Multi-Release, Announcement. Sad news, good news. New series, dropped series. Lots of stuff happenin' lads.

So yeah. It's been a long time, everyone.

I did not have much time up until now, and still don't have as much time as I used to (you can't win against age), but over the many months since last release I managed to stock up on translations, doing it in between real work.


All right, that should be enough for the introduction.


I have two announcements today. One, is sad news for many (probably the most) of readers visiting this site. Some of you might remember my past posts regarding OSO and my motivation regarding its translations (mainly this one).

...Yeah, what do I say... OSO has gone boring for me. While I still enjoy volumes 1 to 10 of it, anything beyond that feels to me like it's kind of subpar. I bought all volumes of OSO up to Vol.18, but there isn't much of interesting stuff happening in there. If anything, it feels like author is bullying Yun in every single volume by giving him the worst abilities and rewards compared to other characters in the party, and adding BL situations everywhere to the point it's no longer funny. It's as if he's dosing fun with a drip, and the writing style is less inspired and feels more like a filler compared to how it used to be. Plus, author makes some outrageous decisions regarding the story, such as moving the "town defense" event that all readers have been waiting for... to Silver Muse - the side story series of which main character is Myu.

Well, this is purely my personal opinion on how the novel feels ahead of here, but this should tell you something about how I feel about OSO above vol 10 now. It's gotten boring to me to the point I hardly remember any content past Vol.11.

I do not intend to torture myself translating something that bores me, and as such - as much as I feel apologetic to all you readers who love OSO - I will be dropping the series at Volume 11.

Over last half a year there were a few people asking me whether I will continue translating it because they are interested in translating OSO, and I did tell them ahead of time that I intend to end on volume 11. There is hope~.

This is about it for the bad and sad news. To balance it, I have plenty of good news to share with everyone.

First of all, I pick up a replacement series for OSO. And fitting series to be a replacement it is! FLFO (Free Life Fantasy Online) is novel of the same genre and has same story foundations, both can be extremely similar in many places (FLFO being based on the same original novel, and also based on OSO itself to an extent).

This one also features crafting, combat and honobono adventures and if you liked OSO, then this will be right up your valley. While this novel does not feature gender-bendered character, but a female one - it's a much wilder ride than OSO.

Also, I will be translating the web novel version of it. There's plenty of reasons for it, but yeah. WN version isn't much different compared to light novel version of this one. Illustrations? Buy the book to see them~ support the author~. There are convenient links for that on the series page.

In any case, give FLFO a try. It's easily capable of serving as a replacement for OSO, and in my opinion it's a much better and more fun read.

On, to the release talk. I have prepared a multi-release including Kenja, OSO volume 11 and FLFO. There are 4 chapters of Kenja, 2 chapters of OSO and...

I have a enormous stock of FLFO chapters, which I plan to release over half a year of regular releases (probably 2 chapters a week?). I will put up 6 chapters of FLFO to start with, then do two FLFO chapter releases a week. There should be enough of them for half a year or longer.

And it's not like FLFO chapters are tiny. FLFO has one of the biggest webnovel chapters among all webnovels I know. Especially the latter ones.

So, for the actual release:

OSO Volume 11: Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Epilogue, Afterword

Kenja Volume 3: Chapter 21, Chapter 22, Chapter EX, Afterword

FLFO (Free Life Fantasy Online): Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6

All right, this would be about it for now. It's a really long post so I might have forgotten to mention something. If so, I will write it in future posts.

The FLFO release schedule... I will announce on what weekdays I will be releasing them. It will be most likely Mondays and Fridays.

Anyway. Sorry guys and girls for dropping OSO, but it's as I mentioned above. If you feel at a loss, try FLFO.

PS: Since I have a huge stock of FLFO, I will focus on releasing that one and Kenja translations are stalled for now.



85 thoughts on “Multi-Release, Announcement. Sad news, good news. New series, dropped series. Lots of stuff happenin' lads.

  1. kumapeko

    ah i know this is a late comment.. but thank you for OSO. i hope other will pick this up, i like the alchemy and skill/sense system in this novel.

  2. SakuraKoi

    Welp, it can't be helped and it certainly is understandable. Now I first can not help but wonder why I missed FLFO but perhaps it's simply because the name just never made me click it on NU (or it's CN releases overwhelming the site).

    Anyway, as much as I love OSO, I was always afraid that it will go down the route any long work risk falling into: Repetition and too many characters. Additionally, I'm also more into genderbent Yuri rather than virtual genderbent BL. I'd be more into it if he really became a girl (like in "Even I Have Become a Beautiful Girl, but I Was Just Playing as a Net-game Addiction" which has an odd prologue) as well as being not forced (and revolted by it) but welp...

    since OSO is more Slice of Life and Comedy, it should, or rather must, be creative with it's comedy but alas I neither remember much that was either sickeningly sweet fluffy (besides the pets) or particularly funny.... and I read 1-10 twice. FLFO proves currently (C21 atm for me) as good of a time sink (pleasant way to pass time).

    The problems with novels like that (OSO and FLO) is that no one wants them to end but instead they lose interest since it's not like there is some grand story or romance. The only mean to extend them is to shift the genre to precisely that. For a game it should actually be more easy to justify some demon lord to pop up and serve as filler at least... (I have yet to read the last volumes of KonoSuba but just like how romance progressed there, it also ends with confronting the big bad evil).

    In any event, thank you for your continued and excellent work!

  3. Jayson Nunley

    So I was starting to get bored with Oso early on because yum gets pushed around and bullied way too much which was very uncool it happened way too much I mainly don’t read the parts where you release stuff but I have found most of the translations you post to be very good so thanks

  4. Indream

    Thank you for continuing Kenja. Really like this series. FLFO is good series, really enjoyed it at the start, through in latter chapters author made Anastasia too OP and overall world feels less and less gamelike(at least for me, who played mmo's for thousands of hours), still good and interesting story&characters.

  5. Shiro Shirori

    Welcome back Krytyk, I am waiting you for 1 whole year and really happy you're back. Don't leave us.

  6. The G-Man

    Thank you for your translations of OSO, i have really enjoyed them and love the series, but I do understand if you don't want to do it anymore.:) I will continue to follow your other translations and hope that either a decent translator picks up after vol 11 or that we get an official English version of it soon that I can buy:)

  7. pokeperson1000

    It's understandable why you're dropping OSO. A little disappointing, but it can't be helped if you've lost interest with the direction the series has taken.

    The most important thing is that you're back. I know I'm very late with this comment, but welcome back.

  8. Alice

    Sad to see that you won't be translating any more OSO but thank you for letting us know. Honestly though i kind of figured it would turn out this way because its been nearly two whole years since the last chapter (and that ok). I will continue to watch for translations from other people as i love OSO no matter what. In the mean time i look forward to your next translation choice (i don't start reading translations till there is at least 50 chapters). And i hope life gets easier for you.

  9. exqalph03

    Well, it makes sense for you to drop OSO. I'm getting bored of it too, unfortunately.
    Thank you so much for all you've done so far and getting it to volume 11 even with this.

    Looking forward to more of FLFO~ ^^. Hope to get immersed in it.!

  10. Idiot Lover

    Honestly, I feel very very very sad when you confirm the dropping of OSO. To me, it first look like a picture of a perfect novel for VRMMO and SoL type. Your translation is one of the factors that make that thinking too.

    I dont want to accept this but you have a right point, the novel doesnt have much inspiration like before, Yun is not making any new achievement and the explore or romance are not any better.

    BUT! STILL! I still love OSO! Even it is not good as old vols, I still want to read it to the end. To feeling all the good things and bad things of it. Yes, like a lover. I have to love all those things whatever it has. So! I reaaallyyyy hope you find a new translator to countinue OSO. To countinue loving it even what has it changing to!

    At last, thank you very very much for translate OSO uptill now, finish the 11st vol. And also thank you for introduced to me a best novel I have ever read. Wish you a good health to countinue what you want in your life.

    1. krytyk Post author

      Not only it's gotten stale and boring, but clearly irritating at times.

      Imagine a volume of OSO, where Yun groups with other people to do a certain thing, invests most time, money and effort by far. And at the end of the quest, everyone gets SUPER NICE goodies and he gets literally nothing.

      If that isn't irritating, I don't know what is. You watch the MC do their best, and at the end it turns out he got literally nothing and others get nice things.

    2. HextecNeko

      there is a significantly crapper alternitive but its super janky ... that being reading the original webnovel machine translated but ur experience is nevergona be anywhere near what krytyk provides T-T
      you can find the entire raw of the web novel online and use chromes page translate feature to get the english version but as i said its not accurate and the webnovel has is missing newer additions

      1. krytyk Post author

        Fate has it, that OSO vol 11 and ahead is completely different from webnovel, not /slightly/ but /completely/ different.

          1. krytyk Post author

            Around Vol 11 is where the changes become the biggest, but webnovel ends right away without anything particularly interesting.

  11. Granite_Grizz

    Whether a novel or a show, I think we've all had that moment where it feels like something good, or even great, became lackluster.

    Thank you for sharing the best if OSO with us and for sharing your new project!

  12. Reguluz

    Thank you for continuing Kenja no Deshi I really like Mira and now she will get her own anime this really the time for celebration

    I will follow FLFO as well it seems interesting

  13. HextecNeko

    tanx for the update. sad to see both my fav series get droped on this site but i understand why to me oso was all about the crafters aspect and i dont know about any other seriese that do the same so i guess im waiting around till someone else picks it up or the manga catches up T-T. but i wana thank you for all the work u put into it !

  14. HextecNeko

    kinda sad to see both my fav series die but i see where ur comeing from.
    although for me the best part of oso is the portrayal or the crafting element that i dont think any other series i know of holds T-T guess im waiting till the manga catches up or someone else picks it up
    on a side note anyone wana make a discord for here i feel like its a bit over dew :P

  15. Me? I'm just a cook

    If I want to be frank, i think this 'sickness' (boring plot, too much fanservice) is now hitting majority of Japanese author just like Covid-19 hitting us. Maybe this is because they try to prolong the story, but it affect the quality of the story, causing the readers like us feel bored and dont want to continue read the story anymore.

  16. Kiritodrake

    Welcome back!! I was so happy the new oso chapters appeared but then I read the announcement that you are abandoning it - truly sad , I really liked the laid back and interesting antics of yun .
    It is sad that you are abandoning it but I understand your reasons, still I hope someone picks it up , because I still want to read it still ,because of my good impression of it from the intial volumes.
    I will try the new novel ,I hope it is upto the mark. And anyway welcome back and I eagerly wait for your future works.

  17. decemdies

    Since you had stopped updating OSO and switched to Kenja, then had a hiatus of sorts, I already foresaw you'd likely drop OSO. I actually didn't mind the pacing of OSO at all because the thing i liked about it was really Yun(cute) doing Yun(cute) things. Thank you for introducing me to OSO. I didn't think i would enjoy such a calm story so much. I think as long as you don't burnout, you should translate anything you want. I await further updates on Kenja(fingers crossed, haha) and FLFO. Thank you for translating the stories and sharing the love with all of us.

  18. junior1210

    Thanks for translating this series as far as you have, and again, I apologize for having bothered you during your resting period. For what it's worth (not much I'm sure) when I had my stroke last year, I binge read OSO during my recovery along with a couple of my other favorite LNs and they contributed greatly to keeping my spirits up during a rather trying time. As much as I'm sorry to see you dropping this story, I can't argue with your reasons, and do appreciate all you have done on our behalf. I look forward to reading this new project you're starting and hope for your continued success and well being.

    1. krytyk Post author

      No problem. While I read all the comments, I'm not the type to bother/fret over them~.

  19. Kensei Seraph

    Thanks for all of the OSO chapters.
    Volume 11 has definitely not been as impactful as earlier volumes.

    I look forward to reading FLFO.

  20. Kaminali

    Yeah, it's christmas, 7 month in advance ^^ Ty for all the chapter, time to read kenja from the begin again ^^

  21. Blackkat101

    Haven't checked your site in a long time because of the hiatus (missing?).
    However was suuuper supersized at seeing a release for OSO and Kenja on Novelupdates and popped right over to see this.
    Really sad to see OSO go (also sad to hear that it gets dull, I did enjoy it).
    Will definitely have to check out your new pickup, as it does sound fun.
    Insanely happy that you haven't dropped Kenja and that the third volume is done, though a little sad it's on the back burner. Will wait patiently.

    Of course, glad to hear you're actually alive as well. = ^ . ^ =

  22. Death Fairy

    Thanks for your hard work and I'm glad you have returned

    Regarding OSO, I want to ask one question... Is Myu will still dominating Yun in the next volumes?
    If it yes, maybe I will also dropping this series. Cause seriously, why the F... the author create this freaking annoying and disgusting type of imouto?
    From all series I ever read and watch, Myu is standing on top of my most hated character ever. I bet 1.000.000% that the author doesn't have a sister and I can assure that he have a imouto fetish. Seriously, even my lil sis is less annoying than Myu.
    And the most annoying thing about Myu is, everytimes she appeared, Yun will definitely got a massive debuff who will decrease her creativity and raising her cowardness.

  23. Ni ki

    Thanks for the update, chapters and hardwork.
    I'm just happy that you fully finish the 11th volume till afterword. I think same like some people, I enjoy the experiments and discovery part of the story...though that's all for me. I'm just recently continue reading OSO around the demon resort chapter, and who knows? I just remember how hard it is to keep motivated reading this're amazing to keep going till 18th volume

  24. Aruseus493

    Any chance of an Epub/PDF for OSO volume 11? I still quite enjoy OSO and it's still my #1 request in licensing surveys but I understand that it's no longer the series you want. Best of luck on translating whatever catches you're interest.

  25. sense-san

    I kind of understand your situation as OSO turned boring for me for the past couple of Volumes. I hope you the best and we will see how the new story will turn out.

  26. R2D2TS

    Thanks for all the work you do and have done.
    I shall definitely be checking out FLFO.

  27. Pandora Caitiff

    Thanks for all your work so far, and for at least finishing chapter 11. I've had a really good time reading, and look forward to seeing FLFO.

    I really enjoyed OSO when it was about Yun experimenting and trying new things, so I can understand why you lost interest with the later chapters. I guess they never go anywhere with Magi's flirting either? I really wanted those two to at least go on a date or something :D

    1. krytyk Post author

      Nope, no romantic progress between Yun and anyone. I stopped counting on anything happening on, I think, vol 17.

  28. trigger.eksdee

    feels sad that my reason for started reading/loving light novels is being dropped but i'm grateful for your work^^ i've been a lurker of this blog since vol 1 ch 1 of oso and its been quite the ride^^ otsukaresamadeshita^^

  29. persondb

    Honestly, I have also come to dislike OSO over time.
    I just hope that Kenja gets continued(even if the releases are delayed).

    1. Victor Rama

      Heya Krytyk.
      Nice to see updates! Both sad and happy they are...
      Regarding you dropping OSO, that's one of the saddest thing that can't be helped. Motivation and the 'fun' in a series is why gives peep the drive to TL nicely. If the fun is no more, its meaningless, and only feel like a chore or irl work.
      Ofc, I will still follow your TLs and stuff!
      Love ya still Krytyk!

      P.S : do you have discord or anything? The old IRC is pretty much ded.

  30. Zald

    Thanks for finishing the Vol11, im a little sad but as you said there is hope.
    The BL was already too much, after all it was not a true gender bend at first it was a fun teasing between the partners but the author put too much focus on it. About the content it was already a kind of sclice of life so i think ill give the next vols a go.
    Alright now let's start a new serie ;).

  31. rooislangwtf

    Thanks for all the hard work.

    Yeah, OSO really started to feel like wasted potential to me, with the author setting up plot threads and then never covering them (or forgetting about them). I'll still read it if someone else picks it up, since I like most of the characters, but I was disheartened to see you reply to another comment and mention that the offline meetup hasn't happened yet.

    I'll give FLFO a go.

  32. 1707mania

    So it got the same "sickness" as that "Toaru ossan no VRMMO experience"... it started out interesting then halfway through, the author's kinda losing motivation or something and started straying away from what makes it interesting in the first place. :/

  33. David suzuki

    I have been a lurker since you started translating volume 1 of OS online and I agree the quality of the novel has significantly gone downhill, so I understand your decision. The first few volumes were great and after that it steadily degraded. I'm just happy with whatever you put out. I am not financially supporting you or paying for a service I shouldn't complain about the amazing work you have done. So do what satisfies you most. I look forward for your continued work and I hope you stay safe in these dangerous times.

  34. Lord Beleth

    I like OSO but I was reading it by inertia instead of interest so I can more or less understand.
    Thank you for completing the volume though, I'll give FLFO a try.

  35. kirindas

    Thanks for all of your great work on OSO! A shame that you're dropping it, but understandable if it's no longer enjoyable for you.

  36. Klackerer

    First of all, welcome back. Nice to see you posting novels again. I am sorry to hear that OSO stopped making progress. I had started to lose interest in what was happening I think in volume 10. To hear that the trend continued is kind of disheartening. OSO was one of the first translated novels I read and I am sad to see it be reduced to such a state. In other news I am already enjoying FLFO and looking forward to more of it.

  37. happinezz001

    it feels sad that OSO but i guess that's that now let's see if someone else is gonna TL it cuz i'm still kinda curious on what's gonna happen on the other volumes of OSO

  38. Liedral

    Well.... it was a long time in coming, but I think most of us expected that another chapter of OSO was never going to come out. But... at least there's a new novel. Thanks for the long translation run.

  39. Kemm

    Saw that coming, but still sad. I like your translation style, but if it bores you, there's nothing to do about it.

    Thanks for these chapter.

    (FLFO being based on the same original novel, and also based on OSO itself to an extent) <- "original novel"? Is there a source for OSO? What is it and in what way? May give it a check if I find it.

    1. Kemm

      Weird, I cannot edit my comment.
      In Kenja, only the afterword has been added to the full volume page; it skips from 20 to that.

      1. krytyk Post author

        Fixed. As for comment editing, the plugin must have updated and screwed something up.
        *Yeah, it did. Changed to 45 minutes.

    2. krytyk Post author

      I remember stumbling upon it, but I won't be able to find it even if I tried. It appears that the whole VRMMO webnovels' skill system originates from one early VRMMO novel.

      That aside, FLFO's author appears to be very conscious of OSO and making sure not to make the same mistakes as well. It's as if she made it a point of honor to take things from OSO, FIX THEM, and put them into FLFO.

  40. amit

    Please check the illustrations in Vol 11 Full Text page. I saw a lot of Illustrations were from vol 3 in there.

  41. Serious

    FLFO links are broken from the series page (work fine from the news post and drop-down), need the c in front of the chapter numbers.

    Disappointed about OSO, but not surprised. Finishing V11 is more than I would have expected.

      1. Chowbish

        I noticed that alot of the links to the OSO's chapters are broken from volume 1 to volume 11 under the dropped tab. Not sure if this was supposed to happen.

  42. Rin

    It's so good to see you again! Thank you very much for the translation as always and I hope you are in good health with the quarantine and everything take care of yourself always.

  43. Alex

    Thanks for sharing your translation of OSO with us. I have to agree, at some point in a Game based novel you have to include progression. Yun just isn't progressing as a player. Even casuals enjoy getting better at things... and if BL shenanigans are in the future... what a waste. Shenanigans should be balanced between (other) boys looking at Yun, and girls being too unguarded. Only with this balance of situations can we get maximum enjoyment of the Gender bent Trope.
    It would also be nice if there was an offline meet up by vol 15 or so, and several of Yun's friends found out he is a guy... then they can all cringe together... but that's just my opionion.
    I look forward to the next stories you share with us.

    1. krytyk Post author

      All good points, an offline-meetup and romance in OSO were highly anticipated parts, but unfortunately there is nothing of that.

  44. Momochi

    Thanks for the updates, I don't really like OSO in the first place so... I don't really mind it but I have read the manga version some chapter coz of it is interesting at first and lost interest on it. Well, when I check NU and see that u give updates on kenja I Really appreciate it and love it (and of course u too) for the updates Thank You and glad u are fine.

    Welcome back, and may I ask a question: will u keep TL kenja on LN series in the future?

    1. krytyk Post author

      Hard to say. I'm not planning to drop it now at the very least, but it all depends on what direction will this blog go in from now on.

  45. Liyus

    Thanks krytyk for the new novels and chapters.
    And i'm glad to have OSO vol 11 finished, i started to read it, but myself lacked interest in OSO after vol 10 so i always wanted to finish that vol 11 before leaving the novel memorable as it was in the first 10 volumes.
    As long you are willing to translate i will always be here to read those novel you are sharing with us.

  46. Algoz

    Thank you for all the work you put on OSO until now.
    and thanks for bringing a new novel! i didn't heard about this one, i'm going to have fun exploring this!

  47. Evil God Qwertyuiop

    As long as its VR and its interesting I don't mind thanks your cool!

    I have been look at the illustration of OSO thinking that something might be interesting Happening base on the image... But base on what you said.. I think its great that you drop it I mean BL!? The fck come on~ reading something like that is torturous indeed sucks for OSO once great became wasted.

    1. krytyk Post author

      There are 18 volumes, but there is still no sight of any romantic action or anything remotely interesting happening in that direction. Yun doesn't get any new equipment, he doesn't get new tamed mobs, there is nothing really worth mentioning that happens up until that point.

  48. T1stG

    Aw too bad OSO is being dropped but i can see where you're coming from, will be looking forward to reading FLFO~ :D

  49. warun

    Ah well. It's a shame OSO went completely dull for you. The most engaging stuff certainly was fairly early when Yun was struggling more and learning the intricacies of the system. So it goes. Thank you for wrapping up volume 11! I'll have to give FLFO a look, too.

  50. Notapotat

    No offense to the author of OSO but the continuity of his work was a bit more straightforward, it had a good and interesting start but it had nothing else after that.
    Anyway thanks for the translations krytyk-sama and may you have more interest in translating stuff.
    Also portraying a person's genius is interesting when used in weird ways but too much of something is bad enough.

  51. cryum

    Honestly? Same. Too much of OSO is Yun gender bullying, and he just lets it happen.

  52. Gintoki

    Thanks for all you work until now. It's sad that oso won't be continued, but I can relate a bit to that what you wrote.

  53. dessu

    Thank you for your hard work, I came here for OSO, continued with kenja and I will try FLFO.

  54. Kodenir

    Thank you for an update. I would like to read more of Kenja but I think this new novel will also be a good replacement :)

  55. The_Enderwolf

    Was already expecting only just vol 11 for OSO being tl'ed and was fine with that, if there are people continuing to tl it, that will be nice. I had already mentally prepped myself for only vol 11 of OSO but the addition of a new novel to fill in the void is a nice thing so thank you!~ Thanks for coming back to finish OSO and tl some of the other novels and a new one!

    1. krytyk Post author

      I really liked the VRMMO slice of life genre of OSO myself even if OSO itself lost my interest - I wanted to have a novel with various skills, game mechanics and so on. When I stumbled on FLFO I immediately half-decided to pick it up.

  56. Broomstone

    Thank you Krytyk for translating OSO all this time, your translations have always been great joy in my life. Hopefully someone else will pick it up afterwards.
    If you're recommending this new series I will definitely give it a read.
    I'm happy about Kenja updates as well.
    As long as you are still translating I will always check your website for updates.


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