Release: Sei's Unlimited Icicle Works

Found some time and translated some stuff. That'd be pretty much it.

Of things that happened lately? Nothing really, I just bought today three first volumes of Ryuuou no Oshigoto novel 'cause they're half off on bookwalker. A great novel, highly recommend it - anime doesn't do it justice.

Right, back to release talk and OSO, here you go with the chapter 3 of volume 11.

I might translate some more soon unless I suddenly turn busy, don't count on it but consider a release could possibly happen within a week.


PS: Illustrations this chapter are amazing.
PS2: Been a while since I said this, but please do purchase the books if you've read the translations. Support the author and the publisher by paying for the entertainment you enjoy.


15 thoughts on “Release: Sei's Unlimited Icicle Works

  1. Al

    Thanks for the chapter.
    Also what message should I be getting from the video link in the image???

    1. krytyk Post author

      Still alive, aren't you tough a cockroach. How's your health? Got better these days?

  2. lorain tachefini

    Omg ty dor the chapter.was just rereadying the whole novel. Btw how did you learn to read the non translated version if you mind me aaking?

  3. sweed

    Thanks for the chapter, krytyk. So, when is the anime going to come? I want to see Jun-chan being scared of ghosts, it's been so long since I read that part :3

    1. krytyk Post author

      I hear no news of anime despite the fact we'll be reaching 20 vols soon (16+3 this month).


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