The Missing Stuff From Volume 10

Took several free hours, but here it is. Now volume 10 is complete for good. Also Full Text version.

It'll take some time until the next chapter release, though I might find some time to do prologue since it'll probably be short.

Well, that'd be it. And PS: the volume cover for Vol 14 looks wonderful, though I don't have the HQ cover yet (will update the one on the right, when I have it).


Christmas Releases: The Epilogue

This will be the last of the THREE DAY RELEASE KEIKAKU that I had planned out. Actually the stuff itself was translated several days before when I still had time. Unfortunately Caudyr couldn't make it to check and edit it all, so it might still be rough as compared to chapter 5,


So, this will be probably the last release this year. (Epilogue, Afterword)

Funny thing is: that this isn't all of Volume 10 yet. There's still few pages I haven't done... What pages? Well, this volume has the Sense Build Data sheets (the image on the right) for some characters, but I haven't had time to edit and translate them, so that will have to wait until I have more time.

And since this is the last release this year and there'll be no New Year's Release, I wish you all happy new year. (It's a slight shame I don't have time, since volume 11 first chapter IS the New Year's Chapter)


The Christmas Day Release

We've had a Christmas Eve release, now time for the Christmas Day release.

Since I already went over all the Christmas talk last time, I'm just gonna drop a chapter link here, along with cute Hino, and go back to doing what I was doing.

PS: Stuff still subject to some editing, as Caudyr is still on it.



Christmas Eve Release

Illustration by 天丼@pixiv


As requested, a Christmas release, though on Christmas' Eve. On this occasion I might as well wish you all the best of luck. I hope you have happy time during the holidays.

Yeah, I know the added image on the side isn't thematically appropriate, but I thought it's cute :3. Maybe it'll warm you up (I don't have a Christmas themed OSO image, aside from the one in post below).

So, the chapter link itself here.

Also make sure to remember to actually purchase the books to support the author and the publisher, don't remain idle le(e)chers.




Releeeeease, *yawn*.

So, yeah. Got a little bit of time so I got onto translating some OSO. While it's just one chapter, it's quite a big one, a fairly big chunk of the volume.

I'll continue dropping a chapter here and there from time to time when I find some. Thankfully it appears I'll have some more time in coming months.

I'm also thinking of translating one of Antimagic's Another Mission chapter since it sure has been a while since I touched Antimagic (well, the main story ended so there's no hurry, of course), so I could probably rush through it on pure nostalgia power. If there's a chapter you particularly want, you could recommend one (or make some kind of poll on which to translate). The chapter order doesn't really matter since Another Mission volumes are a gathering of short stories.

OH, I completely forgot. Jumped out of my head when I started writing this post.

For this time's release, I had Caudyr go through the entire chapter and help me out editing it. Together we did some more drastic editing changes than I usually do together with Bareus, so any input on the quality improvement is welcome.