Release schedule starts

So, like I mentioned in previous post. From here on I will be releasing FLFO from the stock (got several dozens of chapters) over next several months up to half a year depending on the pace.

For the time being the release days will be Monday and Friday, maybe sometimes Wednesday depending on my mood and the chapter content itself.

I'm glad that the reaction toward FLFO is good. So yeah, more of cute Kotone/Anastasia for you to read today.

I was supposed to write something, but I forgot what was it.

PS: If you made a comment and don't see it appearing on the blog, it must be pending for approval (first time an IP or mail makes a comment, they are stopped at approval). So don't worry and just wait until I wake up to approve it (or some other passing-by registered member/editor).

PS2: Forgot a direct link. Here. Also, make sure to support the author/publisher by purchasing the book, or at least giving it a good evaluation on webnovel's page on syosetsu.


8 thoughts on “Release schedule starts

  1. Berserker

    Thanks for the chapter, really looking foward to more FLFO.
    I remember Antimagic was darkness and OSO also had something like that, so FLFO is what to you?

  2. Siladan

    Wow. I started here reading OSO but I totally understand your reasons for dropping it--I think I might like FLFO better? This is fantastic. Thanks for all you do Krytyk.

  3. Spectrum

    Sorry to see OSO go, though your comments as to why are perfectly understandable and if that's how it went, can't blame you. Heck, as described, even if someone else picks up the series I might not bother continuing to read either.

    But enough of that, really digging this new series already and looking forward to more. Thanks for translating!

  4. dessu

    Okay, I came for OSO and stayed for kenja but now I'm already addicted to FLFO. Thank you for translating this serie!
    Do you have any tips for wannabe translator, who are still learning the language?

    1. krytyk Post author

      Memorize as many kanji as possible, read as much as possible. The amount of things you need to remember is overwhelmingly high and the best way to do it is to actually read stuff.
      Make sure to use JAPANESE dictionaries like kotobank to understand words better, relying purely on Japanese to English dictionaries isn't the best idea.
      And lastly, 90% of times you think you think know what stuff means - you are wrong. Act with that in mind.

  5. Reiko Lupus

    Yeah, we are sad that you won't be releasing more OSO, but your reasons are completely understandable, and you picked FLFO while thinking honestly that it improves on OSO.
    So we all believe in your judgment and are willing to give FLFO a chance XD.


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