Releeeeease, *yawn*.

So, yeah. Got a little bit of time so I got onto translating some OSO. While it's just one chapter, it's quite a big one, a fairly big chunk of the volume.

I'll continue dropping a chapter here and there from time to time when I find some. Thankfully it appears I'll have some more time in coming months.

I'm also thinking of translating one of Antimagic's Another Mission chapter since it sure has been a while since I touched Antimagic (well, the main story ended so there's no hurry, of course), so I could probably rush through it on pure nostalgia power. If there's a chapter you particularly want, you could recommend one (or make some kind of poll on which to translate). The chapter order doesn't really matter since Another Mission volumes are a gathering of short stories.

OH, I completely forgot. Jumped out of my head when I started writing this post.

For this time's release, I had Caudyr go through the entire chapter and help me out editing it. Together we did some more drastic editing changes than I usually do together with Bareus, so any input on the quality improvement is welcome.


39 thoughts on “Releeeeease, *yawn*.

  1. Galen Musbach

    Only Sense Online 14 ‐オンリーセンス・オンライン‐ (ファンタジア文庫) 文庫 – 2018/1/20

    1. krytyk Post author

      So, volume 14's game update introduces Dungeon Maker system (which was postponed since beta version). Every player will be able to make a his own dungeon. And so does Yun...

  2. DeEmerald

    Krytyk, will you find hinder due to the FCC banning Net neutrality if it happens?

    Thanks for the chapter by the way

    1. krytyk Post author

      First, the net neutrality ban happens in US so it will only affect US providers. Two, net neutrality takedown means that internet providers will be able to slow down one thing to speed up the other thing (for example, slow down downloads, and give priority to youtube connections).

      Three, I'm from US and the server isn't based on US.

      1. DeEmerald

        Thanks for explaning. Guess this means that I can keep reading your awesome work! Will there be a new chapter as a christmas gift, or are you buzy then?

  3. Alex

    THank you for your efforts! Unfortunately I am waiting for the full volume. Everytime you release a volume, I re-read the entire series from scratch up to and including the new one!

  4. Bean

    thanks for the chapter, I really enjoy this chapter

    I though you are missing because of doki doki literature club :v

  5. Azure

    Thank you for the release. Though one thing about the editing. When Mami says she is glad to recieve the tatoo because the hp regen will be useful, was it really hp or is it suppose to be mp. Also it sounds like Mami is the one that made the remark about pvp, though i am sure it is Taku.

    1. krytyk Post author

      It increases her healing I guess, she's a healer after all. Though I wonder whether it only increases her healing on herself, or on others as well.

  6. Sigel

    Thank you very much for taking the time to translate this chapter even tho you're busy! I really appreciate it.

  7. Hannryou

    Thanks for your work, I restarted reading this month and now about to start volume 10!

  8. Rmp

    Can u tell me about last boss translation ?
    Is dead or Alive?
    PS. Sorry for my bad english

  9. rizyun



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