Short, intense, and sad. Darkness chapter 6

TMG_v05_319Like this, we're nearing an end of of the current Antimagic's volume. Chapter 6 is here, and get ready to cry,

This is not yet over, because epilogue still has 18 pages, and is probably the longest epilogue so far, it has also a lot of relevance - so make sure to read it.

Before I get to translating it, I need to sleep... probably could force it out somehow, but nay, I'll pass.

Did I mention I got my copy of OSO Vol 3? Probably did mention somewhere, but not in the main post on the blog. Well, I did get it, and in a certain way, it's beyond my expectations - despite the fact those were quite high..

For now, enjoy ch6 of AA35TP.

Chapter link.

—— krytyk

22 thoughts on “Short, intense, and sad. Darkness chapter 6

  1. AvatarYeffry

    Thank you for your translation krytykal :D. Started learning japanese just to read stuff from japan but its hard T/T.

  2. AvatarSarksz

    Well its dark but not like blackbullet where the main heroine got ntr by unknown megane refer to continuation after the anime arc in LN which piss me off so much, btw after dark come the light(OSO) soon hohohoho

  3. AvatarKensei Seraph

    I've been putting of reading AA for since I got to the end of a chapter and the next hadn't been translated yet, and now I've forgotten where I was.
    I think it was somewhere in Vol 3.

    So close to volume 3 of OSO.... .... ........ ...............
    The last time I tried time-traveling I ended up 5 minutes in the past and I still haven't figured out what was wrong, so it looks like I'm stuck taking the long route.

    1. KadiKadi

      Darkness = Justice AND Yun = Justice => Yun = Darkness... ... ... I think krytyk would "disagree". Lightly. You better run?

      P.S.: "Toutobi is love, Toutobi is life" is the new motto! After tomorrow, anyway.

      1. AvatarComa

        O_O I was already feverish for the wait on OSO vol. 3 ... and you do this to me... now how the hell can I wait?... damn... maybe I should just go and learn jap for myself... -_-'

  4. AvatarTheAnonymousAnon

    Antimagic is the only series in this blog that I haven't read yet...
    I tried out the manga when it was first tl-ed to english, but stopped after just a few chapters as I forgot about the existence of the series...
    Now, seeing all the hype for this dark series, I feel inclined to read it, but can't find the time to do so.

    I'm stuck whether I should read this one or Log Horizon which I stalled for the same reason as above.

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      I don't know whether you should read it or not, but as far as the AA manga mention goes... that thing was a complete failure, it was horrible.

      Don't judge the novel with that poor poor manga.

    2. AvatarRax

      Taimadou is pretty interesting series with it's twists and story telling. I really like it for its dark setting and characters, and story itself. Story itself actually makes me wonder how will they overcome their obstacles that they get thrown into. Manga in sense, was bad at portraying the problems of the universe in which story takes place, it showed shallow versions of charcters themselves. Not to mention fanservice, which obviously exists here in LN, but it is for the lulz for characters themselves to relax, because of their dark world they live in constant war against witches, however in manga I got the feeling fanservice was there for fanservice itself, to sell more in which case in failed epicly since manga ended on Volume 1 of LN. It's definately in my Top 3 of favourite Light Novels, so do read it when you have the chance.

    3. AvatarComa

      Log horizon is a pretty good LN... but unless you can read JP I would drop it... since Yen Press has licensed it all free translators had to drop it... and yen press publishing rate is pretty low... (at best you will have to wait 3 or 4 year before any new material will be released ^^')

      Antimagic on the other side is qute the good read (and krytyk translations are pretty high quality... especialy if you take the speed into consideration ^^') but its darkness is overflowing... it really is not something that you read to get a mood change after an hard day ^^' so I would refrain from suggesting it unless the genere is really something you look up to...

      as for manga/anime adaptation... the more LN with adaptation I read them the more I found myself incapable of understanding how they can turn such good materials into such low quality products -_-'

      1. AvatarRax

        Well after the darkness and despair called Muv Luv, I don' think anything can move me now. ヽ(⌐■_■)ノ If anything here I can get my dose of darkness.

          1. AvatarRax

            I've read a lot. Both Extra and Alternative + Total Eclipse and Black Marks a bit. Day After ain't interested in that .

      2. AvatarAll Night

        The more thinking and logic goes into a light novel series the harder it is for a anime adaption to work. Mahouka suffered because they cut out back and side stories that were important to developing the characters; and a ton of Tatsuya's internal monologue. A similar thing could happen to Log Horizon if there not carefully, since Shiro does more thinking than talking and action.

        An Antimagic adaption should be fairly well as long as a competent studio produces it. The series contains more action than tactical information, Takeru being as hot blooded as he is.

        1. AvatarKildar

          So far the Log Horizon anime has been fairly good, i tried to read the LN but it was unreadable and the translations were not the best.
          so as far as i can tell they did a good job converting to anime.
          If someone has read the LN i would like a second opinion but a doubt the anime was noticeably lower in quality.

          1. AvatarAll Night

            It follows the Light Novel quite faithfully; even up to the latest episode it is doing really well, when compared to other Light Novel adaptions I've watched.

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