Only Sense chapter 6 release

OSO_v03_231Now, this release took me quite a lot of effort to do, not only it was the volume's longest chapter, but there were lots of redrawing for the illustration. But here it is.

This time we get more combat, considering the entire volume is new and focused on filling the holes in the story that were present in webnovel, (webnovel had a huge timeskip, and there were many questions unsolved which are being solved in this volume), so everything seems more consistent than in original webnovel. Back to the chapter, more combat and interaction between three sisters... which is nice. 3 Siscon sisters ftw.

Epilogue is very short and consists of 6 pages, afterword consists of 3 pages. So it won't take long to do them, however - I will probably do the Sense Build Data illustrations with the same release, and considering there's 5 of them, it might take a while...

Anyway, enjoy.

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23 thoughts on “Only Sense chapter 6 release

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  1. Owl

    Krytak, I'll just add "Thank You" to the rest of the comments. There comes a point when words really are not enough.

  2. anonymous

    I enjoy the translation work you do Krytyk, and I enjoy the fact you will not translate the webnovel. Keep up the good work.

  3. Nak

    Wait. I thought there's 8 chapters like the other volumes? Sudddenly I feel like my life line's cut short!!

    Thanks for the chapter! ^^

      1. Nak

        No. If you look at the other volumes they have Prologue, 1-8, epilogue. I thought volume 3 would be the same. I'm a bit sad, I thought there'd be more Yun to read ; ;

    1. DedWards

      I didn't even notice that volume 3 has two less chapters than the other two volumes. Now I'm sad :'(

  4. Joshua

    YAY!! ^___^ Thanks, as always, for the superlative work!

    This has actually become my favorite series to follow, and my favorite in the entire genre.