Ohhh, so bright, so cute!

OSO_SG_2Exactly that. The promised OSO - Silver Goddess chapter (many thanks to GalenMusbach for providing Dragon Magazine's raws!)

This chapter got me hooked onto Lucato, she's cute, honest, smart, polite... ahhh! She's rose to being equal with Tobi-chan.

Now, hmm, uhh, what else. Well, this month there are antimagic and only sense online's volume's coming, there's also finishing elvenblood (doing that now), but my break turned into a I'm very busy time, I don't think I'll be able to release too much. So please don't expect that. That is all.

I guess by when I have more time again, I'll probably gather a small backlog to go through, huh. 

The link is here.

PS: By the way, didn't write it for a while, but please do support the author and publisher! The series won't continue if there's no sales!



21 thoughts on “Ohhh, so bright, so cute!

  1. Blahto

    Can I recommend you a game? It's called Nobunaga's Ambition Sphere of Influence
    Also how are you? Me? I got a freaking cold!!

    PS: don't ask me why I'm not resting and doing this. It just a sudden urge ^_^ or maybe I have nothing to do!!

  2. Creamy

    Will you be changing the spelling of some of the character's names to match the anime's spelling?
    (Specifically Nagare --> Nagaru but there's probably more spelling differences that I haven't picked up)

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Yeah, I know about it. But I decided to hold off writing a post until this month's book releases (in 35 hours or so). I'll write about everything at once then.

  3. rageiX

    Thanks as always..

    regarding your "P.S."
    I'll soon be joining the field operations sooner or later..cheers

  4. Azurea

    Thanks for the update! Really love the dose of Myu~ <3
    I wonder if that one MPK girl will come into the story as a reoccurring character~
    My only desire would be a Sei-only chapter now!

          1. krytykkrytyk Post author

            It wasn't a post about Elvenblood though, a status update rather (about all my series). Not to mention, there were translated summaries from OSO and AMA in it.

          2. Azurea

            If you're not weak of heart- Then by all means read Elvenblood.

            A lot of a Light and Darkness-
            I will dub it Chaos.

  5. happinezz001

    by how would you decide on which are gonna translate first are you seriously gonna do a coin toss for that ?

    P.S: regarding on how are you gonna finish up elvenblood why not just post the remaining chapters as a bundle?


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