On the minus forth day of Christmas...

Santa Alice by Nineth

Santa Alice by Nineth

...I gift you a Kadi.

And that Kadi comes with one Fluffiness.

And along with that, an Alice-Santa courtesy of Nineth. I know I got it some while ago, but being Kadi is ... kadish. Anyway. I'm tired. Enjoy it while it's hot. Merry minus forth day of Christmas, Believers of Fluff!

(Do Believers of Fluff celebrate Christmas? Is that allowed? Is that alright? ... oh, well, whatever.)



P.S.: Oh, right. Link.

13 thoughts on “On the minus forth day of Christmas...

  1. sonoda yukisonoda yuki

    That sack of gifts looked like a Cheshire at first glance. Squint a bit, see what I mean?

  2. Kemm

    Thanks for the chapter, Kadi, merry Christmas and an early happy new year!

    You got us worried with your absence. Test season, perhaps?

  3. Crimshine

    Is that you Kadi, are you real?
    Can I pat your head and give you a cookie, while letting you sleep on my laps, singing a lullaby for you?
    Thanks a lot, friendly Kadi.

  4. krytykkrytyk

    He's allllllllllllllllllliiiiiiiiiiiiiveeeeee,

    Well, I knew he's alive, but still.

    He's allllllllllllllliveeeeeeeee.

  5. 9

    waaaaaaah, I'm so happy. Good thing i was patient. TNX A LOT.

    and also i see that once again the author found my work, oh well can't do anything about it, I'll just enjoy the fact that the new chapter is out.


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