Not quite ending yet, but damn this one was tiring.

TMG_v07_0217Slowly, steadily catching up with the book... too much combat in this chapter made my brain turn into mush.

Chapter link here.

Quite a big chapter, 33 A4 pages or 10331 words... but it's not over yet. Epilogue is very lengthy, possibly the longest epilogue so far and is nearly half as big as this chapter was. Which means I won't drop it all that fast.

Well, enjoy.

PS: Mari dere level over 9000.


16 thoughts on “Not quite ending yet, but damn this one was tiring.

  1. Saber

    Oh man, took a look at next volume illustrations and wondering about the last one T.T

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      It's your own choice to spoil yourself :P.

      Spoilers in this series can be especially vicious.

  2. BloodAdept

    Did they ever announce the release date of OSO volume 4? I'm sorry if i missed your announcing it but i checked back and never saw it

  3. Haha

    Sorry youre not slowly catching up to the novels... youre catching up with it with a speed faster than atleast 90% of other translator out there!!


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