Slowly in to the light.

OSO_v05_CoverWell then, slowly going back to TL'ing land from photoshopping land.

I'm feeling pretty tired lately and the pace for tling doesn't seem to be too high, so don't expect lightning speed releases as some comments suggested I should do.

Well, I spoke of whatever else there was in different posts so I'm just gonna post link here and ask you to support the author :3.


12 thoughts on “Slowly in to the light.

  1. sandi

    you said you will not realese it, if raw's not spread in net. Is it already spread?
    off topic :
    is there already manga plan?
    i want see yun in manga and anime.

  2. Anonymous

    I've commented 2 posts earlier talking about how fast you are, but I'm sorry if it caused misunderstandings I really meant it only as a praise. I know you have your own life and probably everyone here also does. Thank you so much for giving us your time and translations Krytyk-sama! But don't overwork. It's not worth you getting sick or anything.

  3. Iona

    Krytyk as always thank you for the yun goodness!!!!!

    I'm glad we can support the author by purchasing his work! ;)

  4. Gradient

    Thanks for the chapter!
    Justice is Back!

    Since you decided to be a troll, I decided to find my own solution.
    Thank God userscripts exist.

    So if you're using Greasemonkey (FireFox) or Tampermonkey (Chrome) you can find my script here

    Since userscripts can't access your browser's history (for obvious privacy concerns) it's not what I would call perfect, but it works.

    Anyways, use it if you want, I take no responsibility for whatever happens, since the script (unless you modify it) should not cause any harm to your computer or files.

    1. Gradient

      Crap i had to rewrite that and it seems i forgot what kind of trolling you are doing exactly.
      For the record I'm talking about the indistinguishable simple text and visited link color.

  5. Owl

    You. Nap. Now.

    Don't burn yourself out. This is supposed to be for fun, not to torture yourself. Unless you're an M. Then all bets are off. :)

  6. TheFrostDude

    YAY!~ Thanks for the start of the new volume!
    Looking forward for more fun adventures with Yun! :D


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