Site stuff notice:

I'm seeing some people complain they're banned, it seems like ban tool is randomly blocking people without any manual input from my side. I'm looking into it.

Disabled a few things that could be causing the glitch with the ban plugin, tell me if you're still getting the message and in what circumstances is it.


10 thoughts on “Site stuff notice:

  1. JerryHatrick

    I'm banned across all the pages, it seems. Using a free proxy site thing. I'm in New Zealand and have only posted a few times, nothing that is worth banning.

  2. Cyregnosis

    I was banned from the home page but I can still access the project pages. I thought that was permanent last night.
    My mind almost broke, I mean no Justice, Dawn, Fluffiness nor Darkness to make my life better is the one of the worst things.

  3. Kabu

    I almost cry when get the banned page... i can't and don't want imagine if i get banned

  4. tharael89

    I almost had a heart attack when i saw the banned page this morning.
    thankfully I had been able to access OSO project page or I might have ended up crying blood XD

  5. Tom

    Yeah, thought some other guy on my school network did something that got the school IP banned. The i realise that nobody else than me knows of this site, so that was unlikely. But as other stated it was only the homepage.

  6. Shiikun

    Well, when I was accessing the site in the net cafe. That happened to me, but a few moments later... it was back to normal.

    Is this complete in random? Or just some trollers messing your webpage...
    Oh... Also, just the home page is affected... the other parts are okay that time when I got the message "BANNED"

  7. Everlasting Guilty Crown

    I thought that I really got banned and panicked a little...
    When I entered the url again and saw the homepage, I really felt relieve because this site has 2 of my favorite novel being translated

  8. Brian

    Yeah, I noticed it last night when I checked on the site. Mentioned it to a few ppl on Japtem and we realized after some fooling around that we could still access any of the site links to the novels or posts. It was just the homepage that was displaying the banned image. I just assumed this was your way of hiding from those scurvy dogs attempting to inflict DMCAs on everyone.


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