Now, the volume is finished! Also, surprise(?) anime news!

TMG_v06_cover_cleanDoes anyone remember when I wrote one day that I try not to read the novel ahead too much? Sure, I more or less know what happens, but I don't read into it more than just skimming through. For example, this time I haven't touched afterword until I got to translating it... but about that - later.

The volume's over, and the last two links are here: Epilogue, Afterword. Full text.

The next volume looks hot, can't wait.

And now, to the title anime news! I don't think it's been announced so far, but AntiMagic Academy anime is getting 2 cours! While it hasn't been officially confirmed by the publisher, the author has announced in the afterword that it will cover entire 9 Volumes. Which calls for almost certain 2 cours! I thought that anime news is kinda an important event and had given it (kinda) another post instead of adding it on top of Chapter 6's.

Now, why didn't I read afterword earlier... oh well. We've got a lot to look forward to!

The usual, try your best to support the author, purchase the book in any form if possible, and use the media of your liking to say a good word about it.

PS: Gonna take a small break now, probably next time I write anything will be OSO news. It does feel as if I'd overused my brain slightly, so I guess I'm gonna go on a journey far from the land of words... some time later I'll return to retranslating AMA vol 1.



34 thoughts on “Now, the volume is finished! Also, surprise(?) anime news!

  1. Bob

    In the announcement, it says that the anime is confirmed to run through Volume 9, but in the translation of the afterword it says the anime was announced on the band of Volume 9.

    Is there a conflict between the two? After the anime's had such rushed pacing, even skipping Volume 3, it really seems like they're shooting for Volume 9.

  2. Leopol

    Oh boy 9 volumes... will this be the second madan ? But on the other hand if it turns out to be really bad maybe it wont get licensed, but eh who knows. Looking forward to the anime.

  3. btwripme

    I really hope they won't mess up the pacing. 9 volumes is quite a lot even for two cours.

  4. kite25

    Sir, could we request for updates of pdfs available for downloads especially for anti magic academy? pls.

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Look in the comments of posts and main pages of the series, people post them there.

  5. akaisaka

    First time I've seen an entire ln volume translated so quickly... I'm honestly amazed.
    As for the anime.. they're so gonna change hella lot of parts to make it fit in 2 cours

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      In plan after OSO volume 5. Actually I've got some work to do now too :x.

  6. Lou's finished...thx a lot next is OSO....and here I thought it will be that teaser project, vanquish overload...

    Anyway...thx a bunch, without you we would never read many quality novel

  7. Oppai

    Thanks for translating this Krytyk, your translating speed is godly. And about the anime news, i'm really excited but also a little afraid that it will get licensed after the anime aired. Since i'm not living in a country where English is the main language and you'll drop this the second it gets licensed, reading this gonna be a pain if it get licensed. Well, best of luck for the Anti-Magic series and thank you for the chapter

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      It's relatively easy to get the American-English version, either through bookdepository or buy it on kindle.

  8. Blahto Blahtoto

    Hope the anime is good enough for the Light Novel to be licensed (hopefully its YP)

    1. Sonoda YukiSonoda Yuki

      I'm just saying.. Kry would drop this and wipe it from the site if they did, on principle. If it was anything other than YP , or rather, if its picked up by a certain imprint of Digital Manga inc. *looks at the fate of HiAri and HenNeko*, I'd be flipping my shit and names would be taken.

  9. victorrama

    2 Cour of anime!? Damn that's one of the best news! I just hope I would be able to watch it....

  10. umbro

    Thanks the work on this volume, can't wait to read it but it needs to wait till I finish my exams.

  11. DefaultMelody

    Well, it's awesome to have the first 9 volumes adapted. Looking forward to it!
    May your journey to calm your brain be succesful. Or maybe just activate Soumatou...

  12. tanks

    if they are going to take 9 volumes, i wish they take their food por... i mean like shokugeki no souma.

  13. dragon1412

    not sure how to react to this new, i mean, it's that it get an anime but going by the quality of general adaptions i don't expect much out of it, and this is not mentioning that Antimagic is rather content heavy

  14. TheFrostDude

    Woo!~ Thanks for finishing another great volume!
    Also woot! Another anime to add to the watch list when it comes out. :D

  15. Azurea


    I literally just finished catching up to the last two updates~

    Thanks Krytyk! Antimagic is definitely my top favorite Light Novel~
    Every update just keeps getting more epic!

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Actually, epilogue and afterword was like, 10 pages. Chapter 6 itself was like 45, so it's no wonder.

      1. Azurea

        Ahhhhh, makes sense... Can i ask? Exactly how much shorter was this volume compared to the standard Antimagic Volume?

        1. krytykkrytyk Post author

          The best way to compare them would be to use number of pages given by bookwalker. The difference in number would be a pure difference in text and illustration pages (as there's non-book content stuff in there as well (like table of contents, legal stuff and so on).

          10. 275
          9. 308
          8. 272
          7. 292
          6. 292
          5. 348
          4. 290
          3. 293
          2. 286
          1. 301

          Quite lengthy, but well. You could say that around 290 is the standard, above that is "a big volume" below that is "small volume" and volume 5 was a "monstrous" volume.

          1. Azurea

            I see! Thanks for the info~
            it's pretty much what I was looking for! >w<

            Where did you get the textless Picture of the Volume 6 cover? *I immediately saved it upon seeing*
            It is literally my favorite picture of Lapis~ //w//>*

          2. krytykkrytyk Post author

            Combined some various sources, edited out some stuff...

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