More of The Promised Cute.

OSO_v08_001And so, slowly coming back into translations using some of the free time I finally got, for now that is. Gotta do as much as possible before I get busy again.

So, ehem. The chapter - yeah. It can't be called long, but this chapter is definitely one of the more interesting and fun ones. There's lots of new stuff introduced, new zone(s?), new mechanics, new cute, new cute and new cute. Also: aww, poor Yun!

Right, that's that. Do I have anything else to mention... right, I mentioned it last time but it was kinda added as a "PS:" after everyone has already read the post so gonna mention it again. DarkoNeko has been working on a fresh new OSO wikia and collected lots of information, especially details about it. Some of you who love this stuff might want to enter it, maybe even contribute. Anyways, props to Darko for the good work.

Oh, one more thing to mention. The blog changed servers (most likely you didn't notice anything) but if there are new problems or bugs happening, drop a comment somewhere, I'll read it.

That'd be it for now, and at the end: the chapter link.

PS: No, I'm too old for April fools crap.


6 thoughts on “More of The Promised Cute.

  1. AvatarDaniel José

    muito obrigado pela tradução não sei ler em inglês mas usando o Google AJUDA a tradução de outras linguás fica meio confusa mas em inglês e fica melhor . muito obrigado comecei a ler este muito recentemente mas já to aqui lendo o lançamento esta historia e interessante e legal só meio que viciada nela agora
    eu só do brasil mas gosto do seu trabalho sei que e meio difícil a tradução mas força você consegui obrigado

  2. AvatarArthur

    Thanks for the good work. Glad things have slowed down enough that you can take a breather, but don't forget to have fun, or what's the point of working hard?

  3. Avatarblackhawkrider

    Long time no see and thank you for the chapters. I was about to ask for more "Ragnorak" but saw your statement that it will strictly be a Teaser lol.


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