OSO Chapter 7 is out

OSO_v01_255For a change, I'll put the link in the beginning.

Now then, not much left to finish the volume. One chapter, short epilogue and afterword, as well as some illustrations... I'm starting to feel tiredness.

As you can see, on the right, there's an incredibly cute creature, look at it and fall. Reach the point of no return!

Aside from that, there's a few things I want to write. First, some awesome folks prepared the books that were translated up until now so that they are available in various formats (PDFs, EPUBs, KEPUBs MOBIs) for you, you can find their nicknames on the about page. Not every book has every format, but oh well. And if I didn't mention someone, do remind me.

If you don't understand something or see a blatant mistake don't hesitate to point it out, although some things are supposed to be ambiguous or the original might have been that way, there might be also my mistakes among them (tiredness > accuracy drop). I'll re-check it, but try not to flood me.

That aside, I've been asked before if there are major differences between the webnovel and published book. According to a conversation I've had with Kadi earlier, it seems like there's quite a lot of major differences, book has more lines of text and more details. There's more content within the same arc. I wouldn't know myself because I didn't read webnovels. I acknowledge mainly light novels versions, and what Kadi said strengthened the impression I had.


47 thoughts on “OSO Chapter 7 is out

  1. Liedral

    Wow.... if that time stamp I'm looking at is your correct time yea.... you need sleep. 5:15 am?

  2. Rainz

    Take your time, we are in no hurry.
    (Although i said that but I'd still refreshing the page every hour :-/, don't hate me)

    1. arandomdude6

      You took the words right out of my mouth, although i feel like im refreshing it every few minutes in anticipation.

      1. krytykkrytyk Post author

        Still stuff to do... I might go to sleep. I'm dead tired. Very possible the last release will be delayed till tomorrow.

        1. Loli Lich

          If you're going to sleep can you say so. That way I'll be able to go to sleep too.

  3. mg021

    I've joined the ranks of hourly page refreshers.... i need my fix, lol.

    I agree with others, though, especially after some of your other posts; sleep is important. I frequently have problems with insomnia, and it's not fun. take care of your health :)

    thank you for the translations, all of them (I've also gone through antimagic and elysion)

      1. mg021

        It takes as long as it takes.

        but yeah, below me, Rainz has my thoughts dead on. Hahaha :P

  4. Rainz

    To be honest because of your fast release made most of us wanting more and refreshing your web blog everyday, 24/7. Lol
    I guess it's a good and bad side to you huh. XD

  5. lesstea

    Thanks for the translation! Bur it makes me wonder; do you have enough time to sleep?
    Don't force yourself. :|

    (not like I'm the one to talk, 'cause I always visit your web everyday lol)

      1. krytykkrytyk Post author

        Don't tease like that, there's still some time. Although I did finish next chapter, I still have a bit more to do.

        1. trap_anon

          Not rushing you good sir, but I'm having withdrawal symptoms due to lack of Yun.

  6. moonberserker

    Thanks for the translation. Just read it all today. Looking forward to more. I'm off to check your other works ;)

  7. jspl

    thank you for these repeated fast releases how about getting some slaves to speed it up?

      1. victorrama

        Come on Al-Chan.
        We know whose route Krytyk-sama is going to take :D
        Oh darn I see Kry with his big boots. Time to escape.

  8. Angelo

    Thank you for the translation.

    (am i the only one thinking enchant the arrows with the bomb skill?)

    1. O4up

      There are quite a lot of people who think so, but in text there was: "By the way, it was impossible for food items and consumables. They broke immediately and disappeared." in 6th chapter. IMHO if it is so predictable t won't be so interesting. Sorry fo my bad English.

  9. TrollCat

    You are so damn fast!!!!!! I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really love you (r work).... :3

  10. Liedral

    Ahahah... I think I got spoiled by your double releases. Keep on pressing refresh on the page despite the fact that I know translations take time. But seriously... thanks for translating this. Stay safe, stay happy, and stay motivated and addicted to OSO lol. Any plans for OSO volume 2?

  11. Lucied

    Nuuu...... this is getting more n more unbearable to wait. Thank you for the fast release krytyk, hopefully U can release the last 2 fast but i'll leave it to your pace ;) good job

  12. A_D

    So uhm..Will u be starting on AntiMagic vol 5 after this vol is done? Or will u continue with vol 2 of OSO first?

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Not immediately, I planned antimagic to start and rush at this pace after I finish working, but then... I picked this up and wanted to release a chapter or two of OSO... and I got addicted to it.

      Antimagic is still planned to start after that, though I can't give any promises any longer.

  13. Anon

    Why is "This entry was posted in Others on 2014.08.31" written at the end? Why in Others and not OSO?

    Also, please don't forget to sleep, you need to sleep as much as everyone.
    Sorry for my bad English.

  14. Pierrot

    Thanks for the release!

    and dammit, i'm supposed to be doing my assignment due in a couple of hours T_T

  15. kpoed

    I'm not sure if you saw my earlier reply, but it appears that you forgot to put me on the about page

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Put you on the about page now.

      One of my principles is to credit people for what they've done~

  16. Tsaimath

    Thanks for the translation

    btw. is it only me or is the Enchant-Skill Thingy so bronken that it can't be true? Just put 100 of those Bomb-Gems on a string, wrap it around the boss neck and BOOOOOOOOOOOOM
    and let's see how long little Yun needs to come up with the idea of "Enchant Arrow with Bomb (or if possible Arrow-Head) and suddenly the Archer becomes a Magic Artillery

    1. Mathes

      He would have to be able to make a gem arrow of some kind cause the iron cant take the elemental enchants.i've been waiting for the synth of poison arrows personally.

      1. Tsaimath

        Well, he got "Stone" Arrows and he is using a pretty hard gem as his Bomb-Base...
        Shouldn't be too hard to substitute the normal stone with the gem and it goes boom. Plus due to beeing interal (arrow sticking in the enemy) damage should be boosted
        Now I wanna play an mmo where you can pull stuff like that :-(

  17. Endo

    Thanks for the translation, also, no that's not a trap but the third gender like Hideyoshi....

  18. Name

    Thanks for the hard work.

    First time that I don't like something in 7 chapters and it's the interaction from Yun and Claude. It feels really forced for me with the "I'm a man"/ *Screenshot* stuff and wouldn't miss it if it were just Leelee and Magi as merchant friends.

  19. Sai

    Thanks kry. Appreciate it.
    Have to hand it to ya, that's one heck of a motivation you have. ;)

  20. Seink

    Thanks for your hard work!
    Now I finally can stop pressing F5 every half an hour ;P
    Time to read ^^


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