Kaede's Last Memory and Minor Updates

Sylviane's Concept Artwork by Hachi-Hana - still WIP

As typical for end-of-volume time, I go around making tons of edits. A comment by Kemm reminded me that Daybreak always had an awkward exposition (something beta-reader Himeko used to tell me a lot) so I went back to make edits to chapters 1-3. Not much change a reader wouldn't know already, except -- I added a bit more detail for Kaede's last memory before waking up in Hyperion. A reader once complaining that they had to wait until volume 3's first chapter before receiving any information about what Kaede was like on Earth, so...

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Daybreak Dev Diary #5 : Human Perception, Bias, and Ethics

Working with Hachi-Hana on more Daybreak art. Here's a Pascal concept sketch where she captured his personality in one pose.

Finally, volume 3 of Daybreak draws to a conclusion. The epilogue is now posted, the chapter references caught up, and many chapter edits pushed in (mostly minor, aside from two scenes in v3ch11; also the 'Onee' explanation in v3ch18). I also posted something fun for gamer folks.

To be honest, I'm not quite happy with the results. Writing volume 3 has shown me that my ambitions here exceeded my actual skill as a writer. The volume isn't paced well, nor does some chapters hold on their own. It's been a learning experience, but it may be years before I try a theme as hefty as this one -- as always, constructive criticism is welcomed ^^

For the readers who did enjoy volume 3 though, I also hope you learned something. See page 2 for the Dev Diary.

Volume Closing


Daybreak volume 3 chapter 18 is posted (here). This should wrap up any cliffhangers left by the previous chapters, and most of the major themes presented this volume.

There's still a few minor scenes left... in the Epilogue. But while I originally wanted to post this before my trip out of the country, it doesn't seem like it'll happen. So for people who wants to wait until the volume is finished (at least another month), there's still one more, plus I have to make my general editing pass. There may also be another Daybreak Development Diary on the topic that ends this chapter... because it is a very important topic to me and one of the central themes of Daybreak.

At the same time, I hope it shows a fresh direction to take fantasy compared to (most of) the stories you've read.

~~ Aorii

Yaay, something new! A teaser! Applause, pachipachi pafupafu!

Yeah, I took a few hours to do translate and introduce a new teaser project. Yes, TEASER PROJECT. Because I like teasing just as I like bullying.

So, the teaser project. As some of you might have caught on what it might be, it's Antimagic Academy author's - Yanagimi Touki's - new light novel. Last Bosses in Heroless Worlds. Much out of curiosity of how will it be taken, and whether it will bring out starving Antimagic ghouls from their caves.

Right, to repeat again - for the time being this is a TEASER PROJECT I did not pick it up. I might, or I might not. Probably will also translate chapter 1 as a part of teaser (prologue is way too short even for a teaser), but that's later. Anyway, enjoy.

Next, of course back to translating OSO. Do not despair, my fluff addicts.



Back to the Era of Cute

Yes, it's been a while... but we're finally back to OSO. Cute and fluffy, especially fluffy this time - adventures of young high-school girl, Yun.

...And I'm out of things to talk about, aside from a small insignificant notice I'll do in a moment. But for now, links to Prologue and Chapter oneoneone1111.

Now to the small notice. The next release will be a little special, although short. Look forward to it.