OSO Chapter 3 out.

OSO_v01_130And thus upon finishing chapter 2 krytyk said: I'll TL this until I go to sleep. I'll go back to work when I wake up.

However, krytyk hasn't foreseen one catastrophe.

There's a possibility that he won't go to sleep... maybe ever...

And thus chapter 3 was born.


The end.


21 thoughts on “OSO Chapter 3 out.

  1. Frenzy85

    I'm not sure how hard it is to implement, but could you possibly add an RSS feed for the site?

        1. krytykkrytyk Post author

          it should appear either in browser's linkbar or the bookmarks... but that depends on browser. 99% of the blogs out there have RSS feed enabled from the get go. Usually it's under the /feed adress after the current page's name.

  2. Michael

    Thanks for another awesome chapter, I know how hard it can be since I MTL for a KN xD

  3. Comfort

    Just posting my thanks for these translations, these kinds of things make my day.
    Keep up the good work but don't tire yourself out, translators are humans too after all! ^^

  4. kanel

    well i must say that the fact that you left baka tsuki hurt...but we get some realy interesting texts is exhange....i realy lauged hard when i read your post here:P

  5. Ray

    I thank you for these 2 sacrifices you presented today :P
    Lately this kinda stories where the MC can get/level the skill list is increasing.
    This kinda sroties kept me on toes anticipating what skills they get/become.
    Once again thanks for the releases :)

  6. Seink

    I really want to work too....yeah, I really do....but with these new releases from you its impossible to resist reading it ;p
    Thanks for all your hard work ^^

  7. Eirven

    I thought it would take some time for other chapters to be translated after you finished the ch.1 but I was wrong, you already did ch. 2 and 3 ! , gonna read this now and thanks.

      1. KadiKadi

        Such a tsundere!

        You might have that in common with Yun... don't tell me you're a trap, too!

  8. kanel


    in an unrelated note i find many small mistakes in you tranlations on the last 2 chapters...seems like the all nighters are setting in huh?

    take a rest we can wait...

    or maybe you should find someone to do a bit of editing before realese... I thought dual blades did that..

    1. All Night

      I was always setting in huehuehue. I"ll fix them for him. I do most of the edits. It's just that there released before I get to edit them. Kry doesn't wait :P Plus he didn't sleep this release either.

  9. Luminaris

    Well... This is great for us readers! To have 2 releases in one day! However! Be sure to take a rest yeah? It won't do to overwork yourself on translating. Once again , thank you for you hard efforts!


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