Only Sense volume 3 edits finished (more or less), surprise release.

OSO_v03_CoverNow then, there were a few people asking about the edits for volume 3 of OSO, concerned about the EPUB's and PDF's. Well, I went through it today, I will re-read and edit it again some day, further editing but for the time being I'm guessing the quality is good enough. Many thanks to Bareus and the others who contributed for help.

Also, to add some more to this post so that it doesn't feel bare, I have translated the short story I completely forgot about and was included in some of the OSO Volume 3 versions, you can find it under this link.



23 thoughts on “Only Sense volume 3 edits finished (more or less), surprise release.

  1. kanel

    ok guys..since our go...i mean since krytyk is on a break and i happen to be on vacation i would like to ask any recomandation for things to read(cause i am an addictited fantasy reader:P)

    my critiria are siplel:it has to have action and good plot as first priorites...humor , strategy and good characters are close seconds.i dont care if it light novel or not as long as i can find it or buy it in english german or french...i prefer english thought.

    also for other people who are looking for things to read check here

    its a chinise ln and quite interesting with nice worldbuilding...thought the translation is not perfect it good enough(no machine translation)
    if you are a novel fun then i highly recomend this trilogy

    the setting is amazing the characters are extemly entertaining and the god the had me lauging for ours to no a good read for any age
    .just note that these series make use of footnotes to express some of the characters thoughts very often and i dont know how good that works in the digital edition.

    1. Haha

      That manga have a different face than the novels illustration. Lol.
      yun and friends looked uglier there...
      Specially dissapointed on how the boy manga version of yun doesnt have even an ounce of beauty in his face but looked like typical shonen prota instead..

    2. Loco15

      For some reason I get the feeling that OSO is gonna DEFINITELY have an anime who knows when (maybe 2016?), now the question is whether they screw it up beyond recognition or if they make it something memorable.

      And about the manga, it doesn't need to be a master piece, it just needs to gather a litte bit more attention to the LN and maybe even the LN readers who want to see the story unfold in a way they can actually SEE IT (I enjoy comparing what I imagined to whatever they do in the manga/anime adaptations).

      I think we all should be happy that (for now) the manga hasn't devolved OSO into something that we point and say "KILL IT WITH FIRE!!" while we sent guys with spears and torches to the people responsible.

    3. Liedral

      Went to read the manga, it does have some hilarious scenes of Yun. On a side note the site itself confuses me, the manga itself is in Japanese, but the site seems to be in Korean? Or something....

      1. Anonymous

        Sorry, translator's nickname
        Well, actually I don't know his name so maybe krytyk is also his name but I don't think so.

    1. Haha

      As a LN addict, I ussualy strol around couple of translation sites refreshing for every now and then for updates. I do believe there are others who does that too. Though impatient I try to not demand stuff cause it easily backfire instead especially in a holiday .hm....

      1. krytykkrytyk Post author

        There are some translators who rely on hype and attention, demanding stuff from them can be really effective.

        On the on the other hand, I trash all the demands the moment I see them.

    2. God Ginrai

      Actually, I just was on my normal daily check for light novel updates and saw the update. No F5ing required. :P

    3. Sonoda YukiSonoda Yuki

      I just look at my news feed and a select few sites that don't have RSS or Atom. WP's feed interval's are approximately every hour, so I usually don't get there immediately, but it saves me the trouble of checking 85 pages a day, several of which are watchlists in their own right (BT, Batoto, etc) that look for updates on still more series.
      incidentally, the feed links for this site are:
      I don't think WP supports JSON feeds anymore

  2. Sonoda YukiSonoda Yuki

    * 'Splodes in excitement; restores body by collecting near Nucleus. *


  3. God Ginrai

    Awesome, thanks. I look forward to reading this once I get my hands on the epub.


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