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Introductions are embarrassing >///<

Well, I'm Aorii. Since Kadi found a lush new planet to settle and introduced it to me, I asked for a piece of land too~

Some already noticed the new project page. Some might have heard of Daybreak from B-T. I've been looking for a better means of hosting that's easier to exchange comments on. Thanks to Krytyk I've found a warm and fuzzy new home.

Daybreak on Hyperion is an original english 'light novel' that's been running successfully for a year now. It's a high fantasy that takes its military genre quite seriously. So if you enjoy intelligent characters, far-reaching plans, conflicts in scale, and some amusing fluff to wrap it all up, I certainly recommend you check this out o/~

The synopsis and project itself can be found here or through the main navi bar. Cho's light novel site was also kind enough to give a review for those interested.

Update speed won't be very fast since maintaining quality is my top priority. Chapters typically take ~3 weeks. There is a lot of editing and oftentimes, research, being done in-between.

Other than that, it's nice too meet you all and I hope to see you around~ ^^7

45 thoughts on “New Settlers Arrive

  1. Azaira

    I've fallen in love with the stories here, and will be excitedly waiting for more updates.
    Thank you Krytyk, and everyone else for your wonderful work! :D
    It's probably also not the right way or place to ask this, but I was wondering if anyone knows of any other gender bender novels laying around hidden somewhere?
    I've come to really like these types of stories (to the point I've started learning japanese after reading these o.o so I could read evem more)

    1. KadiKadi

      For cross-dressing LNs... Knights and Magic's protagonist could be a trap any time he wanted, but he doesn't actually put on dresses much from what I remember. There is Dress na Boku, though, where the protagonist needs to become an honest to Justice trap. Ahh, dat delicious drawings...

      1. Mampi

        Ah, I remember reading the manga for that. It's been so long I've forgotten about it.

  2. Fishsandwich

    It is nice to see the Pastafarian religion finally represented at long last.

    1. Sonoda YukiSonoda Yuki

      For the sake of humanity, we must bring about a new golden age of piracy, starting in the South Asian and Somalian seas, of course.

  3. Mampi

    Ufufufufu~ The traveler has settled and set up shop.
    I welcome the new dawn that is the lovable Aorii.
    The loveliness, the courage, the happiness, the cuteness of the great MC Sentient Tofu! ...and Kaede, Pascal, Sylvy.
    Love ya all~

  4. Shiku

    Hmmmmm..... More invaders ... @.@
    More Interesting series being posted... I might die from excitement \ =w= /

    Oh well, As long it keeps my boredom disappear, its ok ! *thumbs up*

    And oh ... Welcome to the blog ! XD

  5. All Night

    More Invaders! *hiss. blends back into the shadows*

    ( •_•)>⌐■-■
    Welcome to the Dark corner.

  6. Vermillion

    Welcome to this land of Darkness and Fluffiness, Aorii-chi.
    May the blessings of Darkness and the healing of Fluffiness engulf you.
    May the Daybreak of Marvels come upon thee and thus, make this planet full of life

    1. Sanngrior

      did justice become darkness while i was missing?? o.O

      WHERE HAS THE JUSTICE GONE >.< !?!?! lol

      1. Vermillion

        Justice became the cornerstone of this planet, thus the Dark side have come to invite people with cookies.

        Right, I forgot about Justice tehee~

    2. AoriiAorii Post author

      Surprisingly, I haven't tried reading Antimagic yet =P
      I'm a little too optimistic for Darkness though xD

  7. rurgah

    I have been following Daybreak for a while and always look forward to new chapters. I like how you are playing with the idea of the gender switch and I look forward to seeing where it finally ends up. A solid story being told well. Keep up the good work.

    1. AoriiAorii Post author

      Mmmmh I actually made a PDF a while ago. Problem is that since I edit a decent amount they go out of date rather quite =(
      Probably try again when I finish vol2.

  8. Kensei Seraph

    I remember reading this for a while, until I had to actually do some work while at work.
    I have no idea where I am but I'll find where I left and continue... eventually.

  9. Reaper Phoenix

    I blame Krytyk and Kadi for my new found interest in gender benders.
    BTW are you a historian or have a diplomatic background? From how the story flow I have that impression, or maybe you have a good consultant.

    1. AoriiAorii Post author

      No, I'm actually of software/management background (although any major company will do a lot of internal politics and horsetrading). I just read a lot of history :3

      1. Sonoda YukiSonoda Yuki

        I think it interesting if the war was won with not just military might and political intrigue, but on the economic front as well. Buying out resources from neutral contries, blocading ports.Devaluing the enemy currency and ruining crops via droughts, fire, or frost. When men both at home and at the front lines are starving, it becomes harder and harder to justify the war.

        Mostly, I'd think to buy out export crops and samaran blood, as well as raw materials for munitions.

    1. AoriiAorii Post author

      For the time being? Both. But I'm going to make this primary hosting, which gets updated more often. But Krytyk's Translations doesn't show up on Google so it's a bit hard.

      1. krytykkrytyk

        Yeah, actually I get questions about it not appearing on google a lot.

        Hmm, will have rethink that, but there is a reason for that... uhh...

        Although, this blog is getting massive amount of visitors even without that.

        PS: You can always leave links to daybreak on baka-tsuki. I don't really mind. I'm not linking my stuff, but that doesn't have to stop you from doing that.

        1. Ish

          Your site disables robots so google or yahoo will not index it. You can disable it and submit your site to google for verification, not that it's necessary, but it will help other readers find your site faster. anyway, let me know if you need more help on this topic, I'll gladly offer my services free of charge. Don't know how to translate so I can only contribute with things like this. T_T

          1. krytykkrytyk

            No, I know how to disable indexing and enable it. After all, I did it myself.

            The thing is that I don't want google to lead to the site. Fan-translation isn't exactly legal, nor is illegal. It's grey area, as such I'd rather limit the ability of search engines to index stuff. You wouldn't want it if I had a DMCA on my series and took them down right?

          2. Sonoda YukiSonoda Yuki

            Since you're blocking the entire site from indexing anyway, you may as well use an robots.txt instead of the meta tag.

            I also kinda think it's weird to make it "noindex, follow" universally, since crawlers will still crawl your site (but they won't write anything down, if they're good). It may as well be "noindex, nofollow", which will reduce traffic from behaving crawlers. They'll still hit up your index page/main page (unless you put up a robots.txt then they won't do even that), but will neither index it nor go any further.

            Bad crawlers will be bad crawlers, though, and for those you should make a honeypot.

  10. mg021

    welcome Aorii, to the land of "frequent page refresh"... or is it "frequent update check"? :p
    I've actually been reading(and enjoying) Daybreak since somewhere in the middle-end of vol1.
    Hope this move leads to a lot more exposure for your story

  11. kurokami

    whoa, so daybreak is originally an english light novel?
    wooaw, never realised that

    anyway, I've read it at b-t before, but haven't read the latest one. It's good, the main chara (heroine?) really stay as a familiar and didn't approached by the master. give me a new feeling after reading several master-familiar love story.

    anyway, keep up the good work!!!

    1. dqsang90

      Since It has the tag "romance (slow)", I think the time will eventually come. Although I'm not very fond of the idea of a "man" and a man getting together. LOL

        1. KadiKadi

          I request Kaede and Tofu! Alternatively, Kaede and her Morphic Blade. And don't you tell me those pairings are too normal.

          1. Coma

            kaedeXtofu!!!! I'm in full support for this... also Aorii already showed us that tofu have has a soft spot for kaede's patting... ^^

          2. AoriiAorii Post author

            Communications may require soft-caressing and butt-wiggling...
            It's a tofu, after all xD

          3. Sonoda YukiSonoda Yuki

            The KaedexTofu has been discussed, as for the morphic blade.You want Kaede to form an intimate relationship to an inanimate, shapeshifting object?

            I don't know whether to scold you or praise you here...

          4. KIß

            If souls and ghosts and such or whatever are in everything, why not? The recently sentient morphy, awaken by sir-milord-highhorse-whats-his-name's failed experiment. My ten-second fanfic.

        2. Zarke

          Clearly, the most abnormal pairing here should be Kaede !male x Kaede !female. Or Hauteclere x Kaede !female for something that is more feasible.

  12. KadiKadi

    Welcome to the blog, Aorii. It's nice to have your... oh, I guess I'll find a catchy word for Daybreak in time. Anyhow, nice to have you!

  13. reyfista11

    thanks for the translation.

    this series seems interesting, gonna read it till last chapter


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