Re-translation release! Antimagic volume 1 re-translated.

TMG_v01_301COne day, I have looked into my oldest of old translations for knowledge, peered deep into the abyss... and was horrified. Thus I have embarked on a holy crusade to smite the evil.

That's how you could describe the circumstances of the new re-translation crusade. My oldest translations were nowhere NEAR my current standards, thus I have decided to redo them from scratch. Yes, these are new translations done line after line, it's not an edit. After combining of many evil forces like BT editing, my own newbiesness and old age, the novel was not only reading poorly but also had lots of mistranslations and format f*ck-ups. It wasn't as bad as the modern-day mtls, but bad enough to make me instantly get on it.

Now, for the future... OSO 5 next, then Omae wo. Meanwhile I'm gonna start re-translating volume 2 of Antimagic. I don't know how much re-translation will be required and when will I be able to start "normally" edit them.

Also, coloured an illu (kinda rushed and the illu is old) to commemorate the re-release, yay.

I'll drop a full-text link here. Although I'm pretty sure everyone knows how to navigate on the site already.

As for PDFs, EPUB's and other media. You're more than welcome to make one of volume 1.

Feedback on how does it read now and the improvement is much appreciated. I'm quite confident with this one.

PS: HQ ebook cover of OSO volume 5 appeared, you can find it in Volume 5 illustrations page.


30 thoughts on “Re-translation release! Antimagic volume 1 re-translated.

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      That's interesting, thanks. Looks good, though I'd like to complain about breasts' portrayal a bit.

  1. sherrynity

    > decided to redo them from scratch.

    I'm trully amazed; to actually found a translator who's willing to redo their works just because it doesn't meet their standard..... and even doing it unpaid.....

    ....... *standing ovation*

  2. SimonSimon

    Whoever creates the ePUBs... Next time, please set preserveAspectRatio="xMidYMid meet" for the cover. It hurts when the images are stretched beyond recognition.

  3. God Ginrai

    The hallmark of a talented person is the compulsive need to improve upon their previous works. Many people may say that their old work is too green, misguided, etc... but I think that actually going back and re-translating, as you have done here, shows a healthy work ethic and a good deal of responsibility for your work. I've always appreciated your translations, and this level of attention to your past efforts shows me that my respect is well-placed. ;)

    Good luck with your translations, and thanks as always.

  4. Mordant

    Was the plan of translating Vanquish (I think it was called) dropped or further postponed?

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      It's postponed to be done after Omae wo, unless vanquish ends at vol 4.


    Here is an improvement, use it if you wish.
    Thus I have embarked on a holy crusade to smite the evil.
    Thus I have embarked on a holy crusade to smite thy evil.

  6. foja

    Made an ePub and Mobi of the new Volume 1. Don't expect too much since I normally use azw3 instead (those 2 files shouldn't be any different...).

    Until someone posts her/his Version feel free to use mine. =)

  7. Loco15

    Hmmmm, maybe it's a good chance to finally start reading Antimagic? I always stayed away from it cuz of all the "darkness" people talked about it, and that didn't exactly sound like my cup of tea, so yeah. But this is all the rage here together with OSO, and I trust Krytyk to have good taste, so maybe I should read it?

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Antimagic is quite deep. It doesn't contain edge as in "main characters suddenly dying" type darkness, but it does have quite the feels. The characters are what makes it "deep".

  8. gohanish

    will the old links be replaced i think you should leave it since it was your first

      1. Natsume

        I think he said if you are going to replace the old translation of volume 1 by the new (it's something obvious so I'm not sure). The reason is that it was your first translation so you should leave it on the website.
        If I'm wrong, I apologize. It's how I interpreted what he wrote.
        PS : Thanks~ for the re-translation. But I'll wait until you finish the second volume to re-read entirely AA in one go.

  9. Gradient

    i'm sorry i know it's off-topic.
    I'm especially sorry for bothering you with site design stuff, but are there any chances that you could change the color of visited links?
    every time i go to the OSO page I can't tell wheter there is a link or I just read it already.

    thanks in advance, sorry for bugging you with it
    Thanks For The Hard Work

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Just as planned!

      That was a deliberately set up troll, suggested by the lord-hoster.

      As for whether it'll be fixed or not... we'll see :P.

      1. Gradient

        i was looking for an image with someone biting their napkin but then saw this and tought "This is exactly how i feel" so here it is


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