More Releases

I.e. krytyk tries to squeeze as much time out of his schedule as possible, while under a blanket and scared of cold outside.

So here we are, chapter 6. Coming up next is the Epilogue, the epilogue is chapter-sized so don't expect it right away. Especially that I caught a slight cold again (damn the running nose). Anyway, link.


6 thoughts on “More Releases

  1. AvatarVictor Rama

    Get a haunted hug :3.
    He will warm you up~
    Get well soon Kry-sama. Enough sleep hour helps.

  2. AvatarTheGhostwriter

    Get better soon, don't worry about uploads and focus on healing.
    Your Ghostwriter

  3. AvatarDeEmerald

    Take some tea and take a bath with some lavendel scent oil. Always helped me with my filled up nose. Thanks for the translation btw


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