Promised time has cometh, thus I deliver.

OSO_v02_273CNow, like I said about a week ago, I've picked one illustration and coloured it to the best of my abilities~, I deliver it on this day, 4th of December.

I took into consideration what you would like to see, justice illustration from volume 2 was mentioned the most. I hardly ever allow any voting or whatever else from the readers to affect my choices too much, but in this case I agreed - actually wanting to do this one myself.

And thus, I spent about 6 to 7 hours in total colouring justice... Yun from volume 2 last chapter.

I do plan on colouring more illustrations in the future, it might happen quite often too... but ultimately, that depends on schedule and my mood at the moment... as well as on the illustrations themselves.


47 thoughts on “Promised time has cometh, thus I deliver.

  1. Renan

    Really loving this illustration. Hard to believe that you did this by yourself Krytyk. Hands-down man! = )

  2. Ayashi

    I personnally find it a waste of time, but if it amuses you, then it is time well wasted ;)

  3. Mampi

    That's a really nice coloring krytyk.
    Just a question. Around the chest area, are you that's skin and not a fold in Yun's clothes?

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Yes, Yun's shirt has no sleeves, moreover the tonation is exact same as the skin colour's.

  4. ian

    woooow thanks kryt . i really want to see kiseki too getting colored . damn i dont care about gender anymore

  5. Liedral

    Wow.. nicely done. It's like seeing an original colored picture from the illustrator, no difference in quality.

  6. decemdies

    A translator and awesome illustrator. I feel like Claude now that Justice is in full colour, huhuhu.......have you ever considered being hired by a LN company. I'm sure your translation and art skills will come in handy.

  7. Shiku

    Saved ! *nosebleeds*
    Becomes WP intantly !

    That's a lot of time you spent there Krytyk-sama... Oh well, La Perfeccion!(seriously its too good, so I used another language to describe it beauty) XD

  8. Nic


    Yun's awesome-ness >__<
    Maybe in the future. Krytyk would have gotten good enough to do those awesome 2page illustrations from Elysion Virtual Region =)

    Have you thought of putting it up on Pixiv? So the original illustrator and other fans could see it in colour as well?

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      I'm not sure how's the legal standing of this, on one hand it's a colouring and not exactly the same copyrighted illustration, on the other the original illustration is copyrighted by the publisher - fujimi shoubo. And yeah, I do have a neglected pixiv account I actually never used.

      1. Nic

        Yeah. Sorry.
        I don't know about the legal standing either.

        Just saw others doing it so I thought it was okay (ToAru New Testament)

        Oh well... Hoped more people could see your colouring work.
        Can't find your site on search engines either.

        Wish I could do some colouring too. Maybe you can create a video tutorial to show how you colour ? =)

        1. anonYmous

          Can't find your site on search engines either. > emphasize this..

          damn.. that's awesome work nyaaa~

          1. Sonoda YukiSonoda Yuki

            It's intentional.

            I'm wondering how many weeks until people stop asking, but who am I kidding, when the TMG anime gets out, there's going to be a flood of... I think Krytyk calls them mouth-breathers, flooding the blog asking why they can't find the site.

        2. kanel

          i dont know if any realease date has been anounced...i know that it been worked but that know something more?

  9. Pestanejando

    Quoting the protagonist of Steins;Gate : "She is so cute... but it's a guy..."

      1. kazeshindo

        *thumbs up*

        I decided to escape from reality and view Yun as a tomboyish girl ^.^

        All hail Krytyk!

        JUSTICE FOR LIFE!!!!

  10. NP-3228


    xD Good job! Thanks for the hard work, dam it look good. When I first saw it i thought it was the new volume illustration. It was that legit dude.

  11. Haha

    7 hours? ...Hard worker.. not even mentioning marathoning that whole volume of antimagic. =V


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