Sexy Cover, Now Without Pesky Scribbles.

Decided to release early for once, since I've been releasing late for last weeks.

About a quarter of FLFO translation stock left to release. Time sure passes fast.

Link to the chapter.

Make sure to support the author, the illustrator and the publisher. Buy the books if you can, visit the author's page or the work's page on Narou if you can't. You can find everything on the series' main page.


3 thoughts on “Sexy Cover, Now Without Pesky Scribbles.

  1. Kensei Seraph

    Thanks in advance for the chapter and thanks for the clean cover.
    I'm a bit surprised the link for the cover didn't lead to an interesting video or song.

    1. Kensei Seraph

      Something about the 2 bottom flower petals is messing with my eyes.
      They almost seem to have the blue/red effect used for 3D images.

      1. krytyk Post author

        Surprised you noticed this late. It's an effect very often used on light novel illustrations, you can see it all over. Not every illustrator does it, but many do.


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