Okay, for the release.

Continuing from Monday, the main combat chapter for town defense.

This is actually the chapter with biggest differences between webnovel and light novel's Vol.1 (or even overall biggest difference). Aside from one more thing, but on that I will write below. So, what's so different in the light novel compared to this? I won't go into the details, but they aren't big differences. There's an introduction of players' side flying division comprised of players who choose flying races (quite short, but still) and Tasha's fighting at the end was expanded by a few paragraphs.

Oh, and link here.

Now, next. I have a small notice to write about Chapter 16.

I will probably be skipping Chapter 16 of the webnovel, and maybe do it as a side chapter sometime. There are a few reasons for that. Number one reason is because author did not include it in the light novel. Next, the chapter is incredibly spoiler-filled, and introduces some stupid contradictions regarding the story. Simply speaking, it's really anti-story.

Though, I might change my mind depending on your reactions and get it up as per normal. Will think it over and you'll know on Monday.



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10 thoughts on “Okay, for the release.

  1. Eli

    Your translations are always top notch and you pick good stories so i will trust your judgment on ch16. Spoilers are always bad. On a different note, just for the hell of it i tried to find the manga for this and found the raws. Can't read Japanese so just skimmed through it and noticed a few differences. The biggest one being.... what the hell is that coin thing that's following her around?!

    1. krytyk Post author

      You should read some comments that Japanese FLFO novel make on the manga.
      They bashed it so hard that I won't touch it with a ten foot pole.

  2. pokeperson1000

    I suppose that as long as we're not really missing out on any big details like new characters, new equipment details, important item drops, or relevant skill details of newly leveled/acquired skills, skipping chapter 16 wouldn't really be a problem

    Thanks for the update/heads up!

  3. dessu

    I actually read a bit of chapter 16 and it seemed bit out of place. I guess it was meant to be reviewing situation from other perspective, but chapter 17 flows so much nicer after this current chapter. Its your call but I'd support skipping or bringing it as "wednesday chapter".

    1. krytyk Post author

      It is out of place because FLFO as a whole is really balanced and well-thought out. And those chapters from the dev perspective are extremely unreasonable and unbalanced. And full of spoilers, too.

  4. Kensei Seraph

    Thanks in advance for the chapter.

    In regards to chapter 16, sounds like it will likely be a wednesday "when you feel like it" release.
    Either way, I will trust your judgement on it as you have actually read it.

    1. Kensei Seraph

      You could also save chapter 16 for when you need to release a chapter but have not been able to edit/translate another chapter in time for your preferred release window.


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