Slowly restarting, shit hits the fan in antimagic~

TMG_v08_CoverNow, while I release just the prologue this time, it's quite lengthy.

Volume 8 is the shortest antimagic volume so far, shortest by far. Still it's quite interesting... and starts interesting.

Back to the releases topic, I suspect that due to me being busy, the releases will come less often~, I'm glad that the chapters are so short this time... yes, I deleted the part about me being tired, I get weird responses making it seem like I'm dying...

The chapter... Prologue link here. Enjoy.



18 thoughts on “Slowly restarting, shit hits the fan in antimagic~

    1. AvatarTakatathien

      I guess it is fine as long as you don't distribute it. Otherwise, you need to ask for permission

    2. krytykkrytyk Post author

      You can always make pdfs and stuff, but I'll put up the ones that are up-to-date only - and after my edits.

      I'll do these when I have some time.

  1. AvatarShit hits the fan

    Why is the rain brown..? Why is it smells?..
    Something warm just sticks on my neck... uh..
    Its raining s...

  2. AvatarMe?

    Good luck with RL stuff, you will need that because as you say, you will be busy. Thank you for the release.

  3. Avatarvictorrama

    A new year with a new dark(?) TL. Couldn't be better. Love ya Krytyk <3 going to read now

  4. AvatarVizz

    Krytyk, you are the best of the best so please just take easy it and of course we appreciate your efforts in translating this volume


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