Only Sense Online Chapter 1 is out.

OSO_v01_027Now, the release I really wanted to do badly. Only Sense Online chapter 1 is quite an introduction to the series, and you can tell how characteristic it is, and what is the premise of it. Link to the release in HERE. Warning, slightly spoilerish ahead so you should first read the Chapter 1. Although there's nothing THAT serious.

Honestly I think it has very similar points to Log Horizon, as someone already pointed out. It has a deeply-thinking main character who wants to delve into the game mechanics beyond "smashing" everything and grinding stuff and aims for a support-type role. Which is very similar to Shiroe's (from log horizon) approach to things. Though I have to say this mc is... MUCH CUTER than Shiroe. I don't think anyone would deny that right? Anyway, this novel is one of the most MMO-centered novels I've read. While previously mentioned Log Horizon happens in a ?game? world, it's an 'ended up in a different world' story. SAO is a hybrid story that happens in many games, but it's closer to a virtual reality rather than a pure MMO game and it has 'dramatic' realistic developments. And OSO, for the time being is purely MMO-centered novel. Plus MC is cute, Yun is justice! ...damn, I'm awakening in a weird direction because of this novel. 

Now then, I'm going back to work. I'll work a bit and translate a bit of OSO again. Like always, when I'm free of work I'll return to AntiMagic. As for Omae wo status - when I feel like it, as I announced when I picked it up.

I wanted to announce something... but I forgot what. Well, next time.

17 thoughts on “Only Sense Online Chapter 1 is out.

  1. Luminaris

    Thanks for your hardwork in translating! I really like reading your translations as they are very accurate.

  2. NyanCat

    are you able to still say that yun is justice if the illustrator drew the real him on the book ?

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Yun is the girl in-game. She's a girl :D. /separates the ingame character and the player.

      Also... didn't he win beauty contest irl?

  3. forone

    I... to be honest, when I read the prologue to this serie.. I wanted to quit reading after 10-20 sentences because, in my mind, the author put everything I hate about a character and made that the main character.

    Although I do rant a bit about this serie (oh hell broke loose on another chat), I will still continue to read it since the premise/story is interesting and I hope it will turn into something great where I can just forget about how feminine and... (in my mind) hateful he is.

    Other than that.. Thanks for the translation.

    P.S. This is my own opinion and only my own, and hopefully I will change my opinion to something better the further in the story advance.

  4. krytykkrytyk Post author

    I will never promise regular updates, I never did, will never do. The only thing I can promise is that they'll be kept up and I'll continue to do quality translations of my series until the originals are finished or it's licensed. That's a response for the questions about how often releases will come.

    Of course that doesn't mean releases can't come often. It just means I won't promise anything.

  5. suicane

    Thank you for the new LN..really piqued my interest and love the mc..always positive and not dependent on others plus a cool beauty on top of that..looking forward to his/her

  6. Name

    Promising. You already got me hooked because I really love crafting classes. Since I haven't read anything before from Krytyk's translations can someone tell me about the update speed of a new series? I'd like it ASAP but I'm content with bimontly (or longer) releases if it means that it gets translated at all.

  7. awhat

    Thanks, this is really good. Are there any other similar ones that are light and casual like this and Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki?

  8. fishsandwich

    Yeah I am also seeing the similarities to LMS as well, although the MC here is maybe less dysfunctional in general. In any event, my curiosity is piqued.

  9. Student

    Thanks for the translation! The skills the main character chose are really similar to LMS.


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