Not cute at all.

New chapter of Daybreak. The exposition chapters of volume 3 are fully over by now. We return to war... which makes this a very odd post to follow "lots of cute is coming".

I blame krytyk =P

That being said, I did not originally plan for action this early until Kadi pestered. But hey, showing is better than telling, so before we discuss the problems of this battlefront I figure we experience the front first. I hope the descriptions plus maps allow you to follow what's going on; if not, don't hesitate to suggest ^^ (I'm also pondering if that central scene lasts too long... mmmh; it did get complicated).

~ Aorii

27 thoughts on “Not cute at all.

  1. beefeater

    well glad you have been working, sense they will be no more oso only releasing to private, i wish u luck with translating, since theirs no more releases please find someone that will carry on the torch because this series is too good to pout about

    1. krytykkrytyk

      I'm starting to feel that the IQ of the people commenting here is dropping by day. I never said I'm not gonna release any more OSO.

      1. Vision

        WE HAVE AN IQ O_o?!?

        Sorry lack of justice may have caused a few withdrawal issues to surface.

      2. AoriiAorii Post author

        Well, most of OSO's readers are male -- aka their collective IQ goes down as more of them gather =P

        @Beefeater "please find someone that will carry on the torch", uh, even if krytyk stopped, why would it be HIS job to find someone to keep translating? Does your selfishness know no bounds?

  2. Steele

    Dammit, just caught up to the new releases in 3 days. Really good world building, to the point were everything that happens just seems so believable. Can't say that about most of the works I've read.

    PS I saw the earlier post with preliminary artwork and was wondering if there was still anything in the works, 'cause imagination is fun and all, but I don't have a mind for art :/

  3. Evil Twin2146

    It's always so deceptive to read chapters here (and Skythewood). I get around to it after a few days or a week and then I only read a little bit by little bit because the scroll bar doesn't get closer to the bottom. I end up procrastinating 5 paragraphs because of a mountain of comments tricking me.

    1. AoriiAorii Post author

      Yeah I've had a similar issue... I found that the best way was to fix your own expectation/mindset by scrolling down to see where the comments start after loading the page, then read.

    2. krytykkrytyk

      And here I remember complaints from people who didn't like that I changed the comments per page limit from 100 to 50 :3.

  4. Doccer

    Hi I really like your story. A while back you posted a video from YouTube of a channel that make video of history, what might have been and discussions of how and why. I can't remember what it was called and I can't find your link, can you please tell me what it was again?

  5. Owl

    Cute is justice, cute is life.
    Let the cute Yun-chan heal your weary heart.

    Go away Taku, you're spoiling the picture. Extras should know when they are extras. :)

  6. HeatGel

    Yo krytyk I know you've been busy but do you have an ETA or a general how have you been? I check on a daily basis and was wondering if I should keep my hopes up or just assume RL hit you real hard and it'll be considerable more time so I can stop coming back every hour or 2

  7. Anonymous

    I am imagining if the post after the "lots of cute coming" would be an elvenblood post... It sends shivers down my spine...

  8. krytykkrytyk

    Yeah right, blame everything on me. Hmph.

    I wanted to release cute but then, pah, busy again! There's something wrong with this world, work shouldn't exist. I don't want to work.

    1. AoriiAorii Post author

      Keep in mind you're translating other people's work, an act that is work =P
      We can't be all leechers. Gotta produce something for society xD

    2. happinezz001

      well i guess its just simple bad timing but who cares

      P.S. is volume 3 of daybreak gonna be done any time soon because i kinda want to read it my self but i kinda postponed it

        1. Riselotte

          Considering this year only just began last month, still about 11 months to go. But I guess if Volume 3 is about as long as Volume 2 with 17 chapters, it's about a chapter a month, which seems a pretty good pace actually. Highlights to me though the fact that the story already has over thirty regular chapters, plus bonus chapters, so, a good bit of work and time must have accumulated already. And it seems far from over. I guess we are in for the long run with the romantic development... XP

          Anyway, thanks for the update.

      1. AoriiAorii Post author

        Get a better career =P
        My work is a lot of things. Frustrating and exhaustive at times maybe. But boring is not one of them.

        1. orpheus01

          Well people DO have different views but, well if you like your work even if its exhausting you won't find it boring anyway

  9. Chad

    Lol, was just asked if something was cute, and before I responded, I saw the message "not cute at all." That was too creepy.


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