The Christmas Day Release

We've had a Christmas Eve release, now time for the Christmas Day release.

Since I already went over all the Christmas talk last time, I'm just gonna drop a chapter link here, along with cute Hino, and go back to doing what I was doing.

PS: Stuff still subject to some editing, as Caudyr is still on it.



Christmas Eve Release

Illustration by 天丼@pixiv


As requested, a Christmas release, though on Christmas' Eve. On this occasion I might as well wish you all the best of luck. I hope you have happy time during the holidays.

Yeah, I know the added image on the side isn't thematically appropriate, but I thought it's cute :3. Maybe it'll warm you up (I don't have a Christmas themed OSO image, aside from the one in post below).

So, the chapter link itself here.

Also make sure to remember to actually purchase the books to support the author and the publisher, don't remain idle le(e)chers.




Releeeeease, *yawn*.

So, yeah. Got a little bit of time so I got onto translating some OSO. While it's just one chapter, it's quite a big one, a fairly big chunk of the volume.

I'll continue dropping a chapter here and there from time to time when I find some. Thankfully it appears I'll have some more time in coming months.

I'm also thinking of translating one of Antimagic's Another Mission chapter since it sure has been a while since I touched Antimagic (well, the main story ended so there's no hurry, of course), so I could probably rush through it on pure nostalgia power. If there's a chapter you particularly want, you could recommend one (or make some kind of poll on which to translate). The chapter order doesn't really matter since Another Mission volumes are a gathering of short stories.

OH, I completely forgot. Jumped out of my head when I started writing this post.

For this time's release, I had Caudyr go through the entire chapter and help me out editing it. Together we did some more drastic editing changes than I usually do together with Bareus, so any input on the quality improvement is welcome.


Flowers Chapter 3

Aorii here~

Another belated chapter update, this one for Flowers in Boreal Twilight. I keep feeling like something is lacking in Chapter 3. Though just like the character that I write, I can't seem to pinpoint what exactly it is. Grasping the metaphysical is hard :<  (Edit: after some more discussions and thought, I decided I didn't really like this chapter and is planning a major edit.)

The next one will also be Flowers as well, as I'm already into Chapter 4 and trying to hit the ground running on its story.

Chapter epigraphs are also being introduced (and retconned to older chapters). It has worked well in another writing project of mine to supplement world-building, cultural understanding, and characterization. As Flowers shines a spotlight on the Samarans and their Dharmic world views, I hope this'll come in handy.

...And for those who like learning in general: a Chapter references post.

Holidays is coming up! Hopefully this season I'll play less games and write more.

Happy Winter~

Daybreak Volume 4

Pascal, dress uniform ver.

Finally! (...and Krytyk is back so I'm no longer stealing his thunder!)

Beta readers have been busy and I've been distracted so this took a while.

Volume 4 Chapter 1

In the spirit of my works as usual, I hope you learn something from this chapter. The Spice and Wolf readers can tell me how this compares to the depth of economics in that series. Those of you who read Flowers will also see why I wanted to finish that exposition first before starting this one.

In other news, uploaded two character profile sketches of Pascal to the fan art, plus Hachi-Hana has given Tofu it's silkiness~ see the Daybreak and fan art pages for more ^^

~ Aorii