000

    Ah, so for the WN, the author copied Bofuri's dev reactions, but did it poorly? That's unfortunate.

    Thanks for the update. I think you should put a note stating your reasoning either at the beginning or end of chapter 17 itself though, since the "next chapter" button leads straight from chapter 15 to 17, and future readers who aren't following from update to update might get a bit confused.

    1. krytyk Post author

      I'm not sure what are you talking about here. Could you be more precise?

        1. krytyk Post author

          Ahh, so that's what he means. It's irrelevant really. I placed them ~~roughly representative~~ of each volume but I had no intention of making it a precise thing. Otherwise volume 4 wouldn't be down so low (it ends at about chapter 53(?)?

          1. AfterLemon

            Ah. It was like that.

            I was thinking it would be easier for those making epub and pdf files of the story.

  3. Kensei Seraph

    Thanks in advance for the chapter.

    It feels like just a few days ago that you released the first chapter.


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