No new Fluffiness, but a new name!?!

Toctoc, Kadi here.

As the title suggests, I was lazy over the last few days, but there's news nonetheless. With the... few hours old update of the WN, Nekama's name was changed. Into ... "Alice Tale in the Fantastic World" or something. Illusion world. Phantasm World. Phantasmagoria. 幻想世界のアリステイル, if you want to work some dictionaries and puzzle yourself. When I said "there will be changes" last post, I did not expect this. Anyway. I christen the shortname of the project from now on "Alice Tale" (thank god the incredibly unfitting Nekama/G.I.R.L./whatever is gone). Long name... remains to be seen. Of course, "Fluffiness" will remain in use, too.

Now, to actually work the blog and rename the project... Krytyk?




Edit: Well, this was surprisingly easy. Alice Tale Lives!!! Still no new fluffiness.

22 thoughts on “No new Fluffiness, but a new name!?!

  1. CuriousCabbitBlue

    ~ V sign for victory on the new name then dives back into volume two of daybreak~

      1. CuriousCabbitBlue

        I agree~! I also like history so I'm loving the history input she puts into the story =D chuu I want to cuddle them all~!

  2. Kemm

    The new title seems a bit of a rip-off from Alice in Wonderland but, well, that's no worry. The important thing is Alice's fluffyness. And could the change in title reflect that MC's personality will change to full woman? Only time will tell.

    BTW what do you think about Alice's alternate official picture?

  3. Bagelson

    I would go with Alice Tale in a Fantasy World, since it's a fantasy setting. But then I'm a bit literal like that, and reading the Kanji as Hanzi.

  4. kanel

    Fluffiness is Fluffiness END OF STORY.

    who called nekama anyway?

    but in any case thank you for the attencion you give to the series

  5. Coma

    after all I have to say it... the idea of "alice" and "world of fantasy" ... just make me think about "Alice in wonderland" .... now I'm going to look for white rabbits, strange cats smoking worms and all the like... O_o

    1. Kensei Seraph

      Didn't one of the slave trader guys have white hair?
      Could he be the rabbit?

    2. Sonoda Yuki

      Treating the katakana of anything other than a translit. of Alice and Tale is overthinking things. I don't think it has anything to do with stale ants or ant tails. Considering the premise, I'd thought it obvious that Alice was a reference to a certain work or two by the pen of Carroll. [Tale] can probably be used like "Monogatari". [Alice] and [Tale] can be parsed either separately or as [Alice Tale]. "Gensou Sekai"can be translated a lot of ways, with "Illusory World" being the literal meaning, but "Fantasy World" is probably the most accurate. "Fictitious world" might work, but I wouldn't use it. "Phantasm World" is a bit too dark to use considering the tone (unless there's a shift the story's direction). Phantasmagoria is a bit liberal, but usable. Phantasmagoria has dreamlike connotations with a dark undertone while "Phantasm World" is more overtly dark, with nightmare like connotations.

      The Tale of Alice of the Illusory World
      Alice of the Illusory World's Tale
      Alice Tale of the Illusory World

      1. KadiKadi Post author

        At the moment, I like Phantasmagoria best, for a number of reasons. "Alice Tale in Phantasmagoria" (screw you, 's), has decent flow, in my opinion, and doesn't feel scrappy. Unlike most things with Fantasy World or Fantastic World or what have you. As for why I thought of it in the first place... Eien no Aselia. There, the protagonist and his little sister end up in a fantasy world, and she names it after a story she read with a similar plot. The fantasy world in that story... was named Phantasmagoria. For shits, giggles and inside jokes, I thought about adding one layer. We have to stack higher!

        (As for why I'm hesitant about Phantasmagoria? It sounds awfully specific, name-y, when the JP isn't necessarily. Which probably helps make it less scrappy (imo), but... oh, well, w/e? Chances are it will never, ever be important. Here's hoping. Maybe. I haven't set the name yet. And I need to stop rambling. Now.)

        1. Sonoda YukiSonoda Yuki

          When I think of Phantasmagoria and something Japanese, Project Shrine Maiden comes to mind; Specifically, Dim.Dream (I haven't played Flower View yet :p ). That said, Alice is in neither of those two, but it is made by Shanghai Alice.

          1. KadiKadi Post author

            Yeah, I thought of Touhou as well, for that very same reason. The Jap for Dim.Dream itself has nothing that actually says "Phantasmagoria" (it's more "Time-Space of Dreams), but... Well, Touhou as a whole takes place in? Gensoukyou. Same Gensou. Not the strongest connection, if any at all, but still. Congratulations, you've pointed out the (yes, yes, half-assed) second reason why I like Phantasmagoria. Now, the third one is a real piece of work...

          2. Sonoda YukiSonoda Yuki

            Oh, a third one, is there? I've got to here this one.

            PS, you may want to redirect the Nekama links on your old blog posts, which are now dead.

          3. KadiKadi Post author

            Who even looks at those anymore? Or uses the links~~. I fixed the links of the posts on the first page, that's got to be good enough.

  6. Greyfrost

    Lol...just when I got used to calling the series 'nekama', welp, author's work, author's god.

  7. Coma

    waaaaaaa you betrayed me Kadi!!!! I just refreshed the page (was not actualy hoping for fluffiness update but tought that today could be a good day for some justice ^^') and as soon as I noticed the change in the news... I got my hope smashed...

    sigh sob... :°°°

    well I'll be a good leecher and go back to waiting :°°°

    PS: name may change but fluffiness is still fluffiness!!


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