More combat, more jelly. Cute Tobi, cute Sei.

OSO_v05_187Well then, another chapter squeezed out of my precious time™.

Roughly about 50 pages left until the volume end... quite short, but oh well. The illustration on the right... wonderful. 10/10 for Tobi.

For the chapter itself... well, read it. Just read it :).

One more thing, I decided to drop the redrawing of illustrations for the time being, possibly for good. I'd like to invest the same time somewhere else, whether it's translating, colouring and such. It looks good and is mainly aesthetics, as the same translations can be mostly found in the novel's text itself, beside which the illustrations themselves are placed. Basically, it's all about time consumption. So, that's that.



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16 thoughts on “More combat, more jelly. Cute Tobi, cute Sei.

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  1. John Galt

    Just found out about your site, and really have to say thank you so much for all your hard work!

    1. DDK

      Sorry, but what does SBD mean?

      Btw krytyk, Do you know where can i buy ebooks from japan? Other than amazon 'cause their books are lower than low quality...